SimpliSafe Security

  • Month-to-month plans
  • Fast and easy DIY installation
  • Reliable professional monitoring

SimpliSafe was established in 2006 and has grown to be a large, innovative company offering home security equipment and monitoring plans. Known for its robust plan options and a multitude of product choices, the company has designed its products to be easy to use, simple to install, and reliable. It’s clear the company is after providing you with a quality product at a low price. It stacks up to the competition and offers some key options that other security companies don’t. For this reason, it is the type of security system you need to consider.


SimpliSafe’s product line is extensive, which means it offers a large number of product choices for just about any type of indoor and outdoor security needs. Take a look at a few key types of features available.

24/7 Monitoring

With 24/7 professional monitoring, the SimpliSafe product line up provides homeowners with a way to get help instantly. The alarm system operates continuously, alerting a team of certified technicians whenever a sensor is triggered. That allows for emergency medical or safety personnel to be sent to your home quickly.

Wireless & Cellular

By providing both wireless and cellular solutions, SimpliSafe’s systems operate no matter if the power goes out or if an intruder cuts the lines. With wireless access, it’s possible to connect and access sensors on doors and windows, indoor and outdoor security cameras, and other safety equipment with ease.

DIY Installation

The company promises that most of its equipment can be installed in under an hour, some in as little as 15 minutes. Many of the solutions never require a hole to be drilled into a wall.

SimpliSafe App

Virtually every component of the home’s security is managed through the SimpliSafe app. It is an easy-to-navigate app with a simple toggle screen. It allows for things like instant messages when a sensor triggers as well as two-way communication. Motion sensors, all in-home safety monitors, and cameras can be accessed through the app.

Alexa Integration

For those who want a smart home, Alexa integration is available with SimpliSafe. This means users can access all of the SimpliSafe equipment through Amazon Alexa connectivity. With your Amazon Echo or Show, you can even see what is happening through those security cameras.

Google Home Integration

SimpliSafe’s equipment works with Google Home. For those with a Google Home Hub or other types of smart home features, it takes just a few voice commands to access real-time video streams from cameras. It’s fast and easy to use.

Power Outage Protection

When the power goes out, your SimpliSafe system continues to work, providing an important safety net during a storm. The Base Station will pull power from the system’s rechargeable battery backup. This allows the alarms to continue to work reliably for at least 24 hours.


With encryption, hacking into your cameras and alarms is not possible to do. This provides a layer of protection every property owner needs to have.

SimpliCam Security Camera

The SimpliCam is the company’s leading product with over 1 million people using it. The security camera provides key features such as 24/7 HD video. It also provides alerts for motion and intruders. It has intelligent sensors capable of detecting the heat signature of humans, aiding in reducing the risk of false alarms. The camera also comes with 30-day storage, anytime recording with a push-button design through the app, and the ability to download and share any video clips taken.

The SimpliCam provides a full 120-degree field of view – meaning you’ll see pretty much everything on front of the camera. The night vision feature is an excellent choice if you suspect more than raccoons are coming up to your door. It also offers both audio and video – which gives you the ability to speak to whoever seems to be accessing your home.


SimpliSafe provides monitoring plans, numerous equipment packages, and add-on components to allow property owners to comprehensively customize their security. Here’s a closer look.

Monitoring Plans

Each of the company’s packages comes with monitoring. However, you don’t have to purchase it if you want just the equipment. This allows you to gain 24/7 technicians who are always there to respond to a tripped sensor to get emergency help to your property. The company offers two options – a Standard monitoring plan for $14.99 and an Interactive monitoring plan for $24.99. The Interactive plan allows for you to gain home automation.

SimpliSafe PlanMonthly Cost

Equipment Packages

Here’s where you have numerous options to select from – which can seem a bit overwhelming.  With numerous tiers of options available, you can select the components you like to create your own solution. They even offer discounts from time to time. Here’s a look at the equipment packages available:

SimpliSafe PackageCost
The Barrington$388.93
The Bedford$274.94
The Bunker$329.91
The Essentials$259.95
The Fortress$509.86
The Foundation$229.96
The Haven$489.86
The Hearth$374.91
The Homestead$284.93
The Keep$443.90
The Knox$449.87
The Nook$254.95
The Oakstone$359.88
The Sanctuary$304.91
The Stonefort$484.84
The Stronghold$424.87

Add-On Equipment

From here, you have the ability to add on to your package, so it better meets your needs. These add-on features allow you to gain a wide range of solutions. Each one can be added onto any of the packages provided.

SimpliSafe EquipmentCost
Base Station$114.99
Entry Sensor$14.99
Freeze Sensor$29.99
Glassbreak Sensor$34.99
Key Fob$24.99
Motion Sensor$29.99
Panic Button$19.99
Smoke Detector$29.99
Water Sensor$19.99


There’s quite a bit to consider with SimpliSafe. A few things are hard to compete with including the fact that over 3 million homes now use these systems and the company has solid 5-star reviews from over 40,000 users. It’s reliable, it’s affordable, and it’s comprehensively customizable. Yet, there’s more to appreciate as well.

For example, there are no contracts involved and you don’t have to purchase monitoring plans if you just want the equipment. The company prides itself on selling direct to consumers, which means there’s no addiction markup on costs. It’s also simple to setup. All of this makes SimpliSafe a pretty reliable, versatile solution for most homes. It’s hard to see anything you may be missing here.