Vivint Security Systems

  • Sleek and modern equipment design
  • Advanced but easy to use smart home features
  • Same-day professional installation

Vivint isn’t new to home security service having provided security for over 20 years. However, the company, once known as Apex Alarm, has changed significantly since that time. It was once a simple home security system, meaning it offered basic features. However, it has offered professional monitoring services for many years.

Today, it is an innovative company and one of the leaders in smart home technology for security. The company’s product lineup includes a variety of smart home integrations, numerous camera styles, and both interior and exterior cameras. The company offers a simple-to-use app to control it all.

One of the key features about Vivint is that users can customize their purchase. That means you can choose from a variety of cameras and locks to give your home the customized protection it needs. For those looking for a reliable company with a proven track record, this could be a good place to start.


Vivint continues to grow and change. With that comes a large selection of features that continue to be some of the most cutting-edge on the market. Here’s a closer look at some of what you can expect.

24/7 Monitoring

Perhaps one of the best features from Vivint is its professional monitoring service. The company offers several monitoring plans for users to choose from including a Smart Protect plan that gives you basic protection from things like theft and fire. It also offers a Smart Protect + Control plan that adds in home automation, which can be ideal for those who want to have more control over their home from a distance. The Smart Complete plan offers video and automation services to give you even more protection.

Professional Installation

Though some may say that the Vivint requirement to have professional installation is a drawback, it’s actually a time saver for you. Let’s face it – not all systems are easy to install. When you want quality, you want something that is professional put in place. Professional installation does have a fee. That starts at $49.99 but can be higher depending on the equipment that you install.

Burglary Detection

A service you do not see as often in these home security products is this one – burglary detection. What makes it unique is that the system alerts your professional monitoring team whenever there are indications of a potential break-in. This includes features such as unauthorized entry detection and glass break detection. If this occurs, the live support connects, views what is happening, and can take appropriate action.

Vivint Ping Camera & Doorbell Camera

Ping offers a number of different security cameras. The Vivint Ping is perhaps one of the most versatile. It offers two-way talk, one-touch callout to let people call you on your app with the push of a button, and infrared night vision. The video quality is excellent with both HD and wide-angle lens. That means it captures everything even in those corners. It also gives you 24/7 playback for 30 days and custom notification options.

The Vivint doorbell camera is another excellent choice. It offers some key features including two-way talk, video with real-time access, custom notifications, and smart visitor detection (so it doesn’t send you a message every time a car goes past). This camera can also integrate with Vivint Sky, which allows you to control lock access from a distance. It has a 180-degree wide-angle lens and 30-second video clip access on demand.

Vivint Smart Home App

The Vivint Smart Home App provides access to your cameras from a distance. This is where you can access video feed, get results from door sensors that trigger, and gain access to unlock your doors (if you choose this service). The app is intuitive and rather easy to use.

Nest Thermostat Integration

For those who want to be able to control their home’s thermostat from a distance (whether that is from the basement or from 20 miles away) you can do so with the Nest Thermostat. Vivint and Nest link together to allow you to manage this smart home application through the app.

Alexa Integration

Amazon Alexa integration is also a key feature. For those that own an Alexa-enabled device, it is possible to use voice commands to lock or unlock your doors. With the Amazon Echo Show, you can also tap into the camera’s live feed.

Google Home Integration

Google Home integration works like other types of smart home integration – use voice commands to control your cameras. You can also use your Google Home Hub to view who is at your door or otherwise in the view of your cameras.


One of the key features to remember about Vivint is that it does require a contract. Some of these are five years long. A month-to-month contract may be available for those who decide to purchase their equipment upfront. Here’s a closer look at how the company’s pricing works.

Monitoring Plans

As noted, the company offers two monitoring plans. It’s best to choose one that fits your needs completely.

Vivint Equipment Package
Package NamePackage Cost
Home Security System Bundle$709.98
Smart Home Control Bundle$1,049.95
Video Security System Bundle$1,379.95
Smart Complete Bundle$1,789.92

Equipment Packages

Purchasing equipment from Vivint can become confusing (there are numerous options to select from). However, when you have the professional installation service, you can really customize exactly what you need. One way the company helps you to see your options is by creating basic bundles. Remember, you can customize these to better fit your needs.

Vivint Package Monitoring Pricing
Plan NameCost
Smart Security Service$29.99
Smart Home Service$39.99

Add-On Equipment

Along with the costs associated with the package and monitoring, you can purchase additional sensors, detectors, and even additional control panels for your home. These are some of the options:

Vivint Add-On Equipment
Equipment NameCost
4 Button Key Fob Remote$50.00
Door/Window Contact Sensor$50.00
Element Thermostat$169.99
FireFighter Smoke Alarm Detector$100.00
Flood/Temp Home Disaster Sensor$100.00
Garage Door Controller$99.99
Garage Door Controller and Sensor$100.00
Nest Thermostat$249.00
Outdoor 1080p Wi-Fi Security Camera$299.99
Panic Button$50.00
Infrared Motion Sensor$100.00
Ping Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Security Camera$199.99
SkyControl Panel$399.99
Kwikset Deadbolt Smart Lock$179.99
Vivint Doorbell Camera$249.99
Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector$100.00
Wireless Door Tilt Sensor$50.00
Wireless Glass Break Sensor$50.00
Wireless Smoke Detector$100.00


Vivint is a versatile system with numerous features and a great deal of add-on customization options. The contracts can seem like a bad deal, but they actually ensure you keep costs low. For those who are looking for a truly smart and cutting edge system, Vivint is a good pick for its flexibility and versatility.