Reolink Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

  • Works in temperatures from 14 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Records directly onto 128 GB micro-SD card
  • Detection for people makes for smarter notifications
ReoLink Go Solar Panel and Camera

Reolink’s website is nothing if not overwhelming. So when it was time to check out their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for this year, we did the due diligence of figuring exactly how much we can save, on what cameras, and most importantly, how. Let’s get into it, as this sale is already live!

ReoLink Go
ReoLink Go

What You Can Expect

Reolink has started its Black Friday sale early with huge discounts of up to 35 percent off, and for some products specifically, an extra 10 percent off with the coupon code. They haven’t announced anything about Cyber Monday yet, but we’re hoping the same discounts hold true. Let’s start with Reolink’s cameras, their bread and butter.

Camera Prices

Reolink offers its cameras in single or double packs, although we noted that the discounts were much better for one camera than they were for two, oddly. Not all of the cameras qualified for that extra 10 percent discount, but for those that did, we included the coupon codes. No need to thank us!

Camera Regular Price of 1 Camera Black Friday 2020 Price of 1 Camera Coupon Code for Extra 10% Off- 1 Camera Regular Price of 2 Cameras Black Friday 2020 Price of 2 Cameras Coupon Code- 2 Cameras
e1 $35.99 $26.99 F28McIZW $66.99 $50.24 RCXJebp1
RLC-410 5MP $49.99 $42.49 n/a $94.99 $75.99 n/a
RLC-520 $49.99 $42.49 n/a $94.99 $75.99 n/a
Reolink Lumus $59.99 $47.99 n/a $113.99 $91.19 n/a
RLC-410W $59.99 $50.99 n/a $113.99 $91.19 n/a
Argus Eco $69.99 $52.49 w3oicTT3 $139.98 $133.99 n/a
E1 Zoom $64.99 $55.25 n/a $129.98 $124.99 n/a
RLC-522 $83.99 $62.99 fpaMHF1M $162.99 $122.24 2mp5hnLh
Argus Pro $74.99 $63.74 n/a $149.98 $143.99 n/a
RLC-511 $88.99 $75.64 n/a $173.99 $139.19 n/a
RLC-511W $98.99 $89.09 n/a $212.99 $181.04 n/a
Reolink Go $237.99 $202.29 n/a $475.98 $469.99 n/a
RLK8-410B4 4 MP $365.99 $274.49 qRKe9e7S n/a n/a n/a
RLK8-410B4 5 MP $395.99 $296.99 e1kI83Gj n/a n/a n/a
Argus 2 113.99 (includes solar panel) 102.59 (includes solar panel) n/a $227.98 $182.99 n/a
Argus PT 147.99 (includes solar panel) 125.79 (includes solar panel) n/a 295.98 $249.99 n/a

Note: Once you order your Reolink camera, you can expect to receive your package in three to seven business days.

Camera and Hard Drive Bundle Prices

Reolink 5MP PoE Cameras with 16 CH NVR
Reolink 5MP PoE Cameras with 16 CH NVR

One of the biggest advantages of Reolink is that many of the company’s cameras don’t require Wi-Fi, making them some of the best PoE cameras (PoE stands for Power over Ethernet if you weren’t aware). Instead of uploading to cloud storage, the footage from these cameras records directly on a hard drive. From there, you can take the steps to upload the footage to a cloud for backup, but it’s not required, much like Wi-Fi.

What’s Included in Bundle Regular Price Black Friday 2020 Price
1 RLN8-410, 1 D400 1 camera $303.97 $218.86
1 RNL8-410, 1 B400 1 camera $303.97 $218.86
1 RLN8-410, 2 RLC-410 5 MP $317.97 $235.05
1 RLN8-410, 2 RLC-520 1 cameras $317.97 $235.05
RLN8-410, 2 D800 1 cameras $367.97 $298.05
1 RLN8-410, 2 B800 cameras $367.97 $298.05
1 RLN8-410, 2 RLC-511 1 cameras $395.97 $312.72
1 RLN16-410 4K, 4 B800 1 cameras $596.95 $481.91
1 RLN16-410 4K, 4 D800 1 cameras $596.95 $481.91
1 RLN16-410 5 PM, 4 B400 1 cameras $468.95 $361.58

None of the bundles require coupon codes, so you can save hundreds without hunting down those pesky letters and numbers combinations.

FYI: Although Reolink’s cameras can work without Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to control them remotely, view live footage on the Reolink app or receive motion-activated notifications.

Some Facts About Reolink’s Cameras

We’ll admit that we haven’t tested out every single Reolink camera or camera system on this list; hey, there are a ton, and we’re only two people here! But we have tested out the Reolink Go and the Reolink Argus PT, with more to come. Here are some key similarities between the two cameras:

  • Weather-resistance: Both cameras worked indoors or outdoors, but we recommend them for outdoor use, as indoor-only cameras tend to cost less.
  • Digital zoom: With both cameras, we zoomed in six times digitally on the Reolink app; unfortunately, neither had optical zoom, but digital is the next best thing.
    Infrared night vision: At night, the cameras displayed clear, black and white footage, ideal for people that want to monitor their yard or driveway at night.
Reolink Solar Panel
Reolink Solar Panel
  • Two-way audio: Both cameras had speakers and microphones which let us talk to people remotely through the Reolink app, which came in handy when we wanted to scare a friend visiting in the morning.
  • Local and cloud storage: Even without Wi-Fi, the Argus PT and the Reolink Go recorded automatically onto their built-in 64 GB micro-SD cards, which could hold just over five hours of footage at 24 Mbps.1 And when we connected the cameras to Wi-Fi, they backed up this footage onto cloud storage as well, where we got storage for seven days on the house. However, Reolink’s cloud storage differs by camera, so if you want more than a week of cloud storage, make sure to factor in their prices to your bottom line.2


ReoLink Go App - Resolution Settings
ReoLink Go App – Resolution Settings

Whether you’re buying a single camera or an entire camera system, you might as well save from Reolink, and the best part is, you don’t even need to wait until these sales holidays to start. Check out other security camera Black Friday deals to see how much you can save this year from companies like Swann, Blink and Zmodo.

Editors Rating:
7.2 /10
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