Best Medical Alert Necklaces

Gabe TurnerExpert
Last Updated on Apr 7, 2020

Options for medical alert necklaces are better than ever. See our reviews of this year’s best medical alert necklaces in terms of performance, price and style.

For safety at home and away, medical alert necklaces can be even better than medical alert bracelets and watches. That’s because only neck pendants can have fall detection. With fall detection an emergency operator can be alerted even if the user can’t press the call button. Generally fall detection has a $10/month surcharge. It’s available from all the companies detailed below.

Along with fall detection, here are three important features to consider when choosing a medical alert necklace:

  • Home Only or GPS – Some necklaces are for monitoring at home only, or within range of a portable base station. The range for home base stations can be generous, up to 1300 feet, and is smaller for portable units. Other medical alert necklaces work almost anywhere, and without the need for a base station nearby. They use GPS and Wi-Fi signals to let emergency operators and caregivers know a person’s location.
  • Voice Communication – The best mobile medical alert necklaces have built-in microphones and speakers for communicating with emergency operators. If voice communication isn’t built into a pendant, then it’s a feature of the pendant’s base station.
  • Style/Fashion – The basic medical alert necklace design is a white or black pendant attached to a lanyard. Recently some not-so-basic styles have hit the market too. These necklaces follow trends in women’s fashion jewelry. Like nifty spy devices, trendy medical alert pendants look like regular jewelry but have hidden powers to call for backup.

Other factors to consider, such as caregiver connections, are in the reviews below. Read on for details about five favorite medical alert necklace companies:

Best Medical Alert Necklaces

  • Medical Guardian – Best Medical Alert Necklace Overall
  • MobileHelp – Best Smart Medical Alert Jewelry
  • Bay Alarm Medical – Best GPS Medical Alert Pendant
  • LifeStation – Most Affordable Medical Alert Pendant
  • LifeFone – Easiest to Use Medical Alert Necklace

Medical Guardian – Best Medical Alert Necklace Overall

Medical Guardian is an overall favorite provider of medical alert necklaces. Their monitoring center is top-notch in terms of certifications and response times, and prices are competitive. Customers receive Medical Guardian necklaces and base stations at no charge, paying only for the emergency connection.

Monthly Prices & Long-Term Deals

Monthly prices for Medical Guardian necklaces start at $29.95. Service is slightly cheaper with a quarterly or six-month plan. An annual plan is the best deal, as you get two for one: Medical Guardian will monitor a second medical alert necklace or wrist-worn device for no extra charge. This lets two people share an account, or lets one subscriber have a choice of bracelet or necklace each day.

Also included with Medical Guardian annual plans is a free lock box. A lock box securely stores your house key. In case of emergency, paramedics and/or caregivers will receive your lock box PIN. This lets them enter your home quickly without causing property damage. Without an annual plan you can add lock box service monthly for $2.99. The subscriber can reset the PIN anytime.

Medical Guardian Necklaces

The Medical Guardian website shows products in In-Home and On-the-Go categories. The names are somewhat misleading, as the In-Home group includes a “go anywhere” necklace; it works with a portable base station. The On-the-Go category has systems that let you use a smaller portable base station or no base station at all (except for charging).

In-Home (With Travel Option)

Medical Guardian’s home-only neck pendants are white circles or ovals with  grey or black call buttons. They connect to base stations that have sensitive microphones for emergency communications. Even without voice communication though, an operator will know where to dispatch paramedics.

Classic Guardian: If your home has landline service you can get Medical Guardian’s lowest month-to-month rate on medical alert necklaces, $29.95.  An upgraded plan includes fall detection for a total of $39.95 per month. Again, an agreement doubles the service with two medical alert devices instead of one.

Home Guardian: While Classic Guardian is the cheapest medical alert plan, the best value comes with a cellular plan called Home Guardian. It costs just five dollars more per month and works anywhere with AT&T cellular reception. You don’t need to have a landline; any alerts will be sent over a portable base station with 600’ range to cover the typical home, driveway, and yard. You can use the plug-in base station not only at home, but also at your office, in relatives’ homes, and other destinations. Month-to-month Home Guardian costs $34.95, or $44.95 with fall detection.

Family Guardian: This is Medical Guardian’s priciest home-only monitoring system. It’s primarily meant to protect frail people or those with dementia. For $79.95/month (plus $10 for fall detection) Family Guardian keeps caregivers in touch with the subscriber’s activity with help from in-home motion sensors, a door motion sensor, an ambient temperature sensor and other technology. A mobile app lets caregivers know that a subscriber is awake and active.


As mentioned above, Home Guardian can be a mobile plan… but alternative Medical Guardian systems with neck pendants are even more convenient for monitoring away from home.

  • The Mobile Guardian plan comes with a small and portable base station with 350’ range. Pricing starts at $39.95 per month. With an annual agreement you’ll get free monitoring of a second button, which can be another neck pendant or a medical alert bracelet. Fall detection can be added to a necklace for $10.
  • The most popular medical alert on-the-go plan is Active Guardian. This device lets you roam without a portable base station. It uses both GPS and Wi-Fi signaling for locating. The monthly base price is $44.95. With fall detection Active Guardian is $55.95/month.


To sum up, Medical Guardian is a trustworthy choice for monitoring medical alert pendants at home and away. Some pendants require nearby base units, and others work anywhere with cellular service. Caregiver connections can be extensive with help from in-home security sensors.

Good to remember: Signing up for an annual plan with Medical Guardian gives you a free second device and lock box service.

MobileHelp – Best Smart Medical Alert Jewelry

MobileHelp is a long-established medical alert company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Recently they partnered with Trelawear to “dress up” their selection of medical alert necklaces. For the same cost of monitoring a standard white medical alert pendant, MobileHelp can now monitor a Trelawear fashion pendant. This year’s options are especially meant for women. They include faux turquoise and black onyx pendant designs, each with goldtone or silvertone accents and a 30” metal chain. In our informal survey, Trela’s timeless styles appeal to women from twentysomething to 100+!

Trelawear pendants are compatible with MobileHelp monitoring for in-home and away. They can connect with MobileHelp Classic and Duo home base stations, which each give Trela a 600’ range. They also work with MobileHelp portable base stations for a 200’ range.

All in all, Trelawear is an attractive medical security option for women of all ages. The only drawback is that the pendants aren’t waterproof; they’ll work in rain or the shower but shouldn’t be submerged in a tub or used when swimming. The Mobile Duo monthly monitoring plan ($44.95) can cover a Trela pendant along with a standard waterproof medical alert device.

Trelawear MobileHelp Pricing

Trelawear pendants are the best smart medical alert jewelry solutions that can be virtually free: When you buy a pendant, you’ll get a credit for two months of MobileHelp monitoring.

  • Monitoring in-home only starts at $19.95/month. Fall detection is a $10 upgrade.
  • Monitoring at home and on-the-go starts at $37.95/month. Here too, fall detection is a $10 upgrade.

A free lock box is included with each annual MobileHelp subscription. A lock box lets emergency helpers access your house key to provide faster service.


MobileHelp has standard medical alert products and also monitors the best smart medical alert jewelry for women. Monitoring a fashionable Trelawear pendant costs no more than monitoring a plain medical alert button.

You can use Trela on its own starting at $19.95/month, or pair Trela with a waterproof pendant for a total of $44.95/month.

Trela pendant purchase includes a two-month MobileHelp credit, and MobileHelp sweetens the deal by offering a 30-day risk-free trial.

Bay Alarm Medical – Best GPS Medical Alert Pendant

Bay Alarm Medical is a leading personal safety company with AARP endorsements. They feature a wide range of medical alert systems for in-home, in the car, and anywhere with 4G cellular service. Furthermore you can place freestanding Bay Alarm panic buttons around the home to keep emergency help within reach anytime.

The Bay Alarm Medical GPS neck pendant with two-way voice is among the industry’s best values in terms of price and features. Month-to-month rates start at $39.95, and service is $49.95/month with fall detection. This gadget is water resistant for safe use in rainstorms and a home shower.

The many features from Bay Alarm Medical make it a great choice for independent adults as well as those with special caregiving needs. For an extra $5/month a pendant’s GPS tracking system can be made available to family members and other caregivers. With geofencing alerts, caregivers get text alerts whenever the subscriber leaves their home or other specified area. The Bay Alarm Medical mobile app for caregiver tracking has a 4.7 of five stars average over thousands of reviews.

The Look: Standard or with Bella Charms

The basic Bay Alarm Medical mobile pendant is a small white oval with gray button and a microphone/speaker system. It connects to a black lanyard.

One side can be covered with an artsy charm by Bella ($27.95). Each Bella charm is hand-decorated to follow a range of designs. Choices range from soft pastels to a dramatic black pendant with metallic accents. While these aren’t as fashion-forward as Trelawear medical alert jewelry (above), they do mask the look of medical alert neck pendants.

Extra Services

A Bay Alarm Medical device can optionally connect with caregivers. As mentioned above, that’s a $5 upgrade. Another upgrade is a home panic button set for calling Bay Alarm Medical operators. A set has four buttons that can easily attach to flat surfaces with removable adhesive. Common locations for panic button placement are the shower, near the kitchen sink, in the bedroom, and at the bottom of a staircase.


Bay Alarm Medical is a premier provider of medical alert systems for the home, car, and around town. Their GPS neck pendant is a top deal with a starting rate of $39.95/month. The security of fall detection adds $10. For another $5, a caregiver can see the subscriber’s location.

Fashionable “feminine” coverings for the pendants can be added for $27.95 each. New subscribers can try Bay Alarm Medical for 30 days risk-free.

LifeStation – Most Affordable Medical Alert Pendant

LifeStation is a medical alert company with A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They feature the most affordable medical alert pendant plans for at home and on the go: Rates for one person start at $19.95 for home-only and $34.95 for service anywhere that has cellular coverage. To serve two people LifeStation adds just $3.99/month. Rates for current customers never increase, as LifeStation locks in prices for life.

Despite the low pricing, LifeStation equipment and service are high quality. The in-home base stations have a 1000-foot range, response time is fast, and LifeStation runs auto-checks of equipment each week. Another plus is that LifeStation has an Alexa skill: A caregiver can say phrases like, “Alexa, locate Mom” to receive GPS data.

Note: Caregiver service isn’t detailed at the main LifeStation website. It’s available when you order LifeStation by phone.

Neck pendants from LifeStation are white with gray buttons. They arrive with black lanyards and are water-resistant.

Add-On Services

As noted above, adding a second device is very affordable at just $3.99/month. This can be a neck pendant or a medical alert bracelet, and it can be used by another person at the same address. Other LifeStation upgrades are:

  • Fall detection, $10/month
  • In-home panic buttons, $3.49/month each or less
  • Lock box service, $2.99/month


LifeStation is a best recommendation for affordable medical alert necklaces, as monitoring starts at $19.95 and you can lock in a rate for life. Adding a second necklace or pendant costs just $3.99, and fall detection costs the standard $10. There’s no cost for use of a pendant or base station. New subscribers can get 30-day free trials.

LifeFone – Easiest to Use Medical Alert Necklace

LifeFone is a leading medical alert company with low prices on standard service, especially for spouses and other twosomes sharing a home address: A home-use subscription with two devices starts at $24.95 with a long-range base station. A mobile medical alert subscription with two buttons starts at $36.95/month. Fall detection for either plan adds $10.

Additionally LifeFone has the easiest-to-use add-on services for remote caregiving help. Called LifeFone Caregiving Tools, these include automated daily activity checks, medication confirmations, and daily phone calls from a LifeFone agent. Each Caregiving Tool can be added a la carte to any medical alert necklace monitoring plan.

LifeFone Medical Alert Necklaces

The LifeFone necklace for home use is a white pendant on black lanyard. It ships with either a second necklace or a medical alert bracelet with black or white strap. These lightweight wearables connect with a base station that has 1300’ range.

For on the go medical backup, LifeFone gives a choice of pendants with and without voice-in-necklace:

  • The cheapest plan, $36.95/month, does not include voice in necklace. It features a white and black pendant that’s similar to the in-home wearable. Fall detection adds $10.
  • The premier plan, $39.95/month, provides a black pendant with two-way voice communication. Fall detection with the premier plan is just $5 extra.


LifeFone offers some of the easiest to use medical alert necklaces at low cost. The range for their home-only pendants is the industry’s best at 1300 feet, and LifeFone also sells medical alert pendants with GPS. With rates guaranteed to never increase, this brand is a great option for short-term or long-term medical safety backup.