THE LaserShield (r) ALARM SYSTEM: Do We Have A Failure to Communicate?

LASERSHIELD BURGLAR AND PANIC ALARM SYSTEM: When locks may not be not enough to protect you.

If your house is only protected by mechanical locks, even high security locks such as Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Assa or other UL certified cylinders and they are your only security against burglars then you may want to add another layer of security with an alarm system. We analyzed the newest product that can be installed by virtually any consumer and which will provide additional security to those locks that you thought were all you needed.

The LaserShield “plug and go” alarm system is the first practical consumer-level burglar and panic alarm that can be installed in five minutes and requires no technical skill. It is sophisticated and state-of-the-art in its electronic design but is it secure? In our detailed report, we examine the positive and negative aspects of this system and whether it is suitable for use by the consumer to protect them. If you are thinking about purchasing a LaserShield or any other alarm system that utilizes wireless trips you may want to read the accompanying report and watch the video demonstration of just how easy it is to bypass most wireless sensors. If you are only concerned about “casual burglars” and opportunistic break-ins, then LaserShield will definitely do the job. If you are worried about being the target of determined thieves, then you definitely need to learn about certain security vulnerabilities.

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The Master Alarm Unit is at the heart of the LaserShield system. It contains the wireless receiver, processor and communications electronics that allow you to set up the system quickly and easily. But has security been compromised for convenience? it depends on your individual risk that burglars will target your home, or just decide to break in because of random selection.


Marc Weber Tobias demonstrates the bypass of a wireless alarm system with a simple and very effective technique. This problem is not limited to LaserShield but can be employed with many wireless alarm devices.


Interview Tony Dohrmann, CEO of LaserShield

Bypass of the LaserShield system within a residence

Demonstration of the LaserShield system and bypass

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