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The following disclaimers are made with regard to articles published on this site that discuss bumping and related bypass techniques.

Only a limited number of locks have been tested and therefore we only claim to have opened a select sample of locks during such testing;

The fact that one or more locks can be opened does not necessarily indicate or imply that a substantial number of locks by the same manufacture can be opened in like manner;

One lock may be opened within seconds, while another lock of the same model and design may be impossible to open, or may require substantial time to open;

The manufacturer may have introduced enhancements to complicate or prevent bumping or other forms of bypass in subsequent models of which we are unaware;

The locks that were tested may not accurately represent all of the locks produced by the manufacturer for a specific model or their ability to be bypassed;

There may be many variables, some of which are unknown, that would affect the ability of a lock to be opened with this technique;

The condition of the lock immediately prior to bumping may affect its ability to be opened by bumping;

The reader should conduct his or her own tests to determine the vulnerability of any specific lock or model.


The following statements are made specifically with regard to the Medeco Biaxial and m3 cylinders and their ability to be bumped and picked open as described in this site and on

All locks are factory standard at the time of testing and bypass;

No modifications have been made to any of these locks whatsoever;

No lock has been disassembled, altered or have any components been changed or damaged;

No special combination of pins have been employed;

All locks had all security levels working as installed by the factory at the time the locks were manufactured and all security levels were properly functioning when the lock was opened;

All locks that were tested were “off the shelf” and were obtained from a Medeco dealer;

All locks operated properly before being opened, and operated in the same fashion after being bypassed by bumping and/or picking;

Locks were opened repeatedly to insure that the ability to open a given lock was not a one time event;

In many cases, the procedure to bypass locks that were opened were observed by several witnesses to verify the procedures;

Any suggestion or statement by anyone that any lock that was opened by bumping or picking in these tests were modified or altered from factory original standards would be untrue by those making such statements;

Each and every lock that was opened was done so with one or more bump keys that simulated the sidebar code of the lock which allowed its primary security to be bypassed in a manner not contemplated by Medeco;

All components within each lock were factory standard at the time they were opened;

No parts were missing, substituted, altered or changed in any way to facillitate opening of any lock.

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