Perfect Privacy vs. NordVPN

Aliza Vigderman
Gabe TurnerChief Editor
Last Updated on Sep 8, 2021
By Aliza Vigderman & Gabe Turner on Sep 8, 2021
NordVPN vs. Perfect Privacy


  • Subscription plans start at $99 for a two-year commitment.
  • Each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Students can receive a 15-percent discount for a two-year plan.
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Perfect Privacy VPN

  • Based in Switzerland outside of international surveillance alliances
  • Strict no data logging policy
  • Split tunneling through up to four different servers
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Perfect Privacy vs. NordVPN is a true David vs. Goliath matchup. NordVPN is consistently rated among the top VPNs we review, while Perfect Privacy didn’t even land in our top ten this year. Although this seems like a no-brainer, there are a few key differences between the two VPNs that made this comparison quite challenging. If you find yourself trying to decide between one of the biggest names in the VPN space and a small brand that is meticulous about privacy, this is the comparison for you.

Perfect Privacy VPN
Perfect Privacy VPN

Quick Overview

What unites NordVPN and Perfect Privacy are both companies’ commitments to customer security, and throughout all of our reviews, these two VPNs consistently scored highly on their commitment to keeping customer’s data locked down. Selecting the perfect VPN is about finding a service that both fits our needs and is highly trustworthy. In case you’re in a rush, we took the time to compile a quick overview of Perfect Privacy and NordVPN’s top features.

NordVPN Mac App Screenshot
NordVPN Mac App Screenshot
Feature Perfect Privacy NordVPN
Kill Switch Yes Yes
Log Data Yes* Logs name, username, and email address but not web traffic or IP addresses Yes* Logs name, username, email address, payment information, and timestamps, but not IP addresses or web traffic
Split Tunneling Yes No
Netflix Yes Yes
Multi-hop Yes Yes
Five Eyes, Nine Eyes and 14 Eyes Member No No

FYI: The easiest way to find out what VPN is right for your use is to try them! Most VPNs offer money-back guarantees, so if you’re not sure which service would be perfect for you, give a few a try. Typically, you’d have between seven to 30 days to demo and cancel so set a reminder on your phone and go for it!


After testing dozens of VPNs, we’ve come to learn that VPNs who didn’t lock down our information typically didn’t score highly elsewhere.

  • Privacy Jurisdiction: One of the first elements we look for in a VPN is the country of origin. With all of the ways that our information could be exposed through international surveillance alliances like Five Eyes, Nine Eyes and 14 Eyes, we’re happy to see neither of these VPNs is subject to their rules. Both Perfect Privacy and NordVPN fall out of the jurisdiction of these international groups; Perfect Privacy is headquartered in Switzerland (although their tech is based out of Panama) and NordVPN is based in Panama, both non-member countries. Another VPN that’s based in a non-member country is ExpressVPN, based in the British Virgin Islands. Compare NordVPN vs. ExpressVPN.
NordVPN CyberSec
NordVPN CyberSec
  • Encryption: Each of the VPNs encrypted our web traffic and surfing habits using AES-256 bit encryption. Not only is this the industry standard for VPNs, but it’s also the strongest and most robust encryption standard that is commercially available today.1
NordVPN No log policy
NordVPN No log policy
  • Logging: Sure, there are plenty of VPNs that can protect you from outside forces trying to discover your web traffic, but even though some claim to have a zero-logging policy, they still record things like your email, device model, and payment information. We ran through both Perfect Privacy and NordVPN’s privacy policies and compiled this handy list:
Data They Log Perfect Privacy NordVPN
Name Yes Yes
Username Yes Yes
Email address Yes Yes
Payment information No Yes
Web traffic No No
IP addresses No No
Bandwidth No No
Access times/Timestamps No Yes* deleted after 15 minutes of the session ending
    On Perfect Privacy’s website, they claim that the protection of their client’s privacy is their primary concern, and after diving into our research, we are confident in their assertion. In terms of logging-based security, Perfect Privacy beats out NordVPN, but how does NordVPN do on the rest of the security head to head? Let’s find out.

  • IP Addresses: Although we like to advocate for VPNs with dynamic IPs, the difference between a static and dynamic IP address is often a matter of personal preference. It is important to note that a dynamic IP makes it much harder to track a user online. NordVPN uses static IPs, however, they are shared with other NordVPN users, making any individual’s history difficult to track. On the other hand, Perfect Privacy uses dynamic IPs shared between users with occasional repetition when we would reconnect. Although, if we were willing to fork over $70, we could get our own dedicated IP address.
  • Kill Switch: Both VPN services had kill switches, meaning even if the VPN failed for any reason we would automatically disconnect from the Internet, keeping our private information safe on public (and private!) networks.
  • Multi-hop: While NordVPN boasts a double VPN to secure our connection, we were able to take advantage of a quadruple VPN to route our Internet destinations. Although we found that more severs equals a slower connection, it upped our privacy and protection dramatically.
  • WebRTC Leaks and DNS Leaks: Both VPNs show zero signs of WebRTC or DNS leaks. We love to hop on the public WiFi at the coffee shop under our building when the office feels a little too stuffy, so having two options with no potential for leaks is ideal!

Essential Features

Occasionally, VPNs will have far too many bells and whistles, leaving the security lacking, but the best VPNs have a healthy combination of both. Let’s see how NordVPN and Perfect Privacy faired.

  • Number of Servers: NordVPN is one of the largest VPN services in the world, so it makes a lot of sense that they have an absolutely massive index of servers at users’ disposal. We found that NordVPN had 5,246 servers over 62 countries, so if you ever felt the desire to stream Netflix from the perspective of someone in Croatia, NordVPN might be perfect for you! As a smaller company, Perfect Privacy’s server list pales in comparison to NordVPN. However, from Luxembourg to Latvia, Perfect Privacy has plenty of servers for an everyday VPN user.
  • Customer Support: Although both VPNs offered customer support, NordVPN’s live chat puts it way ahead of Perfect Privacy. Both VPNs have online support in the form of FAQs; however, NordVPN was committed to getting us answers fast. We messaged both NordVPN and Perfect Privacy’s customer support claiming our kill switch wasn’t working, and NordVPN won that race by a longshot.
Perfect Privacy App
Perfect Privacy App
  • App: Perfect Privacy and NordVPN both support apps for iOS and Android and while NordVPN is rated higher than Perfect Privacy on the Apple App Store, Perfect Privacy is rated higher on the Google Play store. Notably, NordVPN has an app for Android TV, which allowed us to stream anonymously from a smart TV. Although we preferred the NordVPN app overall, both are good enough to protect you on the go.
  • Netflix: One of the biggest questions we get is around the best VPNs for Netflix and streaming. For this section, there’s a clear winner. NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for streaming on the market while Perfect Privacy is hit or miss. Netflix is constantly changing and banning ranges of IP providers, and often Perfect Privacy’s IPs are in that range. It’s more than likely that you won’t be able to stream Netflix while using Perfect Privacy. Considering that entertainment is the main motivator of VPN use,2 this is super important! In fact, NordVPN ranked second on our best VPNs for Netflix list.
  • Torrenting: Perfect Privacy isn’t just perfect for privacy; it’s also perfect for torrenting. On most of their servers (except for the U.S and France), torrenting is easy and unrestricted on Perfect Privacy. NordVPN, on the other hand, has a restriction that only allows torrenting through their torrenting partner, uTorrent.
  • Split tunneling: Split-tunneling is key if you need to search both publicly and on a VPN at the same time. NordVPN does not support split tunneling, but Perfect Privacy certainly does!


A VPN can be as secure as Ft. Knox, but if it takes five minutes to load an email or Twitter, it simply isn’t for us! We run rigorous tests for each VPN we review out of our office in Brooklyn using both Mac and Windows to be 100 percent sure we’re getting the most accurate speeds. Surprisingly, Perfect Privacy’s download speed with the VPN actually increased! We rarely see this with a VPN, but faster speeds are always welcome. Although Perfect Privacy had that one instance of improving download speeds on our Macbook, NordVPN was much more consistently fast across different devices.

NordVPN Speed Test Brussles
NordVPN Speed Test Brussles
Tests Perfect Privacy NordVPN
Macbook Air- High Sierra Version 10.13.6
Ping without VPN (in ms) 40 42
Ping with VPN (in ms) 33 46
Ping Difference (avg-32%) -17.50% 10%
Download Speed without VPN (in Mbps) 7.18 54.86
Download Speed with VPN (in Mbps) 9.07 41.37
Download difference avg- -25.44% 26.30% -24%
Upload Speed without VPN (in Mbps) 4.26 33.86
Upload Speed with VPN (in Mbps) 2.08 27.21
Upload difference -51.17% -20%
VivoBook (Windows)
Ping without VPN (in ms) 13 5
Ping with VPN (in ms) 34 160
Ping Difference 161.54% 3100%
Download Speed without VPN (in Mbps) 70.13 23.49
Download Speed with VPN (in Mbps) 28.85 21.7
Download difference -58.90% -8.00%
Upload Speed without VPN (in Mbps) 42.03 24
Upload Speed with VPN (in Mbps) 31.56 7.91
Upload difference -24.91% -67.00%

Did You Know: VPNs and the general speed of a computer depend on both your hardware and software. The only way to figure out which VPN is fastest on your computer is to test it yourself. Most speed tests are just a Google search away!


Simply put, NordVPN is the least expensive option of the two and has more flexibility in terms of cancelation. Although Perfect Privacy’s seven-day money-back guarantee should be plenty of time to check out their VPN, having 30 days is even better. For the value of what you get from NordVPN, it’s almost impossible to go with anything else.

Perfect Privacy Kill Switch
Perfect Privacy Kill Switch
Contract Length NordVPN Monthly Price Perfect Privacy Monthly Price
One Month $11.95 $12.99
One Year $6.99 $9.99
Two Years $3.99 $8.95
Three Years $2.99 n/a
Return Policy 30 days 7 days

Which One Is Best For Me?

Our research determined that this time David didn’t quite slay Goliath. Between the speed tests, and the ability to access Netflix, NordVPN seems like the best pick for both casual and advanced VPN users. It’s important to mention that Perfect Privacy won on their user protections with their top tier logging policy and split tunneling. In case your mind isn’t made up yet, we broke it down for you:

Perfect Privacy is for folks who want…
  • Security first: Perfect Privacy’s anti-logging policy was stronger than NordVPN’s. While NordVPN records things like payment information and duration of the connection, Perfect Privacy barely records anything.
  • Split tunneling: Perfect Privacy is the only VPN of the two that allows split tunneling, a very useful feature that helps improve speed.
  • Multi-hop (times four): If you’re looking for a VPN that can hop your connection through more than two servers, Perfect Privacy is for you. They’re able to send each bit of data through not two, but four servers.
While NordVPN is ideal for VPN users who want…
  • More servers: NordVPN clearly has most servers of this matchup with 5,246 servers over 62 countries, while Perfect Privacy only has 55 servers over 23 countries.
  • Lower prices: If we went with a three-year subscription, NordVPN would’ve only cost us $2.99 a month; that’s almost seven dollars less than Perfect Privacy.
  • Netflix access: For streaming, there was only one VPN we could go with, NordVPN. Their access to Netflix is nearly unmatched in the VPN space.

To dive deeper on either of these VPNs take a look at our NordVPN review and our Perfect Privacy review. If neither of these VPNs sounds perfect, we have a full rundown of the best VPNs, as well as our best VPN for Mac and our best VPNs for Windows. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re not done just yet! You asked a ton of questions about NordVPN, Perfect Privacy and other VPNs. Well, ask and you shall receive.

  • Is the Perfect Privacy VPN any good?

    The Perfect Privacy VPN is pretty good due to its:

    • Headquarters in Switzerland, a non-member of Five Eyes
    • No logging of IP address/ web activity
    • Kill switch
    • Split tunneling
    • AES-256 encryption
    • Multi-hop
    • Fast speeds
    • Unlimited simultaneous connections per subscription
    • Reasonable prices
    • Week-long money-back guarantee

    However, if you want to torrent in the U.S. and/or France, Perfect Privacy is not a good option. It also may not work for Netflix, a drawback for those who want to stream in other countries’ libraries.

  • Is NordVPN good for privacy?

    NordVPN is extremely good for privacy because of its:

    • Headquarters in Panama: Since Panama isn’t a member of any international surveillance alliances, NordVPN can’t be forced to give governments any customer data, legally.
    • Strict logging policy: NordVPN only kept the information necessary to uphold our account and did not log any of our IP addresses, websites visited, servers used, etc.
    • Encryption: Our web activity and device IP addresses were encrypted with the current industry standard, 256-bit AES.
    • Multi-hop: Adding on more privacy, NordVPN encrypted this data multiple times through multiple servers, making us even harder to track.
    • Shared IP addresses: Since we shared our new IP addresses with other NordVPN users, tracking us via our IP addresses would have been difficult if not impossible.
  • What’s better, NordVPN or Private Internet Access?

    NordVPN is better than Private Internet Access (PIA). PIA is based in the U.S., which means that it could be forced to give the government customer information, unlike NordVPN. NordVPN also has about 2,000 more servers in twice as many countries, with split tunneling, Netflix access, multi-hop and six simultaneous connections as opposed to five. Prices are similar ranging from about $2 to $12 a month, so overall, NordVPN is a better option both for traveling, streaming and privacy.

  • Does NordVPN have split tunneling?

    Yes, NordVPN has split tunneling. That means that we could connect some web pages directly to the internet and some through NordVPN’s encrypted tunnel to save on bandwidth, increasing browsing speeds.

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  2. Statista. (2018). Entertainment Is the Main Motivator for VPN Use.