Vivint Review

Combining total home security with advanced smart home automation features

Editor's Rating

  • Sleek and modern equipment design
  • Advanced but easy to use smart home features
  • Same-day professional installation
Last Updated on Jan 13, 2020

Vivint is the home security option for people who want the top of the line choice with plenty of bells and whistles. This company offers award-winning monitoring to go along with its excellent selection of equipment. You can create a complete smart home ecosystem that’s focused on convenience and security at the same time.

Vivint is a completely custom-tailored home security system. Their experts work with you to put together the package that fits into your lifestyle.

Equipment & Tech

Smart Locks

You can control entry into your property from any location. The Vivint Smart Home App unlocks this capability.

Vivint Smart Hub and Starter Kit

This base station connects all of your Vivint equipment and supported smart home devices. It has a bright and clear 7” touchscreen display so you can easily check on the status of your home. It also supports two-way talk so you can communicate with people near your home security cameras and video doorbell. It has a battery backup to keep it going if your power goes out and uses both cellular and Wi-Fi networks to stay connected.

When you want to review camera footage, you can view it through this large screen. All of the data generated by your cameras and sensors are encrypted throughout its journey so your privacy and security are never compromised. The kit also comes with two sensors.

If you want a more robust starter kit, you have a few other options available from Vivint:

  • Home Security System $709.98: This system adds a smoke detector to the starter kit.
  • Smart Home Control $1,049.95: This package adds the Element Thermostat, Smart Door Lock and Smart Garage Controller to your starter kit.
  • Video Security $1,379.95: You get a doorbell camera, outdoor camera, and Ping camera added to the starter kit.
  • Smart Complete: $1,789.92: You get the doorbell camera, outdoor camera, Ping camera, Element Thermostat, Smart Door Lock and Smart Garage Controller.

Vivint Glance Display

You can set up other home security displays throughout your home, which can mount to the wall or sits on any flat surface. Like the Smart Hub, the large screen gives you all of the information quickly and clearly. You can also use the two-way talk for communication like the primary hub.

Vivint Element Thermostat

Vivint’s smart thermostat has a smart assistant built right into it. It helps you automate your settings to maximize your comfort and improve your energy savings. You can use the Vivint Smart Home app to change your settings and control the thermostat. If you have an Amazon Echo, you can use Alexa for voice control of this device, or you can use Google Home for the same purpose. Whenever the thermostat adjusts itself, you can receive a mobile notification if you want to stay on top of the changes. You also have the option of creating custom alerts so you can fine-tune when you receive notices from your thermostat.

Garage Door Control

Do you have a habit of wondering whether the garage door is open or not after you head to work? You can eliminate this guessing game through Vivint’s smart garage, which delivers this information to you via the smartphone app. You can open and close it remotely, as needed.

Vivint Playback

Do you want to store a lot of video footage from your home security system? This DVR fits up to a month of clips. You get a Vivint Smart Drive, which has 1 TB worth of storage. Continuous recording from four cameras is supported with this DVR. You do need a low-cost subscription to have the continuous recording feature available. It supports up to four cameras. Whenever an event is detected at the cameras or the sensors, the system marks that for later review.

It’s easy to share your video clips with people, with the ability to create up to five-minute custom clips from your footage. It works right from the Vivint Smart Home app. Your files are saved locally on the DVR and within the cloud-based service.

Vivint Doorbell Camera

Don’t worry about getting up to get the front door – you can see who’s there from the smart home app. The 2-way talk feature allows you to quickly address delivery people and other guests. The video camera can catch whoever is in front of your door day and night. You can watch 30-second video clips on an on-demand basis. The doorbell camera uses a 180-degree camera to capture as much of the action as possible. It’s capable of recognizing the difference between a person and other objects and creatures passing by the front of your house.

Vivint Ping Camera

These HD cameras are easy to set up around your house to support your Vivint security system. Each camera has a two-way talk and one-touch callout, along with night vision. If someone moves close to the camera, it takes a 20-second clip that you can review from the control panel.

Vivint Outdoor Camera

A strong perimeter defense is one way to keep criminals out of your home. These crisp HD cameras are designed for all types of weather. It relies on infrared LED night vision to keep your footage coming even in the middle of the night.

Smart Bulbs

Enjoy your own personal lighting system as you walk through the door of your smart home. These LED bulbs adjust based on your settings and custom triggers, giving you ultimate control over your lighting levels.

Smoke Detector

Get the extra time you need to escape from potential fires with this powerful smoke detector. It works by sensing smoke and high heat to give you more ways to get this vital alarm. It has a 35-foot range.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Don’t risk exposing your family to carbon monoxide. This sensitive device gives you a warning as soon as the levels in your house bypass the safe levels.

Monitoring & Features

24/7 Monitoring

The experienced team at Vivint are with you every step of the way with 24/7 monitoring. They act quickly if your security system sends out an alarm, getting first responders out as soon as possible.

24/7 Continuous Video Recording

You never miss any important event when you can continually record what’s going on.

Integrates with Smart Home Devices

The Vivint hub device integrates with many third-party devices, which helps it act as the core component of your smart home ecosystem.

Environmental Protection

Smoke and carbon monoxide sensors help keep your family safe in the event of an environmental emergency.

Intelligent Adjustments

The Vivint smart thermostat learns over time, allowing you to continually achieve new milestones in convenience and comfort. It uses the data that it receives to create a climate that’s custom-tailored to your needs.

Custom Notifications

You can receive as many or as few notifications as you wish.

Centralized Control

Your hub makes it easy to check in on video streams and look at the system status, or you can opt to do this through the mobile app.

Installation & Usability

Your experience with Vivint starts with a one on one consultation with a security expert. They look at your house and explain which configuration will be the best one for your family’s needs. Once you’ve decided on an arrangement, the worker will come out to install all of your equipment for you. This professional installation ensures that you’re not running into problems while using the smart home system.


Sky is the technology that enables your home security system to learn more about your preferences. This machine learning feature makes it possible for the security system to know what to do when you get home and leave, the adjustments it needs to make due to the time of day and the ways it can conserve energy.

Everyone Gets Their Own Account

You can set up accounts for all family members by creating user accounts in the Vivint Smart Home app.

Smart Clips

Save the most important moments of the day through the Smart Clips feature. Vivint’s security cameras learn about what’s important to you, and make it easy for you to find those treasured memories.

Activity Feed

Get a real-time view of the notifications that you receive through the app.

Customer Support

The highly trained team at Vivint is more than capable of handling a range of inquiries. They know exactly what to do in emergency situations, and you won’t be left waiting long to hear from someone on the other end.

Cost & Pricing

Vivint is an entirely custom security system tailor-made to fit your needs for a home security and smart home system. Overall, the prices are high-end, with the starter kit running $599.99. Vivint offsets their price by offering financing options for low monthly payments.

You have the option of adding a home service plan for 24/7 monitoring, access to the Smart Home app and technical support, and centralized control of your smart home devices. This service starts at $29.99 per month and goes as high as $39.99. While you can choose to go without it, you don’t have full functionality of your security system if you opt-out.

You can also add video monitoring for $5 per month per camera, which gives you access to live streams of your camera, Smart Clips and custom recording settings.

Vivint is perfect for the high-end homeowner or renter who wants more out of your security system. This fully bespoke solution gives you everything that you need to live a safe and secure life.

Our Conclusion

Vivint might be on the pricier side of the home security market, but you’re going to enjoy all of the quality of life features that come from having high-end equipment. You end up on the cutting edge of the latest home security developments, and the professional installation means that everything is working nicely together from the start.