Best Medical Alert Watches

Stay active, safe and fashionable with a new medical alert watch. Made for style-conscious folks, this year’s best medical alert watches look like typical smartwatches. They have one-touch buttons to easily call for help, but they won’t call attention otherwise.

As of 2019, few companies offer stylish medical alert watches. Here we outline two pioneers, Medical Guardian and MobileHelp. Both devices are water-resistant for safe use in the shower or rain. Each company has month-to-month monitoring plans.

  • The Medical Guardian smartwatch, called Freedom Guardian, is relatively affordable at just $99. Its main functions are showing the time with analog readout, calling for help, tracking appointments, and optionally staying in touch with family/caregivers.

The family/caregiver option includes text messaging, text-to-speech messages, calendar updates and GPS tracking. Monitoring costs $44.95/month, or $44.95/month with connected caregiver apps.

  • MobileHelp’s medical smartwatch is pricier at $349. It’s feature-rich, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, dust-resistant and powered by Samsung. This smartwatch’s main functions include showing the time with a classic watch face, calling for help and tracking health data. It can count your steps, track calorie intake, measure heart rate and more. Monitoring costs $24.95 per month.

Medical Guardian Smartwatch – Best Value for Active Seniors

Keep your independence with the Freedom Guardian smartwatch by Medical Guardian, a leading medical alert company. The Freedom Guardian looks like a standard digital watch, and it lets you call for help by 1) pressing a button along the watch face or 2) tapping an on-screen button.

This smart medical alert watch has a 1.25” square face. Tapping its screen, or quickly pressing the side button, you can cycle through three views:

  • Classic watch screen with a moving second hand, plus icons showing battery power and cellular signal strength
  • Emergency button to press and hold for help
  • Current weather and a three-day forecast

When a message is received, a checkbox icon and “Message Received” appear on screen. You can tap the screen to read the message. To respond, you can tap to indicate yes or no, or hit the microphone icon to send a voice reply.

This medical smartwatch is ready to use after an initial two-hour charge. Each charge keeps the watch powered for up to 48 hours.

Emergency Response

As mentioned above, the Freedom Guardian watch lets you summon help two ways: It has a touchscreen with emergency button, and a red Help button is built into the side. Holding either button for three seconds will send data over AT&T’s 4G cellular network. Alerts are received by Mobile Guardian’s team of emergency operators, a crew with Five-Star status from The Monitoring Association.

If you call, a combination of WiFi signals and GPS will determine your location for emergency responders. Additionally you can have family/caregivers notified via the Mobile Guardian app.

Extra Features

With a premium subscription, the watch user can let family/caregivers work with Freedom Guardian companion apps for Android and iOS. These apps let people send text alerts and calendar reminders to the smartwatch. They also let a person see the watch user’s current location and the GPS coordinates of where an emergency button was pressed. Canceled alerts are shown too.

The Watch User screen in the Freedom Guardian companion app has:

  • A Message button for texting
  • A Reminder button for sending reminders and scheduling appointments on the user’s calendar
  • Strength signals for the watch user’s cellular signal and smartwatch battery


The Mobile Guardian smartwatch costs $99 including charging equipment, and there’s a monthly fee for monitoring. The two choices for monthly plans are $44.95 and $49.95.

  • The $44.95 plan gives the watch user 24/7 access to emergency operators, the web portal and the Freedom Guardian mobile app.
  • The $49.95/month plan builds upon basic service with caregiver features. It lets caregivers access the app, send text messages, set reminders and create appointments in the smartwatch calendar.

In sum, the Medical Guardian Freedom Guardian smartwatch lets you keep medical help readily available without reducing independence or feeling self-conscious about wearing a medical alert device. It looks like a regular smartwatch, has a one-button call for help, and optionally lets caregivers send/receive messages and keep tabs on your location.

MobileHelp Smartwatch – Best GPS Location Tracking

MobileHelp makes top-notch mobile alert systems for sale under multiple brand names. Unique to MobileHelp though is their medical smartwatch. Powered by Samsung, the MobileHelp Smartwatch is more feature-rich than the Freedom Guardian described above. For instance, a pedometer and heart rate monitor are included.

The MobileHelp medical watch costs more than a Freedom Guardian in terms of equipment, but less to monitor per month. The alert system qualifies as “military grade” because it’s scratch resistant, water resistant, dust resistant and otherwise very durable.

Emergency Response Time

Compared with Freedom Guardian, MobileHelp has a slight edge in response time. In 2019 they reported an average 17-second response via the microphone. Meanwhile Freedom Guardian seems to average a bit longer while staying under 30 seconds.

Like the Mobile Guardian watch, the MobileHelp medical alert watch uses a combination of GPS and WiFi signals to locate you in case of emergency. Each battery charge can give you about 48 hours of roaming.

The MobileHelp watch looks like a typical modern wristwatch with round digital face. A small button on the side of the watch will call an emergency operator if held for a few seconds. You can set up your account to have MobileHelp notify relatives, neighbors, and other contacts in case of emergency too.

Extra Features

The watch’s main screen shows the time, your daily step count and heartbeats per minute. When you tap the screen, you can access a weather app and other health tracking features: BPM, steps, flights climbed, water intake, caffeine intake and more. The most advanced function tracks your exertion in specific activities such as walking, swimming and yoga.


The MobileHelp medical smartwatch sells for $349.95. Monitoring costs $24.95 per month with no contract required. The first 30 days are a risk-free trial.

To review, the MobileHelp smartwatch has overlap with a typical Samsung smartwatch’s health tracking apps. It’s a best medical alert watch in terms of letting you maintain quick access to emergency help without limiting your independence or wearing a bulky device. This high-end monitor costs more than a Freedom Guardian upfront, but monthly monitoring with MobileHelp costs less.