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Last Updated on Apr 7, 2020

The Medical Care Alert system is an offering of American Response Technologies, a family-owned company based in Michigan and founded in 2008. The company transitioned into personal emergency response systems after initially working with DIY home security systems.

When you’re looking for a medical alert system for yourself or a loved one, you want to know what sets each system apart from the rest. Medical Care Alert offers some distinct advantages over its competitors:

  • Subscription fee includes equipment costs.
  • Risk-free in-home trial allows you to use the system before subscribing.
  • Price-lock guarantee prevents costs from going up.


The features of the Medical Care Alert system include packages and equipment, add-on options, and services provided as a part of the plan you choose.

Packages and Equipment

There are multiple packages available from Medical Care Alert, which means you can choose a plan that suits your individual needs and preferences. For example, you can choose a system that makes use of either the landline or cellular service. There are also several options to choose from regardless of whether you need protection only around your home and yard or if you need service that covers you while you are away from home as well.

Before you buy, be aware of the limitations that come with each type of system. For example, if you need comprehensive protection that you can access even when away from home, you need a cellular-based system. Landline-based systems have a limited coverage range of 600 to 1,000 feet.

Another advantage of the Medical Care Alert system is that it does not require professional installation. You simply plug it in and push a button to activate it, making the setup process simple and intuitive.

The package you choose determines the type of equipment you require.

Home System

This landline-based system is the most basic and includes a speaker with volume control and a powerful microphone within its base unit. The cellular-based Home 3G Wireless system is available as an option.

Home and Yard

Like the Home System, this is a landline-based model, although there is also a cellular option available. Compared to the Home System, however, its range extends beyond the walls of the residence and out into the yard. Communication takes place via a two-way wearable pendant or wristband. The wearable option you choose has a button to connect you with emergency operators as well as the ability to take phone calls.

Home and Away

This is a cellular system that provides protection even when you are beyond the normal range of the other systems. It includes GPS tracking and locating capabilities so that whenever and wherever you call for help using your wristband or pendant, responders will be able to find you.

All of Medical Care Alert’s wearable equipment is waterproof and safe to wear even when bathing. Bosch, a German-based manufacturer with a reputation for creating hospital-grade communication and medical technology, produces all the electronic equipment.

Add-On Options

The options available may depend partly on the package you choose. There are three significant add-ons available:

  • Fall Detection Pendant: This optional piece of equipment alerts Medical Care Alert operators to a fall in your home even if you are unable to press the button for assistance. It costs an extra $10 per month.
  • Lock Box: This stores keys securely so that only those whom you choose have access.
  • Bedtime Buddy: This is a medical alert button and pendant charging station meant to sit at your bedside table. It is only available with the Home and Away package.


Regardless of what package you choose, you will work with the company when you sign up to develop a personal profile containing all the vital information that emergency personnel may need to know if summoned to your assistance, including the code to open your lockbox, if applicable. Your profile will also include contact information for family or loved ones so they can receive a text or phone call if emergency services are summoned to your location.

Medical Care Alert operators are based in two U.S. call centers, one on either coast. This redundancy ensures help is always available even in the event of an emergency. In addition to a minimum two-year college education or military service, all operators hold EMT certification and undergo classroom and operations training for a total of six weeks.

Monitoring takes place 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Users report that the response time during an emergency is quick and consistent. Both English- and Spanish-speaking operators are available at all times, but support is not available in any other languages.


Medical Care Alert provides three different payment options for each of its three different packages. You can pay quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. The price is slightly less if you pay annually.

The first of the following tables shows the cost per month for each of the three packages. The second shows the total price you pay for each of the three payment plans per period. For example, the total annual price is the amount you pay per year, while the total quarterly price is what you pay every three months. Neither of these tables includes the prices for add-ons, such as the fall detection pendant or the lockbox.

PackageQuarterly Plan Cost Per MonthSemi-Annual Plan Cost Per MonthAnnual Plan Cost Per Month
Home System$29.99$29.99$27.45
Home and Away$39.95$39.95$36.62
Home and Yard$34.95$34.95$32.04


PackageTotal Quarterly Plan PriceTotal Semi-Annual Plan PriceTotal Annual Plan Price
Home System$89.95$179.70$329.40
Home and Away$119.85$239.70$439.40
Home and Yard$104. 85$209.70$348.48


Medical Care Alert systems have been available for over 10 years. In that time, the company has garnered an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau and 96% customer satisfaction score according to Consumer Affairs. The few complaints relate to a disagreement with the company over equipment return and a subjective report that the wearable equipment is uncomfortable.

Emergency alert buttons and base systems from Medical Care Alert are protected by a lifetime warranty. Medical Care Alert offers award-winning customer service according to Consumer Affairs.