Cove Home Security Systems

Cost, Monitoring, Pricing and Packages

  • Alexa and Google Assistant integrations available
  • Professional monitoring and cellular backup included with every system
  • Monthly costs range from $15 to $25
Cove Smart Home Security
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Did you know that in the United States, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds?1 Cove is one of the best-kept secrets in smart home security today. With only a couple of years in business, they’re certainly doing things differently than their predecessors. Here, our experts go over what you’ll spend on Cove in terms of their physical devices as well as their monitoring costs. We’ll also detail how Cove will fit into your smart home, pre-existing or future.

Of course, we don’t want to tell you what Cove costs before detailing some of the things that make it worthwhile:

What We Like About Cove
  • Low equipment prices: For those on a budget, Cove won’t break the bank too much in terms of the cost of their devices.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant integrations: Users in the Plus plan will be able to control their Cove systems using their voice assistants.
  • Monthly costs: You won’t have to sign up for a long-term contract with Cove.
  • DIY installation: Another money-saver, users can install their Cove systems themselves.

How Cove Fits Into Our Smart Home

If you’re already deep into your own smart home ecosystem, you’ll be happy to know that Cove works with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, and Google Assistant, Google’s version. With Alexa, we were able to arm our system in away mode or ask for its status. And don’t worry; you won’t be able to disarm your system with voice commands for obvious reasons!

Cove Touchscreen Panel
Cove Touchscreen Panel

With Google, we got these capabilities plus the ability to get an event history if we wanted to see what went on that day or that week. Clearly, Google Assistant has more capabilities than Alexa does, so Cove would work better in the Google versus the Amazon smart home ecosystem, although we’re pleased that it works with the two most popular voice assistants.

FYI: You’ll be able to do more with Google Assistant than with Alexa when it comes to commanding Cove with your voice.

Cove’s Equipment Prices

Cove’s equipment is extremely affordable; the most expensive item is the Alarm Panel, which is $136.95. Other than that, nearly all of Cove’s components cost $120 or under. Plus, all of their systems come with a free YI Indoor camera, which normally retails for $99, although Cove sells each additional camera for just $54.45.

Overview of Cove’s Equipment Pricing

Item Price
Cove Touch Alarm Panel $136.95
Door Sensor $8.25
Motion Detector $16.50
Key Remote $13.75
Window Sensor $8.25
Glass Break Detector $19.25
Smoke and CO Detector $30.25
Flood Sensor $11
Medical Button $11
Outdoor Camera $109.45
YI Indoor Camera First Free or $54.45 with Each Additional Camera

Cove doesn’t offer any packages; rather, you can just pick out your security system component by component, which saves you from having to pay for anything you don’t want. Good news for your wallet, Cove has some of the lowest cost devices in the smart home security market today. But that’s still no excuse for leaving any doors or windows unlocked, as that’s how many burglars “break in” to people’s

Cove Touch Alarm Panel
Cove Touch Alarm Panel

Cove’s Monitoring Prices

Cove’s monitoring options work pretty differently than most. All of their systems include 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup, which will keep your system on even if the power goes out.

Cove’s Monitoring Breakdown

Cove Basic Cove Plus
24/7 Professional Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
TripleTouch Communications
Cove InstaText
Cove LiveAssist
Smash and Grab Protection
Cellular Backup
Hourly Automated System Check
24 Hour Battery Backup
Equipment Warranty 1 year Lifetime
Smartphone Control x
Alexa and Google Assistant Integrations x
$5/ Month Equipment Reward x
Lifetime Monitoring Rate-Lock Guarantee x
Monthly Cost of Value Plan (Lower monthly cost) $15 $25
Cove Motion Sensor
Cove Motion Sensor

There are two plans to choose from: Basic and Plus. Let’s talk about exactly what you get in each:

  • 24/7 professional monitoring: A team of people will be able to check-in if any of your alarms go off, verifying an emergency before contacting the proper services.
  • Environmental monitoring: Any environmental monitors like your smoke, CO or flood sensors, will also be included in this professional monitoring.
  • Tripletouch Communications: The Triple-Touch Alarm Response means that the monitoring team contacts its users three ways— through LiveAssist, a.k.a your control panel, through InstaText, meaning you’ll receive a text, and by a direct phone call. If they can’t reach you by any of these methods, that’s when the monitors will reach out to the police, the local hospital or the fire department, depending on the type of alarm that went off.
  • Cove InstaText: Aside from calling you, the professional monitoring team can even text you during emergencies, which may come in handy if you’re hiding from an intruder. This makes for response times that the company claims is 10 times faster than their competitors. Group texts are also available for the whole family.
  • Cove LiveAssist: Using the Alarm Panel, users can speak directly to the professional monitors making for a quicker response than if they had to call by phone.
  • Smash and Grab Protection: The Panel has Smash and Grab protection, meaning that if someone tries to tamper with it, the monitoring team will be alerted and the siren will sound.
  • Cellular Backup: This keeps your system on in the event of a power outage.
  • Hourly Automated System Check: Cove’s system tests itself hourly to make sure it’s working and connected with your app and the monitoring team properly.
  • 24 Hour Battery Backup: The Touch Panel also comes with battery backup to last 24 hours, in case the cellular data fails.
  • Equipment Warranty: Your warranty is either a year under the Basic Plan or a lifetime with the Plus Plan.
  • Smartphone Control: Unfortunately, only Plus plan members will be able to control their system remotely through the Cove Security app.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant Integrations: Again, only Plus members can control their Cove security system with their voice assistants.
  • $5/ Month Equipment Reward: If you want to buy more Cove equipment, the company will give you an extra $5 a month to pay for it.
  • Lifetime Monitoring Rate-Lock Guarantee: Finally, only Plus members will have their rate locked in for life.
Cove Yard Sign
Cove Yard Sign

Pricing-Wise, How Does Cove Compare?

We’ve reviewed many security systems, and price-wise, Cove is definitely on the lower end both when it comes to their equipment and monitoring costs. For their equipment especially, you won’t spend more than $150 on anything. When you compare this to security systems that charge $50 for a single sensor, you can see that Cove is a great deal for anyone on a budget. Plus, while more traditional security companies charge up to $60 a month on monitoring, Cove’s plans are maxed out at $25 a month.

The Overall Value of Cove

Cove isn’t just a good choice for someone who doesn’t want to break the bank. Although it’s a newer company with low prices, their system also works well, as you can read about in our full review of the Cove security system. With affordable monitoring plans and nice smart home integrations, Cove democratizes smart home security, making it available whether you have a large house that needs a ton of equipment or a small apartment. When it comes to Cove, everything’s totally customizable and available for some of the lowest prices around.

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