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Last Updated on Apr 7, 2020

MobileHelp is one of the top providers of personal emergency response systems in the United States. With clients in all 50 states, they are headquartered in beautiful Boca Raton Florida where they develop and distribute innovative products that lead the industry. This includes the first medical alert system fully integrated with GPS/GSM technology, the MobileHelp Duo.

Their devices provide real-time location tracking and medical monitoring services via the AT&T nationwide wireless cellular network. This allows for faster personal emergency assistance. They also offer an online tracking and event notification system – MobileHelp Connect – for caregivers and family members.

Their sales and customer service departments – as well as monitoring center – are based entirely in the United States. They garner mostly positive reviews from customers across a number of consumer watchdog sites.

Unlike other companies within the industry, MobileHelp does not require any long-term contracts for service. There are no purchase necessary, no hidden fees, and no shipping or activation charges.


  • 24/7 Emergency Response: MobileHelp’s monitoring service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is entirely based in the United States ensuring that if an emergency occurs, help can be notified and dispatched within moments.
  • In-Home & Mobile Devices: MobileHelp has personal emergency response devices that can be used in the home as well as those that can be used while on the go so that customers know help is only the push of a button away no matter where they are.
  • Landline & Cellular Monitoring: Offering the ability to connect to their monitoring center via either a basic home phone line or cellular connection enables customers to use MobileHelp however suits them best.
  • Fall Detection: This feature detects a fall and alerts the monitoring center even if the customer is unable to push the button for help. It can be the difference between a simple fall and a tragedy.
  • Wall Buttons: These emergency buttons can be placed in areas such as the bathroom where falls are common and the likelihood of having a device handy is uncommon.
  • GPS Location Services: MobileHelp’s patented GPS technology allows for agents at the call center to locate customers regardless of whether they are at home, at the store, or somewhere in between, ensuring that the right help can reach them when they need it most.
  • 2-Way Communication: This feature provides the agents at the monitoring center with the ability to speak directly to the customer through their MobileHelp devices so that they can ascertain what help – if any – is needed.
  • Medical Alert Smartwatch: This device adds medical security features that monitor heart rate, track health goals, and much more to ensure that customers are safe in a whole new way.


The costs of MobileHelp’s systems are all rolled into one convenient package with the equipment included in the monthly monitoring costs, except for the MobileHelp Smart which requires a separate purchase of the device itself. In addition, most plans come with free ground shipping – a savings of roughly $15 – and free activation which is valued at $99.

Monitoring Plans

All of MobileHelp’s packages include 24/7/365 monitoring through their U.S. based center. They can be paid on a monthly, quarterly (every three months), semi-annual (every six months), or annual (yearly) basis.

MobileHelp PackageMonthlyQuarterlySemi-AnnualAnnual
Fall Button*+$10$30$60$120

*Fall Button is an add-on device with an additional monthly charge for usage. It cannot be used without the Classic, Solo, or Duo package.


The MobileHelp Classic package includes a home base unit and an emergency button that can be worn on either a lanyard or wristband. The Solo package has that same emergency help button as well as a mobile base device and charging station. MobileHelp Duo includes all of the devices in both the Classic and Solo packages.

In addition, all of these packages include a free lock box valued at $29.95. This device allows customers to leave a secured key for emergency responders to enter the home and deliver aid in a crisis situation. This can save them from having to break down – and destroy – the door to the home, adding to the cost of an emergency.

MobileHelp Smart

The MobileHelp Smart is their newest innovation for discreet personal emergency protection. Help is still available at the push of a button … only now that button is on a smartwatch. It includes the same great monitoring services provided with MobileHelp’s other systems without calling attention to the fact that you are wearing it. It also includes several advanced features designed for health management. These include:

  • A built-in Samsung Health app to measure heart rate while monitoring activity to minimize the risk of a cardiac incident.
  • Summaries of the wearer’s activity history to allow for monitoring of progress towards diet and fitness goals.
  • A built-in Weather app to provide local weather forecasts at the push of a button.
Classic, Solo, & DuoIncluded in the cost of the monitoring service
MobileHelp Smart$349.95

Add-On Equipment

The only add-on equipment that MobileHelp offers at this time is a MobileHelp Fall Button. This device allows users to know that even if they cannot press their help button, help will be on its way. It provides an extra layer of protection by detection most falls and automatically sending the alert to the monitoring center that something is wrong. It also has all the additional features of the standard help buttons.


Based in the Florida Atlantic University Research Park, MobileHelp provides health management solutions as well as mobile and home personal emergency response systems. They offer highly innovative devices combined with leading wireless cellular data, voice, and GPS technology. Their devices allow for the security of knowing that help is available no matter where or when.

In addition, they provide health management services for healthcare providers and consumers alike. These include proactive measures such as medication reminders, activity tracking, and a telehealth platform – Mobile Vitals.

Altogether, they offer a valuable service to older adults that is both necessary and affordable. All reviews point to it being dependable with helpful personable customer service and sales agents.