Best Home Security Systems of 2020

There are a lot of home security systems on the market and choosing the best security system for your home and family could seem daunting. Ready for some great news? We've done all of the leg work for you. Take a look at our list of the best home security systems in 2020.

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Last Updated on Jun 22, 2020

Figuring out which home security system is right for you doesn’t have to be stressful. At, we’ve tested out all the top options with a wide variety of features: DIY home security, professionally installed home security, home security systems that work with Alexa and Google Assistant, and plain old local alarms for the more tech-averse people in our lives. No matter the size of your house, apartment, or business, there’s a ton of scalable options to choose from, and we’ve tested out all our security systems personally to make sure they’re reliable. From options with no monthly fees whatsoever to options with 24/7, live professional monitoring, home security can look many different ways in 2020, and we’ve tried out everything, so you don’t have to.

Our Top Picks

Best Home Security Overall


Editor's Rating
SimpliSafe has earned this spot with easy DIY setup, fast response times, and an impressive lineup of home automation features. Get safe, smart, and simple with SimpliSafe — a trusted leader in home security.

Best Home Automation Security


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Nobody does home automation quite like Vivint. These wireless security systems safeguard your home and put loads of smart controls at your fingertips. If streamlined home automation is your thing, Vivint delivers the goods.

After years of testing, we’ve selected the home security systems we prefer based on reliability, flexibility, smart home integrations, and of course, affordability. Our top picks include newer companies like SimpliSafe, abode and Nest Secure, Google Nest’s take on home security, as well as more traditional options like ADT, Protect America and Frontpoint. There are options for both homeowners and renters, as well as those in the Amazon or Google smart home ecosystems. With our expertise, finding a security system that’s right for you should be a piece of cake.

The Best Home Security Systems of 2020

Brinks Home Security
Protect America
Nest Secure
Ring Alarm
Ratings 9.4/10
Best Home Automation
Best Pro Install
Best No Contract
Best for Renters
Best No Monthly Fee
Best Landline Security
Best for Google Home
Best for Alexa
Best Cameras
Base Cost$599 and Up$99 and Up$130 and Up$399 and Up$179 and UpNone$299 and Up$199 and Up$179 and Up
Installation OptionsProfessionalDIY/ProfessionalDIYDIYDIYDIYDIYDIYDIY
Monthly Plan$29.99 and Up$28.95 and Up$34.99 and Up$29.00 and Up$8.00 and Up$19.99 and Up$24.99 and Up$3.00 and Up$2.99 and Up
Contract Length42-Months36-MonthsNone36-MonthsNone36-Months36-MonthsNoneNone
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A Detailed List of the Best Home Alarm Systems

  • 1. SimpliSafe - Best Home Security System Overall

    A popular choice for no-contract, easy DIY setup, and refreshingly affordable home security.

    Editor's Rating

    Why SimpliSafe Is Best for No-Contract Home Security

    SimpliSafe makes it easy and affordable to install a home alarm system yourself. You can set up security and environmental protection in an hour or less.

    Full price for the cheapest SimpliSafe system is $244. Professional monitoring is optional and starts at $14.99 per month. DIY monitoring is always available with the free SimpliSafe mobile app.

    Read on for reasons SimpliSafe is best for no-contract home security.

    What We Like
    • No long-term contracts to sign
    • Easiest installation of any system
    • Incredibly affordable monitoring plans
    • Award-winning professional monitoring
    What We Dont Like
    • Pricey up-front equipment costs
    • Limited home automation capabilities
    • No outdoor security camera options
    • May be too simple for some homes

    Low Prices for Equipment & Monitoring

    SimpliSafe is a favorite lower-budget home security solution. You pay for a system upfront but the expense is relatively low. A starter set costs $244 before discounts. This security company has frequent specials, plus they sell refurbished security equipment for less.

    Along with yard signs and stickers, a SimpliSafe starter set includes:

    • A base station
    • A wireless keypad
    • A keyring remote
    • One motion sensor
    • Two entry sensors

    The deal may also include a SimpliCam. This high-definition video security camera has a motion sensor and can send alerts.

    A free SimpliSafe mobile app can help you monitor the system. Professional monitoring costs $14.99 or $24.99 month-to-month. The $24.99 plan gives you mobile control of the system in addition to text alerts.

    Quality Equipment

    Although SimpliSafe security systems are inexpensive, they aren’t shoddy. The equipment is low-priced mainly because SimpliSafe manufactures it themselves. Meanwhile their competitors include middlemen who pass along big markups.

    One example of SimpliSafe’s high quality is their SmashSafe backup against tampering: If someone tries to disable your system, the monitoring service will alert police. Another example is the Heartbeat feature, which continuously checks that the security system is working as intended.

    A possible downside of SimpliSafe is the simplicity of its video cameras. They aren’t weatherproof, and you might want indoor or outdoor cameras with more advanced functions. You can learn more with our full SimpliSafe review.

    Simple to Install and Move

    Setting up SimpliSafe is easy. Most customers set up the equipment on their own, and about three percent order help. Generally you can install a system in about 30 minutes. All equipment is freestanding or can be attached to surfaces with removable adhesive.

    A SimpliSafe security system can easily be moved to a different home. The portability combined with no contracts helps make SimpliSafe a favorite for renters as well as homeowners.

  • 2. Vivint - Best Home Security and Automation

    An intelligent approach to home security with an impressive lineup of home automation features.

    Editor's Rating

    How Vivint is Best for Home Security with Automation

    Vivint installs and monitors wire-free home security systems. You can choose Vivint for basic security and environmental protection, but home automation with voice commands makes this company stand out.

    Vivint works with some of the major smart home assistants such as Google Home and Alexa to give you a fully autonomous home. Create simple or complex tasks to ensure complete safety of your loved ones. Most Vivint customers are homeowners with long-term security contracts, and they tend to give Vivint excellent reviews. Read on for three reasons Vivint is a favorite.

    What We Like
    • Best smart home automation features available
    • Well-designed, modern equipment
    • Lifetime warranty on equipment/devices
    • Same-day professional installation
    What We Dont Like
    • Long-term contract is required
    • Equipment and service is more expensive than most
    • Costly to move equipment to a different home
    • Equipment pricing can be confusing

    Voice Commands

    Vivint partners with Amazon Echo to offer voice control of home systems. Some of the possible commands are:

    • Arm my security system “away”
    • Close my garage door
    • Dim my lights
    • Turn on my lights
    • Turn the heat up three degrees

    When you’re feeling old-fashioned, you can control Vivint security with a keychain remote, a mobile app or the main control panel.

    Home Security with AI

    The Vivint security control panel, Vivint Sky, has artificial intelligence. With your permission it can adapt automatically to your routine.

    Benefits of AI are cost savings and convenience. One example is smart energy management:

    • If your security system detects that nobody is home, it can set your thermostat to conserve energy.
    • If it learns that you tend to return home at a certain time, it can reset the temperature in time for your arrival.

    Vivint reports that intelligent energy management saves customers about 10 to 15 percent on home heating and cooling.

    You can control Vivint Sky’s adaptation. Under your direction, your security system can gradually transition along a three-point continuum:

    1. Only taking orders
    2. Making suggestions based on your previous interactions
    3. Taking actions on its own

    High-Quality Cameras

    Vivint makes cutting-edge security cameras for indoor and outdoor use. You can access video anytime with cloud storage, and you can remotely adjust each camera’s settings.

    We’re most impressed by the newest Vivint security camera, the Outdoor Camera Pro with night vision. It provides 24/7 “lurker detection” thanks to artificial technology.

    A doorbell camera, the Vivint Pan-and-Tilt camera, and an indoor ping camera are also in the Vivint home security lineup.

    Is Vivint the best home security company for you? Learn more with our in-depth Vivint review.

  • 3. ADT - Best Home Security System with Pro Installation

    The biggest name in home security known for professional installation and monitoring you can trust.

    Editor's Rating

    How ADT is Best for Pro-Installed Home Security

    ADT is a solid company dating back to the days of telegraphed security alerts. Today they guard more than six million homes and businesses with hardwired and wire-free alarm systems, all professionally installed.

    Their home automation platform is called ADT Pulse. ADT Pulse enabled security systems let you use voice commands with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

    ADT uses high end control panels that can be managed from the ADT Pulse app . Systems can guard against burglaries, give environmental alerts and automate your home. Additionally, ADT can monitor medical alert devices. Read on for details about why ADT is popular.

    What We Like
    • 145+ years of security innovation
    • Professional installation
    • High-quality equipment
    • Reliable monitoring with multiple centers
    What We Dont Like
    • Professional monitoring is more expensive than others
    • Customer service is hit-or-miss
    • Requires long-term contracts
    • Installation Technician must visit your home

    Professional Installation

    Many new security companies are designed for DIY installation only. ADT stays old-fashioned by setting up each security system themselves. One advantage of pro setup is getting peace of mind that all access points are guarded. Professional installation can also be especially helpful if your home is large, if you get stressed by DIY projects, and for countless other reasons.

    ADT or ADt Pulse installation may effectively be free. It costs from $99 to $199 depending on your home’s layout, and ADT gives you a $100 VISA Reward Card as a rebate.

    An installed system is valued at $850 or more retail, but customers don’t buy equipment upfront; charges come with monthly monitoring bills. Same-day ADT installation is often available when people order by early afternoon.

    Hardwired, Wireless & Hybrid Security

    Nowadays many of the best home security companies focus exclusively on wireless communication among components. ADT is an exception. For decades they’ve installed and monitored hardwired security systems, and these are still available. You can also have some or all components be wire-free.

    ADT is also among the minority of modern security companies that support landlines. This makes them a popular choice in remote regions that lack cellular coverage.

    Medical Alerts

    ADT can monitor medical alerts. They sell a variety of bracelets and neck pendants that can send emergency signals. Three plans are available:

    • $29.99/month – Medical alerts can be sent from the home premises
    • $34.99/month – Medical alerts can be sent from home, plus the devices detect falling
    • $39.99/month – Fall detection is included, plus the wearables have GPS tracking for emergency medical support at home or away

    Pricing for ADT medical alerts is clear. Overall with ADT home security though, prices vary from home to home. Read about pros and cons in our full ADT security review.

  • 4. Frontpoint - Best DIY Home Security System

    DIY home security systems offering cutting-edge technology, outstanding service, and total home automation.

    Editor's Rating

    Why Frontpoint is the Best DIY Security Company

    Frontpoint sells home security systems with do-it-yourself setup and professional monitoring. Each system can support burglary prevention, environmental protection and/or home automation.

    You can buy a system online or by phone, and Frontpoint sales agents are refreshingly low-pressure.

    The cheapest security system costs just $99. All equipment is wire-free and portable for renters’ convenience. Read on for three great reasons to choose Frontpoint.

    What We Like
    • Full home security and automation solution
    • Easy DIY installation takes only minutes
    • Impressive smart home features and capabilities
    • High-quality equipment
    What We Dont Like
    • Requires a long-contract
    • Can be prone to false alarms
    • Requires a credit check
    • Relatively new to security industry

    Rapid Response Emergency Monitoring

    If an alarm rings but nobody hears it, do you really have security? Frontpoint customers install equipment themselves, but they also enroll in pro monitoring plans.

    Frontpoint partners with Rapid Response Monitoring Service to dispatch emergency personnel. This is a top-notch service with robust backup plans in case of power blackouts and national crises. They’ve helped Frontpoint maintain a great reputation among customers and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    Frontpoint alarm monitoring plans are for one year or three years. The best prices ($34.99 and up) come with three-year contracts.

    Many Features Available

    Frontpoint sells basic and advanced systems, plus you can choose custom combinations of equipment.

    The cheapest bundle combines burglary protection with environmental protection. It includes:

    • A touchpad control panel
    • Remote control keyfob
    • Three entry sensors
    • A motion sensor
    • Detectors for fire, smoke, water leaks and carbon monoxide

    You can add features such as:

    • Glass break sensors
    • A doorbell camera
    • Wireless indoor cameras
    • Automated door locks
    • Remote-control thermostat

    The newest Frontpoint control panel has an easy-to-use color touchscreen. The unit has Crash & Smash protection, which means Frontpoint will notify police if someone tampers with the device. A built-in camera can snap a picture of intruders too.

  • 5. Brinks Home Security - Best Home Security System for Renters

    Renters love Brinks wireless security systems now with a range of home automation features.

    Editor's Rating

    How Brinks is Favorite Wireless Home Security for Renters

    Brinks security serves more than a million households in the US and Canada. They used to specialize in hardwired alarm systems but now focus on wire-free security. Brinks has been rated the #1 home security company for customer satisfaction by J.D. Powers.

    Wireless systems by Brinks are high quality. They’re compatible with Z-wave devices such as Nest thermostats, plus Brinks gives you the convenience of voice commands: Control home functions such as heating, cooling and lighting through Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa.

    You can set up a Brinks security system yourself or pay for installation. Read on for three ways Brinks security is great for renters and homeowners alike.

    What We Like
    • Well-established with 150+ years in business
    • Offers DIY setup or professional installation
    • Access to advanced home automation features
    • Wireless systems are easy to configure
    What We Dont Like
    • Long-term contract required
    • Professional installation is pricey
    • 2-year equipment warranty
    • Customer service could use improvement

    Wireless Security Systems

    Brinks wireless security systems can move with you. In contrast, hardwired systems essentially become a permanent part of the home.

    These systems are easy to set up, as all components are freestanding or installed with peel-and-stick adhesive strips. You can include entry sensors, a carbon monoxide detector, time-controlled outdoor lights, a voice-controlled thermostat and more. Unlike some of their competitors, Brinks does not charge an extra fee if you change residences. Activation just takes a phone call.

    Fastest Alarm Response

    In case of emergency, every second counts! With Brinks your home can have the fastest backup against intruders, fire and other threats. The Brinks Alarm Center has an average 30-second response time… and the industry average is about five minutes longer! Their technology was formerly known as ASAPer.

    If an alarm is triggered, your Brinks system can also send text notifications automatically. For example, you can have emergency texts sent to each occupant, your neighbor and a close friend.

    Competitive Pricing

    Brinks basic security systems cost just $199, and monitoring starts at $29/month. For $39/month you can include video monitoring with storage for up to 1000 files.

    Monitoring contracts are for 36 months after a free 30-day trial.

  • 6. Abode - Best No-Monthly-Fee Home Security System

    Get home security and smart home automation without all the contracts and monthly fees.

    Editor's Rating

    How Abode is Best for No-Monthly-Fee Home Security

    Abode is one of the best security companies that lets you monitor activity for free: All features of their mobile app are available without paid service. Long-term and very short-term contracts are available too. If you’ll be away for a long weekend, for example, you can order three days of pro monitoring.

    Equipment is sold online. You can build a high-quality Abode system for security alerts, environmental monitoring and home automation. You can also use voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Read on for details about why Abode security is a favorite.

    What We Like
    • No contracts, with flexible monitoring options
    • All-in-one CUE smart home automation platform
    • Compatible with both Zigbee and Z-Wave
    • Extensive equipment and device offerings
    What We Dont Like
    • Requires up-front equipment purchase
    • Add-ons and equipment upgrades get pricey
    • No outdoor security camera options
    • Limited support with base security plan

    DIY Monitoring and Control

    For DIY monitoring your Abode security system can connect to a mobile app. Without paid service you can arm your system, watch live video surveillance, adjust lighting and temperature, and use all other app features.

    The free Abode app stores system activity for three days. Longer storage is available with paid contracts.

    Short-Term Pro Monitoring

    Professional monitoring by Abode adds emergency dispatch service and keeps a 90-day log of system activity.

    You can easily switch from one monitoring plan to another within the billing section of their app. Short-term choices for pro monitoring are:

    • Three days, $8
    • One week, $15
    • One month, $20

    The best Abode monitoring deal comes with one year of prepaid service.

    Advanced Equipment

    Abode makes high-quality sensors to detect movement and environmental threats. For the ultimate in simplicity you can choose an all-in-one security tower with video camera. You can also build a set with components such as:

    • Motion sensors that take pictures
    • Glass vibration sensors
    • Acoustic glass break sensors
    • Wide-angle video cameras

    The Abode home security app can also integrate automation devices from third parties. Hue lights, Kwikset locks and Nest thermostats are some options.

    Voice control for Abode is available with Amazon and Google integrations. These let you get hands-free help around the home. Just talk to adjust your home’s lighting, blinds, temperature and more.

  • 7. Protect America - Most Affordable Home Security with Landline

    Protect America is a go-to choice for low-cost, DIY, landline-based home security.

    Editor's Rating

    How Protect America is Best for Landline Home Security

    Protect America provides basic security systems with pro monitoring at a low monthly price. If you spend more, they can also guard against environmental threats (smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and water leaks) and support home automation. Home automation equipment can be controlled with voice commands, the Protect America control panel or a mobile app.

    How it works: You can order online or by phone. Protect America will ship the equipment, and you can install a Protect America security system with about an hour of work. After that, Protect America will monitor the system for emergencies. You can personally check surveillance video and other system activity with a mobile app.

    The lowest price for pro monitoring by Protect America comes with landline service, and the agreement is for 36 months. Cellular and broadband monitoring cost about twice as much.

    In sum, this security company is best for people who don’t mind long-term contracts, and it’s most affordable for those with landlines. Read on for three reasons Protect America is the best home security choice for many shoppers.

    What We Like
    • No upfront equipment costs
    • Simple do-it-yourself installation
    • App-controlled home automation
    • Affordable monthly monitoring plans
    What We Dont Like
    • Long-term contract required
    • Strict cancellation terms
    • High pressure sales tactics
    • Customer service needs improvement

    Free Security Equipment

    If you choose Protect America’s simplest security system, you won’t be charged for equipment. The only charge will be monitoring at $19.99/month with landline signaling. Main components are:

    • A General Electric color touchscreen
    • Three entry sensors
    • A doorbell camera with two-way voice

    For a charge you can add additional security equipment and environmental monitors… and most exciting, you can add home automation with voice control. Protect America control panels are compatible with ZigBee and Z-Wave devices, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other home automation technologies.

    Low-Cost Landline Monitoring

    After a 14-day trial period, your Protect America security contract begins. The duration is 36 months, and the lowest price ($19.99 per month) is for landline monitoring. In other words, if a sensor is triggered, it alerts Protect America operators via phone cables.

    Protect America also monitors broadband and cellular emergency signals for $41.99/month. Cellular backup gives extra protection in case criminals or Mother Nature knock out a landline connection.

    Next-Day DIY Installation

    If you choose Protect America today, you can set up your system tomorrow! Call the company for next-day delivery service. Installation typically takes an hour or less, and no tools are needed.

  • 8. Nest Secure - Best Google Home Security System

    Google-owned, innovative to the core, and pairs perfectly with the Google Home ecosystem.

    Editor's Rating

    How Nest Secure is the Best Google Home Security System

    Nest got its start making smart home devices such as remote-controlled thermostats. Their new division, Nest Secure, makes it easy to combine smart home functions with home security. A favorite option is using Google Assistant voice commands to make life simpler while protecting your home. Examples are listed below.

    With Nest Secure you buy equipment upfront. It’s all wire-free for easy DIY installation, and Nest security runs on home wifi for no charge. This means that once you buy a system, no other expense is required unless you’d like professional monitoring.

    Pro monitoring by Nest Secure uses a cellular chip to send emergency signals, so you’re covered even if wifi is lost. Nest security partners with Brinks, an award-winning alarm service, to provide professional emergency monitoring. Read on for three reasons people choose Nest Secure as their Google-compatible home security solution.

    What We Like
    • Simple DIY installation takes only minutes
    • Optional 24/7 professional monitoring
    • Extensive Google Home automation capabilities
    • Owned by Google, a leader in tech innovation
    What We Dont Like
    • High up-front equipment cost
    • Product lineup makes it hard to choose
    • Nest Secure does not support IFTTT
    • Add-ons and upgrades get pricey

    Basic and Expanded Setups

    The basic Nest Secure system is called the Starter Pack. It includes:

    • The Guard hub
    • Two sensors
    • Two keyring fobs for remotely arming/disarming the home.

    You can also arm the home by voice with Google Assistant.

    Nest Secure sensors, called Detect, can detect motion in entryways or in a whole rooms, depending on placement. They can also illuminate at night and are pet-friendly for furry friends up to 40 pounds.

    You can expand a Nest Secure system with additional motion/entry sensors ($49 each), smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and smart home gadgets such as:

    • Automated door locks
    • Motorized blinds
    • Pet feeders with cameras
    • Smart lights
    • Smart thermostats
    • Sprinkler controllers

    Nest Secure components are sold directly by Nest and by third parties such as Best Buy and Macy’s.

    Great Cameras

    Indoor and outdoor Nest security cameras sell for $199 and up. The most advanced Nest Secure camera is called Nest Cam IQ Outdoor ($349). The “IQ” refers to its artificial intelligence. Some of its features:

    • Night vision
    • Detect motion up to 50 feet away
    • Automatically zoom in on action
    • Take high-definition snapshots
    • Allow two-way audio communication

    Facial recognition is a feature too. With the technology, familiar faces won’t trigger alerts.

    Free DIY Monitoring, or Paid Pro Monitoring

    Equipped with a Nest Secure Starter Pack, you can self-monitor your home for free. This requires home Wi-Fi and the free Nest app for iOS and Android devices.

    A free Nest app lets you remotely arm your security system. It also sends mobile security alerts, and it works as a control panel for connected smarthome devices.

    For professional monitoring you can use Nest’s partnership with Brinks, the home security company known for the fastest average response time. Nest Secure customers can choose month-to-month service or (for the lowest price per day) a three-year contract. At last check a free 30-day trial was included.

  • 9. Ring Alarm - Best Alexa Home Security System

    The Amazon-owned Ring Alarm plays well with Alexa and offers 24/7 monitoring for just $10/mo.

    Editor's Rating

    Why Ring is the Best Alexa Security System

    Ring is owned by Amazon. They sell high-decibel alarm systems that are compatible with video cameras, environmental monitoring, home automation and voice control.

    You can self-monitor a Ring security system or pay for affordable month-to-month monitoring service.

    What We Like
    • Highly-affordable professional monitoring at $10/mo.
    • Advanced home automation features and Alexa integrations
    • No contract required on Ring Alarm systems
    • Simple DIY setup takes only minutes to install
    What We Dont Like
    • Requires up-front equipment purchase
    • Premium cameras are expensive
    • Ring Alarm is a relatively new product offering
    • System is not as comprehensive as professional offerings

    Low-Cost & Free Features

    The simplest Ring home security package costs $179 retail. Optional monitoring starts at just $10, and you may cancel anytime without penalty. Exclusive Ring security discounts are available to teachers, military members and first responders.

    You can self-monitor your home with Ring’s free mobile app. Also, Ring has developed a free Crimewatch app, Neighbors App. It adds community power to home security with safety alerts from neighbors, police and Ring. Stay a step ahead of criminals!

    Video Security with Low Bandwidth Demand

    Ring video security cameras are high definition, but they are set to record only when motion is detected. This puts less demand on your home Wi-Fi service compared with popular competitors like Nest Secure that record constantly.

    You might care about this feature if you don’t have an unlimited Wi-Fi data plan, or if you’re concerned that home security could slow down your other online activity.

    Third-Party Integration

    Ring’s security hub is compatible with devices from many brands. Some examples:

    • First Alert smoke/carbon monoxide detector
    • GE light dimmers
    • Schlage smart deadbolts

    However, not all third-party gadgets can be monitored by emergency dispatchers. You can see a list of certified products at the Ring security website.

  • 10. Arlo - Best Home Security Camera System

    Keep a hawk-eye on your home, inside and out, with Arlo’s camera-based home security system.

    Editor's Rating

    Why Arlo is the Best Home Security with Cameras

    Arlo sells wire-free security cameras that you can monitor with an app. You buy your cameras upfront, then pay $2.99 or less per camera for self-monitoring. The product selection is excellent for home or business use. Prices start at $79.99 per camera.

    Each Arlo camera captures high-definition video. Many have special features that other security companies don’t offer. For example:

    • The Arlo baby camera includes two-way audio, an air quality sensor, a lullaby player and more.
    • The Arlo Q Plus business security camera can connect to your office Ethernet. Let it be triggered by audio or motion, or set it to record audio and video 24/7.

    Read on for three top reasons to choose Arlo security systems.

    What We Like
    • High-quality home security cameras
    • Offers a wide-range of camera options
    • No long-term contracts required
    • 100% wireless, can be installed anywhere
    What We Dont Like
    • Steep upfront equipment cost
    • Does not offer entryway sensors
    • Limited home automation options
    • Not sufficient for complete home security

    Wide Selection of Cameras

    Of all the security companies we list here, Arlo makes the widest selection of video cameras. Each captures high-definition images to best help law enforcement. Some Arlo cameras have smart technologies such as auto-zoom and facial recognition.

    All Arlo security cameras are wire-free for easy setup. Even so, the hardware and software make them tamper-proof. Some choices are:

    • Arlo Doorbell Camera with voice communication
    • Arlo Go, a weatherproof security camera
    • Arlo Ultra, a camera with extreme HD and a motion-activated light

    Baby Monitoring

    The Arlo Baby security camera is cute and powerful. It’s shaped like a bunny and goes far beyond video! Arlo Baby has the following functions:

    • Streaming video
    • Night vision
    • Two-way audio
    • Air quality monitor
    • Nightlight
    • Lullabye mode

    The Arlo Baby app is included. This lets you watch a live stream, get alerts for audio and/or motion, talk to your baby, and more.

    Low-Cost Options

    Arlo camera prices start at $79.99 retail. Prices increase with features such as weatherproof hardware and facial recognition software. With Arlo’s wide selection, you can likely find exactly what you want for home security. Products are sold at Arlo’s website and by third parties such as Amazon.

New year, new me. That’s what I thought as I watched the ball drop this New Year’s. Take my word for it- it’s going to be a year of safety, serenity, and hopefully, sanity. I’m here to help you with the first part.

Let’s be honest: every home should have a security system, but it can be hard to choose which one. What features should you be looking out for? For example, do you need home automation? Which system is the most trusted, and is it truly worth the price? Not only am I going to tell you about all the security systems you need to know about, but I’m also going to tell you how I came to this conclusion. To learn more, read the “Methodology” section at the end of this review.

I’ve scoured the Internet and beyond to bring you the absolute best home security systems of 2020. I’ve even broken it down further into specific categories, with security systems for home-owners, apartment-renters, pet-owners, and more. Let’s jump in to this year’s best home security systems review!

That’s it for the best home security systems of 2020! Any and all comments or questions can be left below.


Whether or not any of these security systems are for you, I want to show you what to look for in a security system and how I came to my choices.

System Components

iSmartAlarm System Components
iSmartAlarm System Components

The first thing I look at in a security system are its system components. Home security industry is trying to offer new devices and technology is evolving. Now, most security systems involve a great number of components, such as a base station, security camera, entry, motion, and glass break sensors, a keypad, and key fobs, among other components. But I also appreciate minimalist systems that components that perform more than one action, like Minut. Some components can make home automation available to you. Whatever the components are (camera, motion sensor, window sensor, smart lock, etc.), I want to make sure that they all easily communicate with your app that is always at hand, so you can keep an eye on them from afar.


Installing the Ring Motion Detector
Installing the Ring Motion Detector

Most home security systems involve DIY installation of surveillance equipment, so I make sure that that’s an easy process. If a home security company only offers professional installation, I observe the process and make sure that the price isn’t too high. Professional home security installation tends to skew upwards of $100, but it’s really your preference whether or not it’s worth its hefty price tag.

Monitoring Options

Professional Monitoring
Professional Monitoring

Next, I do a deep-dive on a home security company’s monitoring options. While I recommend 24/7 professional monitoring to any of my readers (to prevent your home from becoming a crime scene, etc.), I like for there to be an option to self-monitor, as well. As far as contracting goes, I prefer flexible, month-to-month contracting for home security. I also prefer when cellular backup is included, allowing your system to work even during a power outage. Finally, the price range for professional monitoring can vary greatly, from $10 to $60 a month or more.

Customer Support

If something goes wrong with your system (for example, false alarms are triggered), you want to make sure that customer support is both available and helpful. I prefer home security companies that offer support over phone and live chat, ideally 24/7. Aside from going off my own experience, I check out customer reviews from Amazon and Google, looking at home security reviews that mention customer support specifically.


Notion App
Notion App

Finally, I check out a home security system’s app, making sure it’s user-friendly and technologically sound, especially if there is home automation involved. I also check app reviews from the Apple and the Google Play stores, looking for home security apps with ratings of at least three stars or above.

FAQs About Home Security Systems