The DVD contains the DAME 2007 installation, an interim upgrade for LSS+, and an upgrade for current users of DAME.


If you are installing DAME for the first time then you need to utilize the DAME 2007 installation. In order to properly install the software you must follow the installation tutorial and change the properties of the lcf file from read-only to allow the file to be non-write protected.

Once the program is installed on your computer the license collection file can be found in c:\program files\LSS2007. The specific file is also named LSS2007. Select My Computer-à Program Files -à LSS2007. Then right click on LSS2007 and select Properties. Uncheck the Read Only attribute.

You can then obtain a license by phone to unlock your copy of DAME.


If you already have a copy of DAME installed on your computer you can upgrade to the latest version by selecting the LSS_DAME_46_UPGRADE folder. This will overwrite the infobase file with the latest release and does not require a new license.


If you have LSS+ Version 5.0 installed you can upgrade the infobase to the latest interim release by copying the file LSS_PLUS_121503 from the DVD to the LSSPLUS subdirectory under Program Files on your computer. This will overwrite the older LSS+ infobase. You do not need to obtain a new license to view the updated files. Note that the additional video disks LSS102, LSS205, LSS206 have not yet been released for this latest version.

If you are installing LSS+ for the first time and wish to install from the DVD then you must change the license collection file properties from read only to allow the lcf to be overwritten. This file can be found in c:\program files\LSSPLUS within the lcf folder once the program has been installed. Note that this is a hidden file. In order to view the folder, select TOOLS [FOLDER OPTIONS] [VIEW] Hidden files and Folders. Click on “Show hidden files and folders.”


If you have installed LSS+ Government version, a revised LSS403 disk has been issued to correct certain encryption errors with six video files on the original disk. Simply copy the contents of the new LSS403 to your LSSPLUS subdirectory. The files on this disk can only be viewed if you have a government license.