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  • Full-service identity theft and credit monitoring
  • Device protection with Norton 360 antivirus
  • Reputation for outstanding customer service
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the best days of the year to save on all different types of products and services. That includes identity theft protection. LifeLock is perhaps the most recognizable identity monitoring brand, and they boast comprehensive coverage, affordable starting prices, and a user-friendly interface. Even so, we never believe you should have to pay full price for your cyber protection. With that in mind, we went in search of any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals the company might be offering this year. Here’s what we found.

LifeLock Member Support Center
LifeLock Member Support Center

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Savings 2022

What did we find in terms of LifeLock savings this year? We’re sorry to say, we couldn’t find anything. Unfortunately, we couldn’t track down a single ad for a discount on any LifeLock plans. It’s still possible, of course, that the company could roll out some savings before Black Friday arrives. However, we took a look back at previous years and couldn’t find any record of past sales on these days either. That doesn’t bode well for the likelihood that 2021 will be the year when things change. But keep reading, as we have some important info in store.

LifeLock Dashboard
LifeLock Dashboard

LifeLock; What You Get

Lifelock - Monitored Info
Lifelock – Monitored Info

Let’s back up just a bit and talk about Lifelock’s many strengths as an identity theft protection service. How is it, exactly, that they consistently wind up near the top of our list of best identity theft services? The truth is that even without any Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, Lifelock is still a great buy.

Credit Monitoring

Lifelock - Credit Monitoring
Lifelock – Credit Monitoring

All three of LifeLock’s plans provide daily credit monitoring to ensure no one is messing with your financial reputation. As you might expect, you get more coverage with the more expensive plans. In this case, only LifeLock’s Ultimate Plus plan monitors all three credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax). The Select and Advantage plans only monitor one.
In addition, the Ultimate Plus plan provides users with monthly scores and reports from all three bureaus. The Advantage plan provides scores and reports from one bureau, TransUnion. Unfortunately, with the Select plan, you have to rely on LifeLock to do the monitoring. This plan doesn’t come with any scores or reports.

Financial Monitoring

Aside from our credit, LifeLock also monitors several other financial areas to check for suspicious activity, including:

  • Bank account takeovers
  • 401(k) and investment accounts
  • Checking and savings accounts applications
  • Home titles

Criminal Areas Monitoring

Finally, LifeLock’s coverage extends to criminal areas or potential criminal areas. It keeps an eye out for users’ names in connection with:

  • USPS address changes
  • The dark web
  • Data breaches
  • ID verification requests
  • Crimes committed
  • Fictitious identities
  • Sex offender registry reports.

Want to find out even more about LifeLock? Read our complete LifeLock review.

LifeLock Pricing

LifeLock Alerts Dashboard
LifeLock Alerts Dashboard

LifeLock offers so much coverage in so many different areas, we had to make a chart to cover it all. Here’s what you get with each plan and, more importantly, how much it costs.

Coverage LifeLock Standard LifeLock Advantage LifeLock Ultimate Plus
Identity Theft Protection Benefits
24/7 Live Member Support No Yes Yes- Priority
401K and Investment Account Activity Alerts No No Yes
Alerts on Crimes Committed in Your Name No Yes Yes
Bank Account Takeover Alerts No No Yes
Checking and Savings Account Application Alerts No No Yes
Dark Web Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Data Breach Notifications Yes Yes Yes
Fictitious Identity Monitoring No Yes Yes
File-Sharing Network Searches No No Yes
Home Title Monitoring No No Yes
ID Verification Monitoring No Yes Yes
LifeLock Privacy Monitor Yes Yes Yes
Lost Wallet Protection Yes Yes Yes
Number of Annual Credit Scores and Reports 1 1 3
Sex Offender Registry Reports No No Yes
SSN and Credit Alerts Yes Yes Yes
USPS Address Change Verification Yes Yes Yes
Reimbursement and Restoration Benefits
Maximum Coverage for Lawyers and Experts $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Maximum Personal Expense Compensation $25,000 $100,000 $1,000,000
Maximum Stolen Funds Reimbursement $25,000 $100,000 $1,000,000
U.S Based Restoration Team Specialists Specialists
Device Security Benefits
Ad-Tracker Blocker No Yes Yes
Amount of PC Cloud Backup (in GB) 0 250 500
Anonymous Browsing No Yes Yes
Number of devices Covered by VPNs 0 10 Unlimited
Number of PAs, Macs, mobile devices, and tablets covered 0 10 Unlimited
Parental Controls No Yes Yes
PC SafeCam No Yes Yes
Virus Protection No Yes Yes
Monthly Price (First Year) $9.99 $19.99 $29.99
Monthly Price (additional years) $14.99 $24.99 $34.99
Price per month with annual plan (first year) $8.23 $15.99 $24.99
Price per month with annual plan (additional years) $12.49 $20.83 $29.17

Tip: LifeLock’s prices go up after the first year, which is why getting deals and discounts is even more important.

It’s worth knowing that LifeLock still offers plans that don’t include Norton 360. However, these plans cost just as much as the Norton 360 plans, and they don’t provide any antivirus or VPN coverage. What’s the point in that?

Identity Theft Statistics

You may not think about identity theft on a daily basis, but the truth is it can happen to any of us at any time, whether we’re online or not. Just how common is identity theft? Check out these statistics:

Lifelock Alerts
Lifelock Alerts
  • The FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network had over 1.3 million reports of identity theft in 2020. That represents more than a 100 percent rise over the previous year.1
  • Out of the identity theft reports, the most common types of identity theft involved government documents and benefits fraud, with over 406,000 reports in 2020.
  • In 2020, the losses from identity theft fraud totaled $56 billion.2
  • Of that $56 billion, $43 billion involved identity fraud scams.
  • Over half of parents of kids ages 16 and under believe that social media creates the biggest risk of child identity theft.
  • 86 percent of identity theft perpetrators use their victims’ existing account information, like their credit card or bank data3.
  • Six out of seven U.S. residents take at least some measures to prevent identity theft.

Did You Know: According to’s research, 14 percent of parents of kids ages 16 and under report that their children have had their identities stolen.

To learn more about how to protect yourself from identity theft, check out our identity theft guide or our guide to child identity theft specifically.


LifeLock Privacy Monitor
LifeLock Privacy Monitor

The best identity theft protection doesn’t necessarily come cheap, and LifeLock is certainly among the best. Often a good Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale can reduce your bottom line. Unfortunately, LifeLock doesn’t seem to believe in offering holiday discounts. In the end, choosing LifeLock comes down to whether you think the service is good enough to justify paying full price. We think it is, but not over the long term. We recommend trying the service out but cancelling before the second year price rise kicks in.

Editors Rating:
9.2 /10
  1. Federal Trade Commission. (2020). Consumer Sentinel Network.

  2. Javelin Strategy. (2021). 2021 Identity Fraud Study: Fraudsters Seek New Targets and Victims Bear the Brunt.

  3. Bureau of Justice Statistics. (2015). Publication Victims Of Identity Theft, 2014.