Identity Guard Review: Best Identity Protection?

Sophisticated identity theft protection featuring IBM® Watson™ artificial intelligence

By Aliza Vigderman Aliza Vigderman, Senior Editor, Industry Analyst & Gabe Turner Gabe Turner, Chief Editor
Identity Guard: Best Identity Protection? - Product Image
Editors Rating:
9.5 /10

What We Like

What We Don't Like

  • Cheapest plan doesn’t include credit monitoring: If you’re looking for comprehensive identity theft protection, the cheapest plan isn’t a good choice due to its lack of credit monitoring. Credit monitoring is available starting with the $16.67 per month Total plan.
  • Third-party sharing: We were disappointed to learn that Identity Guard shares our data with third-party vendors since that makes us more vulnerable to annoying solicitations.
  • Weaker encryption: Identity Guard uses 128-bit AES encryption to safeguard our data. The industry standard is 256-bit AES. 128-bit is still pretty good, but 256-bit would have been better.

Bottom Line

Credit monitoring, financial monitoring, dark web scanning, and criminal monitoring are just some of the features that Identity Guard covers. Starting at just $7.50 per month, you really can't find a more affordable service than Identity Guard, especially one that uses artificial intelligence to improve its monitoring.