Medical Care Alert Review

Alert systems backed by true emergency professionals and A+ service

Editor's Rating

  • Innovative all-in-one Home & Away device
  • Response agents have EMT/EMD certifications
  • Best-in-class customer service and support
Gabe TurnerExpert
Last Updated on Apr 7, 2020

Medical Care Alert is a solution offered by American Response Technologies, Inc. This Michigan-based company is family owned and known for some of the best customer service in the medical alert industry, with all operators holding EMT/EMD certifications.


Medical Care Alert has won countless awards for its excellent customer support and response time. They’ve received top ratings at the BBB and Angie’s List. The CSAA recognized them as the monitoring center of the year in 2016. While many companies say that they have the best medical alert systems, the family behind this solution puts their money where their mouth is. Their own senior family members are protected by the monitoring services that they provide.

Equipment & Tech

HOME Medical Alert System

The HOME Medical Alert System is designed to cover seniors when they’re at their houses. You have a base station that connects to an emergency button, with an excellent 1,000-foot range. The button has a battery that lasts for 7 years.


This option is designed for seniors who spend a lot of time in their garden or otherwise in their yards. The pendant has a 600-foot range from the base station, and you can communicate with Medical Care Alert right through the pendant rather than being near the communicator unit. This pendant is water resistant for use in the bath and shower.

HOME & AWAY Elite/Primo/Ultra GPS Medical Alert System

There are three versions of the Home & Away button, which is an all-in-one device designed for use inside and outside of the home. You’re not tied to a base station, as you can communicate directly through the pendant. It uses the AT&T cellular network to power its connection.

The Elite model is a basic mobile button that has GPS and cellular location services, a 36-hour battery life, is lightweight and is water-resistant. The Primo version of the device includes the RemoteCare 24/7 application, which is a way to track the device’s location, and fall detection, but it only has a 24-hour battery life. The Ultra edition does not have fall detection but extends the battery life to 72 hours.


You’re not always able to answer the door during an emergency. The lockbox gives you a safe and secure way to offer your keys to emergency responders. They put in your designated combination and get the key that’s inside the box.

Bedtime Buddy

If you have one of the mobile GPS units, this is an optional add-on. It’s a charging station and extra medical alert button, so you have a button available while you’re charging the mobile unit.

Monitoring & Features

Shower-safe Buttons

The bathroom is a risky place for seniors, and the location of many falls. You don’t want to be without your emergency medical alert button while you’re showering or bathing. These water-resistant buttons allow you to keep the device with you all day long.

Landline and Wi-Fi Connections

For the units designed for use at your home, you can opt for a landline or Wi-Fi connection for your base unit.

Long Range

The HOME and HOME & YARD models have an extensive range compared to other medical alert devices on the market. When you have up to 1,000 feet to work with, you’ll never be too far away to get help at home.

Two-Way Communication

For the HOME model, you talk to a highly-trained response agent through the base unit. For all of the other models, you can talk to the response center directly through the pendant.

Optional Fall Detection

Falls are a dangerous risk to seniors, and getting help fast is an essential part of avoiding serious medical problems or complications. The fall detection service can monitor the forces exerted on the medical alert pendant to determine whether someone has fallen and needs immediate assistance.

Three Location Methods

If you’re out of the house with a mobile unit and you have an emergency, the responder can use GPS, cellular, and Wi-FI technology to pinpoint your location so you can quickly have emergency professionals on the scene.

RemoteCare 24/7 App

This helpful app is included with the HOME & AWAY Primo and Ultra models. It allows caregivers and loved ones to keep track of the medical alert system’s status and the pendant’s location. It also displays any recent alerts and events, the weather, and other relevant details. Both iOS and Android devices are supported.

Installation & Usability

The installation process is as simple as plugging in the base units and charging up the medical alert buttons. If you run into any problems during this process, highly trained support specialists are readily available

Customer Support

Medical Care Alert is one of the only medical alarm providers that have EMT/EMD certified professionals staffing their call centers. They have extremely positive customer reviews and feedback, along with plenty of awards for their customer support efforts. Whenever an emergency alert is received, they quickly get on the line with you and help you with any situation that you’re dealing with. Your emergency contacts are called and texted based on their communication preferences, so they’re kept in the loop.

They have two US-based monitoring centers in NY and CA, with extensive redundancy systems in place to ensure that coverage is always available. The life safety operators go through a lengthy training process that includes how to work with seniors. Spanish speaking representatives are available at all times. Everyone hired by Medical Care Alert has at least two years of college education or the same length of time in the military, holds EMT/EMD certification, and go through multiple background checks and screenings. Support for deaf and hearing-impaired seniors is readily available. The training process is six weeks long and is certified by the Security Industry Association.

Cost & Pricing

The Medical Care Alert systems have mid-range pricing, and are one of the only companies that do not offer monthly pricing. The shortest term that you can purchase is three months. There are no hidden fees, shipping fees, activation fees, or cancellation fees. You don’t have to pay for any of the equipment, and the company offers a 14-day risk-free trial.

  • HOME Medical Alert landline system starts at $27.45 per month paid annually
  • HOME Medical Alert 3G wireless system starts at $32.04 per month paid annually
  • HOME & YARD Medical Alert system starts at $36.62 per month paid annually
  • HOME & AWAY Elite GPS Medical Alert System starts at $36.62 per month paid annually
  • HOME & AWAY Ultra GPS Medical Alert System starts at $36.95 per month paid annually
  • HOME & AWAY Primo GPS Medical Alert System starts at $39.95 per month paid annually

An extended protection plan is available for $5 per month, which lowers replacement costs and covers some replacements.

Our Conclusion

The peace of mind of having EMT/EMD certified life safety operators on the line when you have an emergency can’t be overstated. Medical Care Alert invests heavily in some of the best customer service on the market, as well as a solid selection of medical alarm systems that cover all types of senior lifestyles. The lack of month-to-month pricing is one of the only missteps of this company.