SimpliSafe Review

SimpliSafe is a simple and affordable DIY home security solution

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  • Month-to-month plans
  • Fast and easy DIY installation
  • Reliable professional monitoring
Last Updated on Jan 13, 2020

Many home security systems have more options than you know what to do with. At times, it’s completely overwhelming. SimpliSafe cuts the confusion with an easy to understand home security service that gives you a streamlined selection of powerful products.

The company prides itself on its no-nonsense approach to security systems, with a no-contract and no hidden fees approach.

Equipment & Tech

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro

Keep an eye on the people coming up to your door, even if they never get around to knocking. You can easily review video with the wide-angle 162-degree HDR video clips and talk to them with two-way audio. The video doorbell hardware works with most type of prewired doorbells. It has two sensors that detect the heat signature of people and human forms, so you don’t get notifications for a cat walking by the house. It connects to the rest of your SimpliSafe system. If one of the other sensors detects anything, all the cameras on the network start recording. You can pan and zoom to get a closer look.

Base Station

This piece of equipment acts as the hub for the rest of the SimpliSafe devices. When your device sends out an alarm, the hub is the one that gets it to SimpliSafe. It uses cellular data for this connection, so it works even if your Wi-Fi goes out. It can also send you SMS smart and secret alerts. The built-in 85-decibel siren will deter criminals and alert you that something is going on. It supports up to 41 sensors and has a battery backup that lasts 24 hours.

Entry Sensor

Cover your windows and doors with this connected sensor.

Motion Sensor

Set up in areas where entry sensor coverage may not make sense. Pets under 50 lbs. won’t trip the alarm.

Glass break Sensor

This sensor is sensitive to the noise that glass makes when it shatters.


Keep a close eye on everything going on at your house with this powerful home security camera.

Outdoor Kit

You can use this kit to convert your Simplicam to a waterproof and weatherproof camera. It has an operating temperature from -4° to 114°F.

Key Fob

You can arm and disarm your system with ease with the key fob. It also has a panic button function in case you have an emergency as you approach your home.

Panic Button

The panic button sends an alarm to the 24/7 monitoring center.

Water Sensor

When this sensor has contact with water, it goes off, alerting you to damaging leaks and floods.

Freeze Sensor

Worried about a vacation home getting too cold and the pipes bursting? This sensor sends a warning when the room goes under 41 degrees.

105dB Siren

Want even more power out of a siren for your SimpliSafe system? Use this add-on to drive intruders from your home.


If you have multiple entrances in your home that are often used, set up a keypad at each of them.

Smoke Detector

This detector sends an alarm and has a siren that goes off when it detects smoke.

Window Decals (5)

Simply knowing that a security system is in place often deters would-be thieves.

SimpliSafe Original System

If you want a solid security system at a lower price, SimpliSafe’s original systems are available. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the latest version has, but it’s a great entry-level choice.

The latest version of the SimpliSafe hub is half the size of the original and offers double the range. It’s also five times faster at responding with a siren that’s 50 percent louder. This system confirms all alerts sent to it so that you know for sure that the monitoring center has received it. It’s smash proof, so even if an intruder destroys the keypad, the signal still goes out to the monitoring center. It uses cellular data and your Wi-Fi, so it always gets the signal out.

Monitoring & Features

Full Control from Your Phone

You can easily check-in on your home cameras and arm or disarm your system, even if you’re at work or another location. You get notifications with activity.

System Expands to Large Size Homes

Some home security systems have problems with larger than average homes – unless you have a house that is bigger than 41 sensors can cover, you won’t have any problems with SimpliSafe.

Environmental Protection

This system picks up carbon monoxide, fires, freezing temperatures and flooding.

Verified Alarms

SimpliSafe verifies the alarm visually when they contact the police so that they know it’s a crime in progress.

Tamper Proof System

Intruders can do whatever they want to the keypad, but the alert is going out no matter what.

Cellular and Wi-Fi Connection

If one connection choice fails, the other can pick up the slack.

Detects Human Heat Signatures

You avoid your pets tripping the SimpliSafe alarms with this feature.

Touch-to-Wake Keypad

The keypad doesn’t have to stay on all the time and light up at night. Keep things nice and dark except when you need it.

Six Monitoring Centers

No matter what’s happening in the world, you have multiple monitoring centers waiting to help you out in case of an alarm.

SMS Alerts

SimpliSafe can deliver notifications directly to your phone whenever activity is detected on the home security system.

Smart Home Integration

SimpliSafe supports many types of smart home integration to offer you a seamless and complete smart home experience.

Installation & Usability

SimpliSafe, as the name implies, focuses on simple installation. Most people can install any of the SimpliSafe equipment on their own without any added help. However, professional installers are available if you run into trouble.

The system is set up to be as easy to use as possible. You have clear instructions and the SimpliSafe app is laid out in a way that is quite easy to navigate around.

Customer Support

SimpliSafe has highly trained customer support agents who respond to emergencies and get the proper authorities out to you, while helping you stay unharmed. You have several ways to reach customer service. Help lines, email and user forums are all available for non-emergency questions.

Cost & Pricing

You have some package options featuring the latest version of the SimpliSafe base station, which start at $249. Each home security system kit starts you off with some sensors for entry and motion detection.

You can customize SimpliSafe by adding more equipment to your base package or buy it after you get everything set up. It’s easy to scale SimpliSafe up if you move into a larger home.

The price is mid-range for a fully monitored service, and you don’t have to worry about dealing with a contract. They offer a 60-day money back guarantee so you can try without any risk.

You have two options for the monthly monitoring service:

The standard service is $15 per month and offers 24/7 life alarm monitoring, cellular connectivity, and environmental monitoring. You can upgrade to the Interactive Plan, which costs $25 per month, and adds remote arming and disarming, SMS alerts, secret alerts, video alarm verification, smart home integration and unlimited recording.

Our Conclusion

SimpliSafe is a robust home security system that manages not to be overwhelming with the available feature sets. A number of helpful starter kits get you protected right away, and you can add new equipment to your system as needed. Both homeowners and renters can benefit from the flexibility that this home security solution has to offer.