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SECURITY ENGINEERING LAB at The University Of Pittsburgh

Security Engineering Lab at Pitt

A Security Engineering Laboratory has been established at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Engineering, by Marc Weber Tobias and Tobias Bluzmanis. The lab will provide hands-on training for engineering students at Pitt to teach them to analyze and solve security vulnerability problems in hardware and software for our clients throughout the world.

Pitt has about 30,000 students and is recognized for its Swanson School of Engineering. A class in Product Realization is also being taught to students to help them develop skills in the conception, design, and realization of security-related hardware and software. Students will be able to utilize lab facilities to work on locks, safes, alarm systems, and specialized tools and systems to understand their design, operation, flaws, and methods of defeat. They will be able to work with lock manufacturers to improve upon the security of current and future products.

The lab will also be collaborating with a digital security lab in Paris, France to analyze IoT devices for security vulnerabilities which could lead to serious breaches, as well as significant legal liability for manufacturers. Any suggestion for research projects involving locks, safes, alarm systems, and covert entry tools would be welcome. The Lab can be contacted at, or at 1.605.334.1155. Feedback is welcome.
Posted 7 February 2018

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