Best Indoor Home Security Cameras

These cameras are meant for indoor use only, which contributes to their lower cost compared with outdoor cameras.

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Last Updated on May 21, 2020

Best Wired Indoor Cam

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Best Wireless Indoor Cam

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The best indoor home security cameras can perform double duty: While guarding against strangers, they also help loved ones stay in touch. For instance, with motion detection and familiar face recognition, a home security camera can let parents know that a toddler is up from napping. With two-way audio, cameras let people communicate across the house with “inside voices” instead of hollering. These features plus night vision and more are standard on models from the leading brands, and prices start at just $19.99 per cam! Generally, though, the best indoor security camera values are $99 and up. A wide range of options are in the reviews below.

Read on for the best indoor security cameras for your priorities and budget. Each model below is easy to install; you can have your camera running within ten minutes of unboxing. Included are:

  • Battery-powered and plug-in cameras
  • Cameras made for only DIY monitoring, and cams that can be professionally monitored
  • Cameras with various cloud storage plans, including free options
  • Cameras with card slots for local video storage

The best indoor home security cameras represent these brands:

Best Indoor Home Security Cameras

  • Ring – Best Indoor Home Security Camera Overall
  • Nest – Best Wired Indoor Security Camera
  • Arlo – Best Wireless Indoor Security Camera
  • Blink – Easiest to Use Indoor Camera
  • Wyze – Most Affordable Indoor Camera

Ring – Best Indoor Home Security Camera Overall

Ring Indoor Cam
Ring Indoor Camera

Ring is known best for smart video doorbells and other home security cameras that work with smartphone apps. Since being acquired by Amazon in 2018, Ring also makes complete smart home security systems for DIY or low-priced professional monitoring. You can use a Ring indoor camera on its own or connect it to a multi-part Ring Alarm system. If motion is detected you’ll get a push alert and can view live action on your smartphone or Amazon Echo Show. The Ring mobile app also lets you check-in anytime.

Optionally, you can get alerts from neighbors and be invited to see their home security footage as part of neighborhood watch efforts; this works with the Ring Neighbors app.

Here we focus on Ring’s cordless Stick Up Cam Battery with $99 MSRP. It’s our nominee for the best indoor home security camera overall, and one reason is in the name: Stick Up Cam Battery is battery-powered. This makes it more flexible in terms of placement options compared with other top-rated security cameras that plug into AC or USB outlets.

You have a choice of black or white camera housing to work with your home decor. For ultra-quick setup you can simply set the camera on a shelf or table; it stands with a magnetically attached base. Optionally, you can use one screw to attach the base to a horizontal surface, or use several screws (included) to attach the base to a wall or ceiling… and while we call it the best indoor camera, you can install it outdoors too; Stick Up Cams are weatherproof and work from -5° to 122° F.

This versatile home security camera sells for $99.99 with shipping included, and maintenance costs are minimal: 1) The included battery is rechargeable. 2) You’ll get motion-triggered alerts and livestream on your smartphone for free. 3) You can store motion-triggered clips to the cloud for just three dollars monthly, or $30/year if you pay for 12 months all at once. You can keep each video clip for up to 60 days.

Features of the Stick Up Cam Battery include:

  • 1080p resolution
  • 130-degree viewing field
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB cord for an alternative power source
  • Two-way audio with noise cancellation
  • Night vision up to 30 feet
  • Motion detection
  • Privacy zones (Can exclude parts of the viewing field)
  • Siren
  • Alexa compatible
  • Works with IFTTT
  • No hub required

It’s an impressive specs list for DIY video surveillance. Optionally, you can subscribe to Ring’s professional security monitoring service for just $10/month or $100/year contract-free. Ring makes entry sensors, indoor motion sensors, and other components. Their hub’s Z-Wave compatibility gives you infinite options for home automation to enhance home security and/or streamline everyday life with Alexa commands for remote-controlled locks, remote-controlled appliances, and much more. If an entry sensor or other part of the security system is tripped, Stick Up Cams will start recording automatically and a Ring emergency dispatcher will take action.

Ring Stick Up Cams carry a 30-day money-back guarantee. They’re under warranty for one year from the date of purchase.

Google Nest – Best Wired Indoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Indoor
Nest Cam Indoor

While Amazon’s Ring features the best battery-powered camera, Google Nest offers the best wired or plug-in indoor security camera that works over Wi-Fi. It’s called the Nest Cam IQ Indoor and has a $299 MSRP. Also available is the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor for the same price…. which is triple that of a Ring Stick Up Cam. What’s the big appeal?

First, the “IQ” in Nest Cam IQ cameras indicates familiar face recognition. This makes security alerts smarter than ever, as you can eliminate alerts about trusted people, or else use facial recognition to get a notice that a familiar person has come home.

Second, another big selling point with Google Nest IQ is continuous recording. This contrasts with most other home security cameras that only record motion-triggered events. Google is uniquely positioned to make massive amounts of cloud storage affordable. The Nest mobile app makes it easy to filter all the data and find the clips you seek.

Familiar face recognition and continuous video recording are made possible with a subscription to Nest Aware, which starts at $5/month. Free service excludes these perks but lets you 1) get motion-triggered alerts and 2) check the livestream anytime.

High-resolution video, 180° swivel, remote control with Google Assistant, and a host of other great features make Nest IQ cameras all-around impressive.

Installing a Nest IQ Indoor camera is easy. After connecting it wirelessly to your home Wi-Fi, you can simply set the camera on a bookshelf or other flat horizontal surface. It stands on a magnetic base. For wall or ceiling mounting you can attach the base with screws.

Features include:

  • Plug-in power with battery backup
  • 1080p resolution
  • 130-degree field of view
  • 180° swivel, 160° tilt
  • Activity zones
  • Familiar face recognition
  • Two-way audio with echo suppression, noise cancellation
  • Night vision approx 20 feet
  • Google Assistant compatible
  • Siren

Storing video for self-review and sharing with authorities starts at $5/month. The longer you’d like to store clips, the higher the price up to $30.

Optionally, you can have security alerts professionally monitored by Brinks. The Nest-Google partnership lets you choose month-to-month or annual service.

Nest IQ cameras are under warranty for two years when purchased directly from Google Nest.

Arlo – Best Wireless Indoor Security Camera

Our Arlo Pro 2 camera.

Arlo has the best wireless indoor security cameras made for DIY surveillance. The brand has long been popular for its high-quality equipment and free options for video storage. Recently Arlo upgraded with an optional e911 service to accompany smartphone alerts.

Cameras by Arlo share many features with the Ring and Nest cams above: 1080p resolution, night vision, two-way audio, activity zones, voice assistant compatibility, and so forth. A special Arlo camera feature that most competitors lack is sound-triggered recording. This gives an edge over only motion-triggered recording, as Arlo can start recording before anyone appears on screen.

Free video storage with Arlo can take two forms: Some Arlo cameras have card slots for local video storage, and all have free cloud storage for motion-triggered clips. Arlo’s free cloud storage lets you keep each clip for up to seven days. Paid plans from $2.99 to $14.99 per month will extend video storage, activate continuous recording and other camera features, and/or add e911 service to your account.

Choosing a favorite Arlo indoor camera isn’t easy; they’re all impressive. Here we focus on Arlo Q Plus, which has a $149 MSRP. It’s a great option for DIY video surveillance with no need for a hub, as it can directly connect with your home Wi-Fi network and works up to 220 feet away from the router. Ethernet is an option too; an adapter is built-in. The camera is powered via a USB cable. Video can be stored in the cloud or locally (data card not included).

Features include:

  • 1080p resolution
  • 130° field of view
  • Motion zones
  • Familiar face recognition
  • Night vision
  • Sound-triggered recordings
  • Two-way audio
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Works with IFTTT
  • Local storage (data card not included)
  • Free cloud storage

Installing the camera takes about 10 minutes. You’ll connect an app, attach the camera base to a flat surface, and snap the camera into place.

Blink – Easiest to Use Indoor Camera

Blink Indoor Camera
Blink Indoor Camera

Blink home security cameras are cordless, low cost, and low maintenance. We nominate them Easiest to Use partly for the convenient wireless setup and long-lasting batteries: Blink cameras can serve for two years before the AA lithium batteries need replacing. Alexa can help make camera operation easy too. The cameras sell for under $100 and include free cloud storage for two hours, rolling, of motion-triggered video clips. The cameras connect to home Wi-Fi with the Blink Sync Module, a gadget that can handle up to ten cams. Amazon sells the module with one Blink camera for just $79.99.

Of all Blink cameras, the second generation Blink X2 Outdoor/Indoor Security Camera is most advanced for indoor use. This $99.99 camera has an IP65 enclosure, making it safe for outdoor use as well. Features include:

  • Long-lasting battery power
  • 1080p resolution
  • 110-degree field of view
  • Infrared night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Customizable motion zones
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Temperature sensor
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Weatherproof against dust and rain
  • Free cloud storage

You can arm and disarm the Blink X2 by voice with an Amazon Echo speaker, and Alexa can send video to Amazon Echo screens.

Amazon, who owns Blink, temporarily halted sales of the premium Blink X2 camera shortly after it launched. The Blink X2 now for sale is an upgrade over the glitchy first-generation product. Now the main potential drawback is that cloud storage is limited to two hours of clips. This makes Blink most appropriate for someone who can check security alerts pretty quickly. If you delay a few hours, any incriminating video might already be replaced by new clips! You can check the live view anytime with the free Blink Home Monitor mobile app.

Wyze – Most Affordable Indoor Camera

Wyze Indoor Camera
Wyze Indoor Camera

Wyze is catching shoppers’ eyes as the most affordable indoor camera brand for DIY home security. The company slogan “Making Great Technology Accessible” is best exemplified with the Wyze Cam V2, a mere $19.99 buy. This deal includes 14 days of free cloud storage for motion and sound-triggered events. The camera technology is overall impressive with features such as 1080p resolution, two-way audio, and a night vision range up to 30 feet. Wyze Cam V2 even has smart sound detection to send special mobile alerts about triggered smoke alarms and CO detectors.

Installation is easy. The camera is powered through an AC outlet. It connects to a magnetic plate that you can leave freestanding or attach to a wall or ceiling.

Features of Wyze Cam V2:

  • Plugs in with 6-ft cord
  • 1080p resolution
  • 110° field of view
  • 8x zoom on livestream
  • Infrared night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion detection zones
  • Motion and sound-triggered footage saved free to cloud for 14 days
  • Smart sound alerts send smoke/CO warnings to your phone
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Works with IFTTT
  • MicroSD card slot for continuous recording to local storage

It’s an impressive specs list for a camera under $20. The field of view is a bit narrower than what others provide, but 110 degrees cover a lot of ground. Another popular option is the Wyze Pan Cam with $29.99 MSRP. It has similar features to Wyze Cam V2 but also rotates automatically to catch 360 degrees of activity.

Any compromises? Cloud storage with Wyze may be inadequate for your needs, as the cameras are limited to recording one clip every five minutes. Also, the free clips are under 15 seconds long. A better option with Wyze is to use a memory card for continuous video recording saved to local storage. Another drawback is that the infrared video isn’t so crisp; the brands above have more impression night vision.

Again though, Wyze is exceptionally affordable. You can even integrate a Wyze camera with basic security sensors for a mini DIY home security set. The Wyze Sense kit provides two entry sensors, one indoor motion sensor, and a camera connection for just $20. If a sensor is triggered, the camera will start to record.

The foundation of any smart home security system is a great indoor security camera. If you’ve read any of my other camera reviews, then know you that I’m pretty much obsessed with our Necessary Features Test, which is how we picked out the best indoor cameras of 2020 (more on this later). After researching and testing tens of indoor cameras, these five came out on top, with superior audio, video, night vision, and more.

Pricing Rundown of 2020’s Best Indoor Cameras

Nest Cam IQ Indoor$299
Nest Cam Indoor$199
Tend Indoor 2$60
Ring Indoor Cam$60
Wyze Cam Pan$30

As you can see, there is a pretty large range in terms of pricing of the best indoor cameras of 2020, from only $30 to nearly $200, with the average just around $113. Truthfully, you should pick out a camera based on more than its price alone, although that is undoubtedly a factor. To see more options, be sure to check out the best home security cameras of 2020 as well.

Methodology Behind Our List of the Best Indoor Cameras of 2020

Nest Cam IQ Indoor
Nest Cam IQ Indoor

When it comes to shopping for an indoor security camera, I like to defer to our Necessary Features Test. It sets standards for video, audio, night vision, storage, smart platform integrations, artificial intelligence, value, and convenience.

In terms of video, I’m looking for 1080p HD display, the ability to zoom in optically, plus a field of view of at least 120 degrees. I also prefer two-way audio, infrared night vision, free cloud and local storage, integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and person detection. Of course, the camera should be easy to set up and install, and it shouldn’t be more than $200 at the higher-end.

Not every camera needs to have every solitary Necessary Feature to be worth buying; ultimately this decision will come down to your personal preference. The fortunate thing in looking at indoor cameras is that you don’t need to worry about durability and susceptibility to solids and liquids like with outdoor cameras. However, you’ll still need to worry about the camera’s power source, be it wired or wireless, as well as its overall aesthetics. Although it may not be decorative, that doesn’t mean it needs to be unattractive, either.

FAQs About Indoor Cameras