Welcome to the on-line tour of the LSS+ Electronic Infobase edition of LOCKS, SAFES, AND SECURITY (Second Edition). The hardbound treatise is available from Charles C. Thomas Publishers, Springfield, Illinois. It may be ordered at or from See a description of this 1400 page treatise and review from the National Locksmith Magazine.

This tour will provide you with comprehensive information regarding the LSS+ CD ROM series. The Electronic multimedia supplement to the book provides enhanced graphics, many new and updated sections, and almost forty hours of audio and video that is integrated into the text. The tour has been organized by topical outline appearing below. There are also extensive help files within LSS+ that may be accessed by entering [F1] from within the Infobase. This will provide a Query dialog box for you to enter search terms.

LSS+ is an extremely sophisticated but easy to use search engine that allows you to find information on any topic instantly. The tutorial will explain the many different screens and components within the Infobase, what they mean, and how to use them. Many readers are not experienced computer users. LSS+ will be easy for you to use, and does not require any extensive knowledge. If you have and suggestions for additional help topics to make your use of LSS+ easier, please send them to


If you are a locksmith who is interested in obtaining detailed information on the very complex and diverse components of the profession, then you will find LSS+ an interesting and valuable reference. This is especially true if you are pursuing a career  in forensic locksmithing. Some of the best experts in the world provide detailed audio and video information within LSS+. There are extensive graphics regarding the analysis of locks and safes for evidence of both covert and forced entry, as well as discussions relating to insurance fraud.

If you are interested in the history of locks and safes since their initial development, then you will find equally interesting the edited versions of two of the world's most comprehensive works on the subject. These were written by George Price and Alfred C. Hobbs more than one hundred and fifty years ago. They have been rewritten and edited by the author.

Also rewritten is the small handbook entitled The Art of Manipulation. This classic manual was perhaps the first to describe the method of opening a combination lock by manipulation, and was written in 1955.

If you work for a government agency, are an investigator, or criminalist, you will find LSS+ to be a rich source of information regarding locks and safes, and their bypass. Detailed information, complemented by extensive audio and video, detail many of the tools that are available for covertly bypassing high security locking mechanisms. Equally comprehensive information is provided regarding the tools and techniques of forced entry. The government version of LSS+ will only be sold to government agencies. A network license may be obtained from the author.


LSS+ Version 4.05 (2002 release)

LSS+ Version 5.0 (2004 release)

LSS+2008 Updates (July 15, 2008)


Sale of LSS+


Welcome to LSS+ by the author

Overview of the LSS+ series and availability

LSS+ Discs: A description of each security level

How and where to order LSS+

Cost of LSS+

If you have received a Preview Copy of LSS+

How to register your copy of LSS+ and obtain an UNLOCK CODE

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Three versions of LSS+ have been issued since 2002: 4.05, 5.0, 5.1. A 2010 version will be released in 2010 as well. Beginning in 2008 (Version 5.1) two different unlock codes were required to open the software. You must generate a challenge key for BOTH the 2006 and 2008 licenses for Locksmith, Government, or Dame, and High Security Supplement. This is due to increase security requirements and updates in 2008. Please see the detailed tutorial for instructions on how to generate the license keys and receive an unlock code.


LSS+ 2008 INSTALLATION, which includes information for LSS2008, DAME, and the HIGH SECURITY SUPPLEMENT


LSS 2007 DVD UPDATE NOTES: For DAME and LSS+ installations from DVD issued 9/15/2007


LSS+ Version 5.0 Installing the software (2004 Version only)





There have been four versions of DAME issued since 2004. The first two versions were contained on two CDs, identified as LSS501 and LSS502. In 2007, the files were issued on one DVD, but the file structure was retained. In the 2010 edition, both LSS501 and LSS502 are present, as well. The installation files have changed to accommodate Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. The 2010 edition contains 79 video files. It was issued on July 10, 2010.


NOTE: THE DAME 2010 EDITION IS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MICROSOFT OPERATING SYSTEMS. There is a table of contents pdf included with the disk, and on-line. 




LSS+ DAME 2007 Tutorial for Installation 


LSS DAME 5.0 (2-disk CD version): Install software and obtain and unlock code


LSS+2008 Master List of Video Files



Master exhibit listing

Master listing of video files



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