iSmartAlarm Spot Camera Privacy Report

Privacy Rating
iSmartAlarm Camera

We didn’t find a lot to instill confidence in the iSmartAlarm Spot Camera. They haven’t had any major breaches, and they don’t spy on our video or audio feeds. Their privacy policy, though, allows them to collect information not just on us but on our friends and neighbors and share it with their third party partners. Not cool.


In Transit Unknown
At rest? Unknown
All network communications and capabilities? Unknown

Security Updates

Automatic, regular software/ firmware updates? No
Product available to use during updates? Yes


Mandatory password? Yes
Two-Factor authentication? No
Multi-Factor authentication? No

Vulnerability Management

Point of contact for reporting vulnerabilities?
Bug bounty program? No

Privacy Policy

Specific to device? No
Readable? Yes
What data they log Name, address, billing address, email address, telephone number, credit card information, how many people in household, what kind of location is a home, apartment, or business, name and telephone of friends or family members who user would like contacted in case of alarm, “safe word,” IP address, browser type, computer or device type, unique device identifiers, operating system version, website from where user navigated to site, time and date of site usage, internet service provider, cookies.
What data they don’t log n/a
Can you delete your data? No
Third-party sharing policies Shares information with third parties


Log camera device/ app footage No
Log microphone device/ app No
Location tracking device/ app Yes based on IP address

Parental Controls

Are there parental controls? No

Company History

Any security breaches/ surveillance issues in past? No
Did they do anything to fix it? n/a

Additional Security Features

Anything like privacy shutters, privacy zones, etc.? No