Best Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection

Gabe TurnerExpert
Last Updated on Apr 7, 2020

Fall detection is an add-on feature of many medical alert systems. It could be lifesaving if you aren’t able to hold an emergency button. With fall detection, an emergency operator is alerted if your medical alert pendant accelerates toward the ground. Help will be sent unless you cancel the alert, and there’s no charge for false alarms. Fall detection adds about $10 to a medical alert system’s regular monthly monitoring rate.

Here we list the five best medical alert companies that offer fall detection. Also noted are features that help set these companies apart. Here are some factors to consider as you compare medical alert systems with fall detection:

  • GPS: Do you want fall detection anywhere, or just at home? A medical alert pendant with GPS can serve anywhere along AT&T’s 4G cell network. For extra precision in detecting location, some companies can combine Wi-Fi signals with GPS.
  • Range: Some pendants with fall detection only work within range of their base stations. Base stations are made for home-only and for travel (e.g., for quick setup in a hotel room). Bay Alarm makes medical alert systems especially for inside a car.
  • Battery Life: Medical alert pendant batteries need to be charged regularly. Some should be charged daily, and others hold power for up to five days.
  • Water Safety: The best medical alert pendants are water resistant or waterproof. Water resistant medical pendants shouldn’t be submerged in water, but they can be worn in the shower. Waterproof pendants can be submerged in a few feet of water; they’re safe for bathtubs and swimming pools.

 Read on for our list of the five best medical alert companies with fall detection.

Medical Guardian – Best Fall Detection Overall

Medical Guardian is a top dealer of medical alert systems with exceptional range and battery power. Virtually unlimited range is supported on their fall detection pendants with 4G cellular chips. Their in-home medical alert pendants can detect falls up to 1300 feet from the base unit, and pendant battery power lasts up to 120 hours per three-hour charge. (For comparison, industry standards are about 1000’ range and a couple of days per charge.) Medical Guardian also makes convenient portable medical alert systems with a 350-ft range.

When a fall is detected, or if the Help button is pressed, a well-trained emergency operator will field the call. Medical Guardian operators are all based in the USA. They speak English and Spanish, and translators are available for other languages. The Medical Guardian alert monitoring center boasts certifications from The Monitoring Association, the Electronic Security Association and other safety-focused organizations.

A lock box is included with each plan. This secure metal box holds a key to your house. As emergency responders head to your home, they can receive a lock box PIN from Medical Guardian.

Main Points

  • 120 hours per charge
  • GPS available
  • 1300-ft range in home
  • Two-way voice
  • Multilingual
  • Waterproof available
  • Lock box included

Fall Detection Plans from Medical Guardian

For shoppers seeking fall detection pendants, Medical Guardian has two in-home plans and two with GPS. Each includes a lock box, which helps EMTs enter your home quickly. Month-by-month service is available. If you sign a long-term contract, the monthly charges are lower.

  • Home Guardian: Home Guardian uses the Mobile Guardian home base station with 600-ft range. This plan costs $44.95/month with one fall detection pendant included.
  • Family Guardian: This in-home plan has a base station with 1300-ft range, and it includes pendants for two users. The month-to-month starting rate is $89.95 with fall detection included. For an extra fee the Family Guardian plan can notify caregivers if someone falls, calls for help or leaves the home unexpectedly.
  • Mobile Guardian: A portable system, Mobile Guardian features a lightweight base station with 350-foot range and GPS. With fall detection a pendant costs $59.95/month to monitor.
  • Active Guardian: Active Guardian is the company’s best medical alert system with fall detection. An upgrade to the Mobile Guardian, it lets you travel without a base station. In case of emergency, the monitoring center can determine your precise location by using WiFi signals along with GPS. With fall detection Active Guardian costs $39.95 month-to-month.

In sum, Medical Guardian is a popular choice for high-quality medical alert devices. They offer the best medical alert systems with fall detection in terms of long range (1300 feet) and battery power (120 hours) for home-based units. Their most popular on-the-go fall detection alert system is Active Guardian with advanced technology for pinpointing your location.

MobileHelp – Best Mobile Fall Detection

MobileHelp has in-home and on-the-go plans to monitor pendants with fall detection. Their most popular pendant with fall detection can send GPS data without a portable base unit; it works anywhere covered by AT&T 4G cellular service. For lower prices you can choose a MobileHelp pendant with large base station for home use only (600’ range), a sleeker base station for home only (1300’ range) or a pendant with mid-sized base station for home or away (600’ range).

Compared with Medical Guardian in the review above, MobileHelp has the best mobile fall detection prices. MobileHelp has cheaper home-only prices too. However, Medical Guardian has an edge with battery power. MobileHelp pendants need to be charged daily.

MobileHelp emergency operators and translators can provide assistance in more than 200 languages. The company maintains an A+ rating with the BBB, and customers consistently post five-star ratings.

Customer service was readily available in our test. Helpful answers were provided from an agent based in Florida.

Main Points

  • 24 hours per charge
  • GPS available
  • Up to 1300-ft range in home
  • Two-way voice
  • Multilingual
  • Waterproof available
  • Competitive pricing

Fall Detection Plans From MobileHelp

MobileHelp offers fall detection with five medical alert systems. Some systems are for home use only. Some are portable; take the base station to a hotel or a relative’s home, for instance. The most advanced MobileHelp system works without a base station. It can detect your location with GPS data, and it includes two medical alert pendants.

Below are month-to-month MobileHelp prices with fall detection included. For a lower rate you can choose from quarterly, semi-annual and annual plans.

  • MobileHelp Classic: This home-only plan uses a traditional base station with speaker. With 600’ range it can monitor a help button with fall detection for just $29.95/month.
  • MobileHelp Wired Home: A premium choice for home use only, this medical alert system features a streamlined modern-looking home base with 1300’ range. Monitoring one button with fall detection costs $34.95 per month.
  • MobileHelp Solo: This popular on-the-go medical alert system with two-way voice requires no base station. It provides protection for one person anywhere on AT&T’s 4G cell network. Including fall detection the no-contract deal is $47.95 per month.
  • MobileHelp Duo: The Duo base station has a cellular chip, letting it work at home and away with easy setup. Monitoring costs $51.95/month for one emergency pendant with fall detection.
  • Mobile Duo: The most advanced MobileHelp system, Mobile Duo is a convenient system for one or two users. It has a home base with speaker, and the deal includes two GPS pendants with two-way voice for at home and away. Month-to-month service for two costs $54.95 including fall detection.

To review, MobileHelp is a top company offering fall detection monitoring at home and on the go. This brand is a favorite for active adults, as the portable and home-only base stations have long range. The two-in-one Mobile Duo set is an especially good value for two people.

Bay Alarm Medical – Best Fall Detection with GPS

Bay Alarm Medical is a division of the Bay Alarm home security company. They offer some of the best medical alert systems with fall detection and GPS, as the typical operator response time is under 12 seconds. Also, translators are available for 180 languages.

Optional caregiver connections using GPS are available too. For one, a caregiver can access the medical alert account and set geofencing. With geofencing the caregiver is notified if the pendant leaves a specific area. Another choice is the Bay Alarm in-car medical alert system. It can grant GPS access to a caregiver and send notification if a crash is detected. Fall detection can be included with this unit and several others.

Home-only base units from Bay Alarm Medical have a 1000’ range. Their top-tier medical alert pendant with fall detection lets you roam anywhere on the 4G cellular network without need for a base station.

Main Points

  • 72 hours per charge
  • GPS available
  • 1000-ft range in home
  • Two-way voice
  • Multilingual
  • Waterproof available
  • Geofencing
  • Fast response
  • Bundle discounts

Fall Detection Plans from Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm’s top-tier Protection 360° plan can send emergency alerts from home, a car and anywhere with 4G cell service. With fall detection the month-by-month charge starts at $69.95. Equipment for this plan can be customized over the phone with a Bay Alarm Medical agent.

Other Bay Alarm medical alert systems are sold directly online. These are specifically for home or outdoors.

  • Outdoors: Bay Alarm’s 4G LTE Help Buttons can help children, the elderly and anyone call for emergency help on-the-go. A button with fall detection can be monitored for $49.95/month.
  • In-Home: The in-home medical alert system costs $39.95 including fall detection. Along with a pendant it includes elements of a regular home security system: panic buttons for the walls and other surfaces. Four are included. If you’re concerned about falling, you can keep buttons close to the ground near your shower, a staircase, your bed and so forth.

More than other companies in this review, Bay Alarm Medical markets products for entire families, not just seniors. Their portable alert buttons and in-home wall buttons can help keep anyone safe. Fast response time helps make the company a wise choice for fall detection with GPS. Bay Alarm can monitor alert systems for the car, in-home and across the AT&T 4G cellular network.

LifeStation – Best Fall Response Time

LifeStation is an affordable monitoring service with fast response times at the monitoring center. You can choose an in-home system with fall detection and 500-ft range for about $27/month. A second adult at the same address can share your account for just $3.99 monthly. On-the-go equipment is available too, and the pendants only require charging every five days.

The company reports an average 20-second response time when a fall is detected or an emergency button is pressed. To help ensure reliable emergency service, they auto-test all systems weekly.

A shortcoming of these affordable medical alert systems may be slow customer service for non-emergency calls.

Main Points

  • 120 hours per charge
  • GPS available
  • 500-ft range in home
  • Two-way voice
  • Fast response time
  • English only
  • Waterproof available
  • Low prices
  • Discount on two

Fall Detection Plans from LifeStation

The best LifeStation plan prices come with quarterly or yearly contracts. Here are month-to-month rates for their in-home and mobile medical alert systems.

  • At Home: The cheapest month-by-month rate, including fall detection, is $36.95 for homes with or without landline service. A sensitive speaker is built into the base; it’s meant to capture voice within 500 feet. You can add a second user for just $3.99/month. Other add-ons are a $2.49 wall button and $2.99 lockbox service.
  • Mobile with GPS: Fall detection pendants with GPS are available at $46.95 month-to-month. Again, prices are lower if you choose service with a contract.

All in all, LifeStation offers reliable medical alert equipment at competitive prices. We like the convenience of their pendants with 120 hours of roaming per charge. The in-home system has long range, and LifeStation mobile pendants work anywhere with 4G cell service.A tradeoff for low prices may be slow customer service for everyday calls, but the average emergency response time is excellent.

LifeFone – Best Value Fall Detection Medical Alert Systems

LifeFone has some of the industry’s best values on in-home fall detection medical alert systems: With landline service a unit costs just $29.95/month. The base stations (landline and cellular) can monitor pendants up to 1300 feet away. LifeFone also supports fall detection pendants with GPS. But while many companies have fall detection, LifeFone stands out with caregiving add-ons not available from most competitors. These affordable services can make LifeFone part of a best value in your home health care plan. Along with fall detection you can choose daily activity checks, phone calls and medication reminders.

First, for just $6/month daily activity checks are available to customers with landlines. The subscriber presses a button once per day to indicate well-being. If a check-in doesn’t occur, LifeFone follows up. It’s expected that the user checks in during the 15-minute span of their choosing, unless they notify LifeFone beforehand.

Second, LifeFone can make a friendly phone call every day for $19/month. The LifeFone agent can simply verify that all is well, or they can also give reminders. This service is available with or without landline service.

Third, a caregiver can use LifeFone for medication reminders. A mobile app allows for scheduling up to four medication times per day, and up to ten pills each. The subscriber can press a button to indicate that medication has been taken, and the activity is recorded in the caregiver app. This service costs $6/month.

Main Points

  • 120 hours per charge
  • GPS available
  • 1300-ft range in home
  • Two-way voice
  • Multilingual
  • Waterproof available
  • Daily reminders and check-ins
  • Discount on two pendants

Fall Detection Plans from LifeFone

LifeFone sells equipment and monitoring plans for in-home and away.

  • In-Home: The choice of medical alert systems depends on whether your home has landline service. With a landline, contract-free service costs $29.95 including fall detection. Without a landline it’s $35.95 month-to-month, as a pricier cellular base station is provided. The maximum range for each home-only LifeFone system is 1300 feet. A second adult can get service without need for a second base station, only paying for the pendant and fall detection. Two-way voice isn’t built into the pendants. However, the base station has an extra-sensitive microphone in case the caller’s voice is weak.
  • At Home & On-the-Go GPS: When paired with fall detection, the monthly rate for this “go anywhere” option is $41.95/month. The kit includes two wearable devices: a pendant and a bracelet, both with GPS and an ambient temperature sensor. While these can support fall detection and have panic buttons, they do not have two-way voice.
  • At Home & On-the-Go GPS, Voice in Necklace: This plan provides a GPS-enabled neck pendant with two-way voice. It has an ambient temperature sensor too, sending alerts if the environment is too hot or cold. With fall detection the Voice in Necklace system costs $44.95 per month.

To sum up LifeFone, they have some of the best values not only with fall detection medical alert pendants, but also with medication reminders and other caregiving-related services. As with other medical alert companies in this review, LifeFone offers contract-free monitoring and gives discounts to long-term subscribers.