FALLE SAFE SECURITIES provides sophisticated bypass tools for many high security locks. John Falle produces custom tools and techniques to enable bypass of pin tumbler, axial, dimple, lever, sidebar, wafer, and hybrid locking systems. He has lectured extensively throughout the world to many law enforcement and government agencies. A complete listing of products is contained within our Infobase. In addition, detailed video demonstrations of his tools and techniques may be found on LSS+/X CD/ROM, and on this site. Many of these titles require a Level III clearance, and are only available to government intelligence agencies. John Falle products may be ordered through MBA USA.

FALLE-SAFE SECURITIES is owned and managed by Mr John W Falle. It is run from inconspicuous premises on the Island of Jersey in the English Channel and has been in existence since 1987. Mr Falle has been designing decoder systems for over 18 years and is responsible for the design of many systems that are not available from any other company. As an Ex Royal Marines Commando Mr Falle has been able to cultivate good contacts with various agencies involved in N.D.E. operations and these organizations form the basis of the companies work.

Although primarily concerned with the design and development of specialized decoders for High Security Locks, the company also provides N.D.E. training at all levels from  the most basic to the most advanced. These courses (only available to Government, Military and Police agencies) cover all subjects related to the opening of locks in special conditions. Additional training in related subjects such as Tactics and Planning  can also be provided but this training is not supplied by Falle-Safe.

The aim of the business is to provide the client with solutions to specific N.D.E. problems and in this area the company is an accepted world leader. The courses which Falle-Safe provide are custom made to suit the requirements of the client organization. All courses are directed towards the specific locks which are prevalent in that customers’ operational area and no time is wasted teaching subjects which are not applicable. Falle-Safe Securities also runs training courses for students who are already qualified Entry Technicians. These courses are directed towards individual locks that the student is unable to defeat with his present skills. The specialized decoders which Falle-Safe manufacture are available on completion of these courses.

Whether you are a dedicated Entry Technician or an official from an agency who wishes to obtain these skills. Falle-Safe Securities constitutes a one-stop organization specifically established to provide you with a solution to your problem.

The main function of this company is the design development and manufacture of NON DESTRUCTIVE ENTRY TOOLS and the training of students in all aspects of  N.D.E. work. The distributors who supply our commercial products have NEVER seen the full contents of our brochure, listing products that are contained within this Infobase, and supplied by Falle Safe Securities. Depending upon your security clearance on this site, you may view only the commercial portion of this material, or may peruse all tools and systems produced by Falle.  Many of the tools and systems  work on principles that are highly restricted and known to only a few agencies directly involved in these kinds of operations.

You must have a Level 3 security clearance on this site to view all materials contained within the Infobase. If you are a commercial locksmith or government agent not involved in N.D.E., then you will only be allowed to view the commercial products offered by John Falle.

Commercial products produced by John Falle include pick sets and a wide range of decoders.

Release of information regarding Falle products

Many agencies have cultivated good contacts within the locksmith industry. These contacts are frequently used in order to obtain key blanks and various technical information that can assist them in their work. While Falle-Safe accepts that such contacts are useful, you may not provide access to civilian contacts to view restricted data on this Infobase. If you have a commercial product and wish to demonstrate it to a contact, by all means feel free to do so but please do not disclose printed material, or allow access to this site. Commercial products are only available through licensed distributors.

Another matter of concern to Falle-Safe is directed to those agencies who have within their structure a separate department involved in Defensive Security or Crime Prevention. These departments tend to have frequent contacts with lock manufacturers and are often very interested in the work of their N.D.E. counterparts. If such a department exists within your organization, you are not authorized to provide access to this Infobase to civilians. On previous occasions,  restricted products have been shown to the lock manufacturers and this has compromised security operations of certain government agencies.

All of the equipment featured in the Falle catalog and in this Infobase falls into one of two distinct categories.

1)       COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT. These systems are available to civilian locksmiths and can be purchased through various locksmith tool distributors.

2)      RESTRICTED EQUIPMENT. These items are only available to departments of GOVERNMENT, MILITARY, POLICE  & INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES who are involved specifically with   NON-DESTRUCTIVE ENTRY ( N.D.E.)

3)       The decision as to which category a particular system will be placed is made by Falle-Safe on the basis of certain specific criteria.

A) Is the system unique or just an improved version of a method that is already known to locksmiths.
B) Is the lock which the system opens sufficiently common for the device to be of interest to locksmiths and can it be produced at a cost which is affordable to them.
C) If the system were to become commercial, would the lock manufacturers be able to easily modify their locks in order to protect them from the method.
D) If the answer to the above question is YES, would the likely modifications also defend the lock from other more secret systems which are not commercially available.
E) Is the system commercially viable or is it so difficult to use that any locksmith would prefer to drill the lock rather than decode it with the system.
F) Is the system so N.D.E. friendly in its nature that it should only be made known to those agencies involved in such work.
G) Was the system designed as a result of a request from an agency that has specifically asked for the system to be kept secret

The final decision, based on the above criteria, is a decision that lies solely with Falle-Safe Securities and only the most basic and simple systems will eventually end up as commercial products.