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Here at, we don’t just review the latest safety products, we put them through rigorous, hands-on tests to make sure they actually deliver. Our team has collectively spent thousands of hours installing, poking and prodding everything from motion sensors and security cameras, to VPNs and antivirus software — to see just how burglar- and hacker-proof these systems really are. In addition to our reviews, we provide you with custom tools to help you monitor your own privacy, as well as original research that has been cited by The New York Times, HuffPost, Tech Radar and CBS News. You can also access our whole library of up-close videos on our YouTube channel.

Get everything you need to be secure and to stay that way – both online and in real life.

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Carefully selected for their security expertise, our team continues to raise the bar for research. Our security experts have dedicated their working lives to protect the good guys, and put the bad guys behind bars. From home burglaries, package theft, and identity theft investigations, to keeping seniors safe and sound, our team is passionate about our mission.

We take a research-centric approach to connect people with the right resources. Every resource we create is backed by credible studies and aimed at equipping and empowering readers with information that truly matters. There’s no fluff, no bias, and no hidden agenda. Our readers enjoy trustworthy advice and recommendations, straight from our security experts who care.

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Access to cutting-edge, 21st century technology allows our team to conduct the most rigorous research available. With almost unlimited data points at our fingertips, combined with our experts’ experience, vetted user submissions, and insight from industry professionals, we’re able to paint a complete picture for our audience.

Offering this caliber of research-rich insight on safety and security topics has never been done before. In a very real sense, we’re pioneering a revolution in how people learn about home and personal security. So whether you’re looking for a home security system, identity theft protection, or senior care solutions, we can help you narrow your options to find the right fit. After all, our company exists to help people like you remain safe and secure.

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Resources That Inspire

It’s not enough to create and publish resources on safety and security. We’re committed to telling stories that inspire. That’s why our research includes enhanced visuals and interactive imagery. We believe that data can be both accurate and fun. It just needs the right touch. So our team goes to great lengths to communicate our research in a way that makes a positive impact on people. We say that security doesn’t have to be complicated. Well, it doesn’t have to be boring either!

The Inspiring Research & Resources We Create:

  • The Dangers of Digital Banking
  • Raising Awareness on Major Data Breaches
  • The Rising Threat of Package Theft
  • Common Types of Fraud by State
  • The Most Dangerous U.S. Cities
  • How to Secure Personal Data
  • And more

We’re Here for You

Home and personal security is a top priority for most Americans. So when it comes to protecting yourself and your family, you should never have to rely on outdated or inaccurate information. The stakes are just too high. It should be easy to find security research, guides, and other resources… all in one place.

We truly believe that everyone deserves free and open access to information and resources to safeguard against security threats near and far. And that’s why we do what we do. We create quality research and resources, distilled in a way that’s fun and easy to read. Rest assured we will continue to deliver the best security information available anywhere online or off. And that’s our promise to you.

Thank you for trusting us. We’re delighted to have you along for the journey.

Gabe Turner

Chief Editor

Gabe Turner is an attorney/journalist with a passion for technology. After graduating from NYU Law and working as an attorney for years, he decided to make the switch to technology as chief editor for He is passionate about safety, technology, and the combination of the two.

Aliza Vigderman

Content Manager

Aliza is a journalist with years of experience in the tech industry. In the past, she has written for websites like the Huffington Post, SquareFoot, and Previously, she has worked as a research assistant at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism. She’s excited to combine her research and journalism skills with her love of all things tech.

Corey Birnstengel

Editor and Videographer

Originally from a suburb of St. Paul, Corey has been a videographer and editor for three years. Previously, he’s done product reviews for activewear and political videos- in his spare time he even edits a political podcast. When he’s not filming and editing videos for, Corey loves to run and spend time with his friends and family.

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