Dashlane Cyber Monday Deals

  • Store 50 passwords on one device for free
  • Personal data encrypted using AES-256
  • Can sign into accounts using Face or Touch ID
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Let’s be honest: with dozens of online accounts with usernames and passwords galore, it’s hard if not impossible to create a truly unique password for each account and actually remember it. That’s where password managers like Dashlane come in, but are they included in Black Friday deals? We’ve done the research to tell you everything you need to know about saving on Dashlane this Black Friday.

Ways To Save

While Dashlane does have a free option all year-round, which we’ll discuss in more detail below, we couldn’t find any Black Friday deals for 2020 or past years; the same held true for Cyber Monday. Since Dashlane is one of the most recognizable password managers, we were surprised that they don’t offer their customers savings on these sales holidays, but at least the free option held true no matter the season. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Try Dashlane For Free

Dashlane’s free plan let us save 50 passwords on one device. It also filled in forms for us, which came in handy when we signed up with a new dentist, and gave us alerts if any of our accounts were compromised. This was enough for our iPhone, but we ended up upgrading to a paid subscription so that we could store all of our passwords across all of our devices.

FYI: Dashlane has apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux devices and browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Other Subscription Options

Dashlane has plans for individuals, families and businesses. However, we only tested out the individual plan, although it’s very similar to the family plan in terms of features.


We went with the Premium plan because we also had a bunch of identity theft protection services in place, but if you want identity and credit monitoring, go with the Premium Plus plan for $119.88 a year. Otherwise, the Premium Plan is $59.88 a year which comes out to $4.99 a month.

Free PlanPremium PlanPremium Plus Plan
Password Storage50unlimitedunlimited
Amount of Devices1unlimitedunlimited
Instant form and payment autofill
Security Alerts
Dark Web Monitoring with personalized security alertsX
Secure storageX
Credit MonitoringXX
Identity restoration supportXX
Identity Theft InsuranceXX
Monthly Cost$0$4.99$9.99
Term Lengthn/aAnnualAnnual
Amount Billed$0$59.88$119.88

Did You Know: The dark web is a completely anonymous area of the Internet where stolen passwords are bought and sold.


Rather than buying individual subscriptions for six different family members, it’s more cost-effective to invest in a Premium or Premium Plus family account. Unfortunately, there’s no free version of family accounts, so you’ll need to spend some money, up to $179.99 a year for six people (no wonder the global market for password managers was valued at over $726 million in 2019!).1 But compared to the individual accounts, the family accounts unlock a ton of savings; while six separate Premium plans would have cost us $29.94 a month, the Premium Family offers the same coverage for only $7.49 a month, which saves us $22.45 monthly or nearly $270 a year. While we didn’t test out the family plans, they seem to be pretty similar to the individual offerings in terms of features.

Premium FamilyPremium Plus Family
6 members total
Family dashboard
Private accounts for each member
Unlimited passwords and devices
Form and payment autofill
Unlimited sharing for logins
Personalized security alerts
Dark web scan
Two-factor authentication
Credit monitoringX
Identity restoration supportX
Identity theft insuranceX
Monthly Cost$7.49$14.99
Total Amount Billed$89.99$179.99


Did you know that on average, employees repeat the same password 13 times?2 This makes it far too easy for hackers to access multiple accounts, which could be a problem if you handle any sensitive customer information. Fortunately, Dashlane can audit their passwords and generate new ones, a unique password for every account.

Security dashboard
Advanced reporting
Compromised password alerts
Two-factor authentication
SAML provisioning
Enforceable policy settings
Delete accounts remotely
Enterprise mass deployment
Smart Spaces separate work and personal accounts
Unlimited devices
Group password sharing
Free personal accountsPremiumPremium Family
Customer success manager
Live chat and 24/7 email support
Technical onboarding support
30 day free trial
SAML-based single sign-onX
Monthly rate per user$5$8
Annual amount billed per user$60$96

Both business plans have a 30-day trial, although there’s no completely free option for businesses. But at $5 to $8 per user per month, which includes a VPN, typically sold on their own for a separate cost, these business plans are affordable, Black Friday deals or not.

Tip: Since the COVID-19 pandemic, almost half of Americans have tried to protect themselves online more than ever with software like VPNs, password managers, and the like. Yet 32 percent of Americans have seen their coworkers or family members sharing passwords.3 The only way to share passwords securely is through a password manager, if it’s not done in person.


While Dashlane certainly isn’t known for its amazing Black Friday deals, we’re hoping for some savings in 2020. But if not, we recommend using Dashlane’s free app, buying a discounted package for your entire family, or taking advantage of their 30-day free trials for businesses. Sure, the company doesn’t offer any savings on sales holidays, but we like to look at the glass half full. What can we say, we thrive on optimism!

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