Alert1 Review

A variety of basic alert systems for budget-conscious seniors

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  • 5 base plans for all budgets and lifestyles
  • Wide-range of add-ons and upgrades
  • Support available in 190+ languages
Last Updated on Oct 20, 2019

Alert1 offers a solid range of medical alert systems that over at-home and on-the go lifestyle requirements, along with plenty of add-ons to customize a package for the senior’s needs. A poor customer service reputation is a concern with this company, however.


Alert1 is a nationwide medical alarm system provider based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. This company has five different base plans, and many accessories and add-ons to go along with them. The customization options that are available are perfect for people who want a tailored experience with their medical alert system, or a more fashionable way to wear the medical alert button.

Equipment & Tech

All of the equipment for the base plans are included with the monthly fee. The pricing for individual equipment is listed below.


This basic medical alert system has a 600-foot range, which is more than enough to cover most standard properties. The alarm button pairs with a base station unit, which is also where you communicate with the Alert1 emergency representatives. A 24-hour backup battery is in place if your power goes out. A landline is required with this system.

Home Fall Detection

This version of the home-based medical alarm system includes fall detection through an upgraded medical alert pendant. In the event of a fall, it automatically triggers a call with Alert1 so you can quickly get help if you’re having an emergency. The range on this unit is 400 feet.


Alert1 uses Kelsi medical alert devices for its mobile units. This is an all-in-one pendant that has a cellular connection through Verizon. Since many medical alarm companies rely on AT&T instead, using Verizon gives seniors another option in the event that they’re in a poor AT&T coverage area. When you have an emergency and push the button, you actually talk to the operator through the pendant itself. It has a 30-day battery life, so you can go a long time between charges. It’s designed to be worn like a necklace and also includes a belt clip. It’s showerproof, so you don’t need to take it off while you bathe.

On-the-Go Fall Detection

The Pro version of the Kelsi mobile medical alarm pendant includes fall detection and GPS/Cellular/Wi-Fi location tracking. Due to the energy demands of these features, the battery life for this mobile unit is 5 days.

On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection

This bundle includes the home fall detection unit plus the mobile fall detection medical alert system.

Medication Reminder and Organizer $149.95

This medication dispenser is an excellent way to help seniors maintain compliance with their medication plans. It’s programmable and can dispense pills up to four times per day.

Voice Extender $99.00

Sometimes the home design is not ideal for communicating with the base unit during an emergency. You can purchase additional communication units to put in your home to cover any of these spots.

Emergency Lockbox $39.95

You might not want emergency responders to break down the door to gain access to the property. They can use a combination on the lockbox instead to get the key for easier entry.

Wall-Mounted Emergency Button $39.95

If you don’t always want to keep your medical alert pendant on, you can put wall-mounted emergency buttons up in the areas where you’re likely not to be wearing it.

Alarm Bracelet or Pendant $19.95

Get an extra medical alert pendant or bracelet.

Monitored Smoke Detector

This environmental monitor keeps your loved ones safe through early alerts in the event of a fire. Alert1 will dispatch the fire department as soon as it receives the alert, which speeds up response time.

Kelsi Protective Case and Belt Adapter $9.95

Keep your medical alert button safe and sound with this protective case.

Surge Guard $19.95

Electrical surges in your home can cause damage to a medical alert system or make it fail sooner. The surge guard stops these fluctuations from becoming a problem.

Fall Detection Pendant $30.95

Get an additional fall detection pendant as a spare or for someone else in your home.

Pax Plus Classic Wristband $29.95

This fashionable wristband elevates the experience of wearing a medical alert button.

Fall Protection Package $200

This add-on is a great option for seniors that are at high-risk of falling. In addition to two wall mounted emergency buttons, you also get 2 motion sensing nightlights, 12 corner guards, and 18 adhesive tub strips. If a fall happens, the potential damage is lowered through these preventative measures.

Mobile Fall Detection Pendant $41.95

This is an additional mobile fall detection pendant.

Silicone Wristband $9.95

Get an easy wearing wristband for your medical alarm button.

Medical ID Bracelets $34.95

If you have a condition that you need emergency responders to know about, this medical ID bracelet gives you the ability to communicate that even if you’re unresponsive.

Fashion Necklaces $19.95

Look fabulous while wearing your medical alarm button with these beaded necklace options.

Monitoring & Features

Choose Who to Call

You don’t always need the operator to call 911. Choose whether you want to ask for friends, family, neighbors, or emergency responders to come to your location during an emergency.

24 Hour Battery Backup

The home-based systems stay powered on for 24 hours during a power outage. Your loved ones don’t need to be at-risk of not receiving medical attention because the power is out.

Compatible with Pacemakers

The mobile units are advertised as compatible with pacemakers, which allows them to be used by a wider range of seniors.


Don’t take off your medical alert pendant in a high-risk area – these showerproof units are safe to use in water.

Two-Way Communication

Whether you have the home or mobile units, you have crisp and clear two-way communication with the call center during an emergency.

Verizon Connectivity

The majority of medical alarm systems in the US use AT&T as their wireless provider, so having the ability to use the Verizon network instead expands coverage into areas with poor AT&T connectivity.

Three Location Tracking Options

The fall detection mobile medical alarm button also provides location tracking through three technologies: GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular.

Fall Detection

If you fall and hit your head, you’re not going to be able to press a button. With fall detection, the unit calls for help automatically so your condition can be assessed by professionals.

Installation & Usability

All of the units that Alert1 has are preprogrammed, so installation is as simple as plugging them in. The usability is easy as well, with a simple touch of a button getting you in contact with the call center.

Customer Support

Alert1 has two US-based command centers that are TMA 5 Diamond Certified. Operators are available for 190 languages. The customer support reputation for this company is poor, with many BBB complaints and low ratings on several review organizations. The primary areas of complaint are with cancellation, refunds, and devices not working. The customer experiences with the emergency agents themselves are positive, but that’s one of the few high points.

Cost & Pricing

The Alert1 plans are prepaid, and the company does not offer pro-rated refunds. However, they do have a program in place where the remaining time can be donated to another person that can use medical alert monitoring. If you don’t know anyone personally who can use it, they can use the remaining months for a veteran or a low-income senior.

The base tier plan is affordable, but some of the higher tiers are more expensive than the average for medical alert systems. Your package can also get pricey if you add-on a lot of equipment or optional extras. Alert1 offers quarterly, six month, and annual pricing.

  • Home starts at $19.95 per month
  • Fall Detection Model starts at $30.95 per month
  • On-the-Go starts at $30.95 per month
  • On-the-Go Fall Detection starts at $41.95 per month
  • On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection starts at $52.95 per month

You have a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the service. Adding an additional user onto your plan starts at $10 per month. If you want to have a monitored smoke detector, it’s an additional $10 per month plus the equipment fee listed above.

An extended warranty plan, the Advantage Plan, is $8.33 per month. You get free replacements or repairs for your system, as well as free shipping on your first order and all replacements.

Our Conclusion

Alert1 has some interesting options, but the poor customer support reputation is a big mark against it. It might be a good choice if you’re only looking for an affordable base tier model, but you’re better off going with a different company if you want to pursue higher-end options.