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Guide to Protecting Whistleblowers

Table of Contents What Is Whistleblowing? Resources on Whistleblowing and Protecting Whistleblowers Laws About Whistleblowing Whistleblowing Statistics Recap Whistleblowers are an important part of today’s society, revealing legal and ethical wrongdoings of businesses, organizations, specific people and even the government. But unfortunately, whistleblowing can come with retaliation, from losing a job to getting harassed or … Continued

47 States Have Weak or Nonexistent Consumer Data Privacy Laws

Last Updated April 16, 2020 By Gabe Turner and the Team “It’s like the wild wild west,” Emily Mancini, communications director for New York State Sen. Kevin Thomas (D), says, “for businesses and consumers alike.” A bold comparison, perhaps, but one that’s not altogether incorrect. No, we don’t travel by horseback anymore, but as … Continued

Ride-Sharing Safety: What You Need to Know

Billed as a taxi service for the 21st century, ride-sharing apps turn everyday people into chauffeurs and make it possible to order and pay for a ride with the tap of your smartphone. Though they’re just one plank of the burgeoning sharing economy (Airbnb, Postmates and WeWork are other prominent examples), for many Americans, apps … Continued