Windscribe Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

  • Netflix access in U.S and U.K
  • Double-hop encryption
  • Static, shared IP addresses
Windscribe VPN
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The Internet is an intimate place where we put our hopes (“new car”), our fears, (“NYC rats”) and our dreams (“apartment with washer/dryer in-unit”). With so much personal information, it’s important to use a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, to encrypt our activity and IP address while online. Windscribe is one of those services, but how much does it cost with Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts? That’s what we’re here for. Strap in!

Windscribe Data Logging Policy
Windscribe Data Logging Policy

Windscribe’s Pricing

Even under normal circumstances, Windscribe is one of the more affordable VPNs around; they even have a free option, although the data use and servers accessed are both limited to 10 GB and 10 servers, respectively. But for their paid options, you can choose between going month-to-month or saving money with an annual plan; we opted for monthly, but the annual plan has better value.

Length of Contract Cost Per Month Total Amount Billed Savings Maximum Daily Data Used in GB Maximum Number of Servers Accessed Maximum Number of Connections
1 Month $0 $0 $0 10 10 (U.S, Canada, U.K, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Romania) Unlimited
1 Month $9 $9 $0 Unlimited 62 Unlimited
1 Year $4.08 $49 $59 Unlimited 62 Unlimited

Aside from their basic subscriptions, Windscribe also offers static IP addresses as well as accounts for teams. Static IP addresses cost between $2 or $8 a month, billed annually, while team accounts cost $3 per user per month, billed monthly. Learn more about Windscribe’s pricing.

Windscribe Customer Support
Windscribe Customer Support

Our Predictions

Much to our dismay, Windscribe is still keeping their Black Friday and Cyber Mondays under wraps for 2020; we expect the discounts to be announced a few days before, around November 24th. However, last year on Black Friday, they offered an annual subscription for only $29,1 which amounted to only $2.42 a month. That’s savings of about 40 percent over this year’s regular annual pricing, which is $49 or $4.08 a month. The same year, Windscribe also gave us three years for $36, or $12 a year.2 If math isn’t your thing, that means that we would’ve paid only a dollar per month for three years of Windscribe, an amazing deal indeed.

Windscribe App
Windscribe App

Windscribe also had deals last Cyber Monday, including a three-year subscription for $59.99,3 which equals about $20 a year or $1.67 a month. And two years prior, they offered a lifetime subscription for $30, the best deal yet. It’s no exaggeration to say that Windscribe has some of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals around, so this year, we predict similar savings.

Windscribe Pros and Cons

If you’ve read our Windscribe review, you may already be familiar with the VPN’s basic pros and cons, but if you’re short on time, we’ve got you covered here.

Here’s what we liked the most about the Windscribe VPN.

  • Over 500 servers: Located in 60 countries worldwide, Windscribe has a large network of servers, which matters if you want fast speeds.
  • Won’t store web traffic or IP address: Windscribe fills the basic need of not logging what we do online or our devices’ private IP addresses, making us essentially invisible while we’re surfing the web.

Tip: Always read a VPN’s privacy policy to see which customer data they log and don’t log, along with their third-party sharing policies.

  • Kill switch: If Windscribe got disconnected, so would our browsers, protecting our web traffic from the prying eyes of our Internet Service Provider, or ISP.
  • Torrenting: While we usually prefer streaming to torrenting, it did come in handy when we wanted to watch an old black and white movie with Windscribe connected.
  • Split tunneling: To lower our bandwidth and up our speeds, we kept some of our traffic on the public network, the stuff we didn’t care about our ISP seeing like browsing the Kindle store for some new reads.
  • Netflix access in U.S and U.K: We’re based in Brooklyn, New York, so we had no issue watching TV on Netflix with Windscribe, although it won’t work for everyone (but we’ll get to that later).
  • Double-hop: Our data was encrypted not once but twice, making us twice as harder to trace online.
  • AES 256: Plus, Windscribe used the highest encryption standard there is, used by the U.S military and government alike, so you know it’s legit.
  • Unlimited connections at once: Unlike some other VPNs we won’t mention, Windscribe didn’t put a limit on how many devices we could connect to their VPN simultaneously.
  • Free version: Windscribe does have a free subscription available, although it’s only available on 10 servers with a daily data limit of 10 GB.

FYI: With any paid subscription, you have three days from your purchase date to cancel your service and receive a full refund. Beyond that period, you’ll be locked into the term length you signed up for.

  • Five Eyes member: Since Windscribe is based in Ontario, Canada, the company could be forced to give customer data to the Canadian government.
  • Stores timestamps and amount of data used: Also related to privacy, Windscribe kept a bit more of our data than necessary, which may not please everyone who wants to stay as invisible as possible online.
  • No Netflix outside of U.S and U.K servers: Netflix has blocked Windscribe’s IP addresses outside of the U.S and U.K, so no Netflix and Chill for you. Boo!

Although Windscribe is a great VPN in general, it does have some disadvantages which could be a turn-off to some people.

Need Netflix?: If lack of Netflix access is a dealbreaker for you, check out the best VPNs for Netflix, which includes ExpressVPN, NordVPN and FastestVPN.


If you’ve read over all of the pros and cons and Windscribe still appeals to you, then you might as well wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to pull the trigger. Until that point, maybe try out their free option to see how you like it on a smaller scale! We never turn down a free VPN; never!

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