Blink Outdoor Privacy Report

Privacy Rating
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We do like companies that have no history of security breaches. However, Blink Outdoor holds onto far too much of our information for our comfort. In addition to logging our audio and video, their privacy policy gives them permission to hold on to our IP address, our passwords, and our location. Worse, they share all that information with third parties.


In Transit Yes
At rest? Yes
All network communications and capabilities? Yes

Security Updates

Automatic, regular software/ firmware updates? Yes
Product available to use during updates? No


Mandatory password? Yes
Two-Factor authentication? Yes
Multi-Factor authentication? No

Vulnerability Management

Point of contact for reporting vulnerabilities?
Bug bounty program? No

Privacy Policy

Specific to device? No
Readable? Yes
What data they log IP address, login email address, password, computer, device, connection service, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system, time zone setting, location of device or computer, when device is in use, application usage, connectivity data, errors or event failures, name, address, phone number
What data they don’t log n/a
Can you delete your data? Can delete video clips
Third-party sharing policies Shares information with third parties.


Log camera device/ app footage Yes
Log microphone device/ app Yes
Location tracking device/ app Yes

Parental Controls

Are there parental controls? No

Company History

Any security breaches/ surveillance issues in past? No
Did they do anything to fix it? n/a

Additional Security Features

Anything like privacy shutters, privacy zones, etc.? No