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DETAILED INFORMATION:   SYSTEM CAPABILITIES. The Basic Pin Lock Decoder ( Fig 6a ) is this companies best selling product and is being used by many specialised agencies around the world. It is a unique and highly N.D.E. friendly system which is effective on virtually all Pin Tumbler Mechanisms regardless of design or the amount of pins contained. The system is also effective on many Dimple Key Systems such as Mul-T- Lock, AZBE, UCEM, MCM etc but some of these are quite difficult to do. The decoder works by measuring the length of the lower pins in the lock and this information is used to construct a key which will open the mechanism. Although a certain amount of skill is required to use the system it is a much easier method to master than picking or impressioning and much more precise. It is also very quick and leaves no forensic evidence inside the lock. SYSTEM LIMITATIONS. The only limitation to the system is that each lock requires a specially prepared key blank to be made which is fitted onto the front of the decoder ( Fig 6b ). The user also requires a decoder sheet to be created for each lock so that the measurements he takes can be converted into a key. If the user cannot obtain a key blank or does not have a decoder sheet he will be unable to use the system on that lock. The system is a decoder and will therefore not open the lock but when used in conjunction with the Variable Key System described below and featured later in this brochure it constitutes a complete and highly effective way of defeating many high security mechanisms. OPENING SPEED. With sufficient skill and practice the user will be able to decode a 5 Pin Mechanism in less than 90 seconds. This could mean one visit to the door lasting 90 seconds or six separate visits lasting 15 seconds each if the tactics demand it. SKILL ACQUISITION. This system is supplied with a fully comprehensive instruction manual covering all aspects of its use. It is also featured in the Falle-Safe Product Video where a model is used to show how the method works. The best way to acquire the skill however is on the Basic N.D.E. Course where 3 days are dedicated to the teaching of this system. VARIABLE KEY SYSTEM. A Variable key System ( Fig 6c ) is available as a partner to this equipment which will greatly enhance its effectiveness. The variable key enables the user to successfully open the lock even if the code is slightly incorrect. It also means that the user can open the lock ON TARGET and does not have to leave the doorway and return later with a key to open the door. This system is featured in the Variable Key Section of this brochure where further details are given.
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