Lorex Security Cameras

Lorex offers a wide variety of security cameras in large packages, making it a great choice for businesses or bigger homes.

  • Exceptional video quality up to 4K
  • Commercial-grade quality and construction
  • Several custom recording options

Lorex security cameras are made for both business and home use. Lorex Technologies is based in Ontario, Canada, and offers a variety of warranty options on their security cameras and systems, including standard limited warranty for one year, limited two-year warranty and the option to purchase extended warranty coverage. Lorex Technologies focuses solely on security cameras and systems, which allows the company to achieve a high level of specialization in the industry.

Lorex security cameras are designed to be easily installed by homeowners or building managers. Some other security camera companies require or recommend professional installation, which can add to the total cost. When you install Lorex security cameras yourself using the easy-to-follow installation instructions, you save money on your total cost.


Lorex security cameras have a variety of features. Some are included with all camera packages, while others are included in only some packages.

Technology Types

There are five main technology types of Lorex security cameras:

  • Wired
  • Wireless
  • MPX
  • Wifi
  • Digital IP

Wired camera systems may be the right solution if you’re looking for both outdoor and indoor cameras for your home or office building. The wired setup supports many camera styles, including bullet, miniature dome and dome cameras.

Wire-free cameras are simple to operate and install. They are powered by battery, which means they do not have dangling wires that need to be tucked away or hidden in the walls. Wire-free security cameras connect to a wireless receiver and only record when they detect movement. Due to the lack of wires, wire-free cameras can be placed practically anywhere. Wire-free camera systems are often recommended for rural properties, residential areas, low-traffic areas, urban properties and rental properties.

MPX security camera systems operate with the help of a digital video recorder. The MPX cameras are connected to the DVR with RG59 Siamese BNC cables. The cable is made with two ends. One end is for analog video transmission and the other is for power. An MPX system is frequently recommended for rural properties, high-traffic areas, urban properties, residential houses and small businesses.

Stand-alone WiFi products connect to your wireless network in minimal time. They can be easily removed and moved because they are individual cameras. They can also be placed either indoors or outdoors, depending on your preferences. All you need to do is plug them into your wireless network and they begin recording right away to the on-board microSD card. WiFi cameras are affordable and often recommended for doorway monitoring, rental properties, residential houses and condominiums or apartments.

Digital IP systems are state-of-the-art and use the most advanced technology. An ethernet cable powers the cameras and connects them to a network video recorder. Digital IP systems work great for high-traffic areas, residential houses, small and large businesses, smart homes and commercial buildings or warehouses.

Security Recorder Types

Lorex security cameras have three different recorder types:

  • Wire-free DVR
  • Security DVR
  • Security NVR

As the name suggests, wire-free digital video recorders only work with wire-free cameras from Lorex Technologies. The company offers two primary wire-free DVR options. One has a built-in wireless receiver that you don’t need to worry about installing, while the other requires you to purchase a wireless receiver so you can connect your cameras to your DVR.

A Security DVR is compatible with an MPX analog camera. This type of security camera records and transmits raw analog video through a coaxial cable to the DVR. Once it reaches the DVR, the footage is encoded and stored for future use and review.

A security network video recorder is compatible with Lorex’s IP security camera. Video footage captured by the IP camera gets encoded and sent through a Cat6 or Cat5e ethernet cable to the NVR for storage.

24/7 Surveillance

Lorex cameras give you the peace of mind that only 24/7 surveillance can offer. The systems feature the following surveillance functions:

  • Detection
  • Alerts
  • Recording

DVRs and NVRs detect motion and analyze all recorded pixels. Anytime something or someone new enters the camera frame, the DVR or NVR notices and alerts you.

If you want to be aware of all movement within your camera range, you can program your recorder to send you push notifications instantly. You can also opt for email notifications if you prefer. Once enabled, your program will send you an alert anytime someone or something moves on your property.

Lorex recorders have pre-installed hard drives. Video footage is automatically stored on those drives. When they become full, the oldest footage will automatically be removed to make room for new footage.

DIY Installation

If you’re trying to save money on security system costs, being able to cut installation out of the equation is a game-changer. Professional security system installation can cost a lot of money. Lorex security cameras are designed specifically for DIY installation. By following the instructions included with your cameras, you can quickly install your own cameras and save in the process.

Specialty Security Camera Features

Some of Lorex Technologies’ security cameras and systems come with specialty features:

  • Audio
  • 4K
  • Night vision
  • Outdoor capabilities
  • Zoom lens
  • Pan-tilt-zoom

These extra features are designed to cater to specific, enhanced security needs. Thus, cameras equipped with these features are usually more expensive than those that only provide basic features.


Here are a few of the costs associated with a Lorex Security Camera system.

OptionPrice/Price RangeVariations
HD IP Security Systems$434-$8,799.9961
HD DVR Camera Systems$229.99-$1,629.9950
HD NVR Camera Systems$434.99-$8,799.9953

You can usually save money by bundling camera packages instead of purchasing individual cameras. Lorex ships their equipment and systems to customers for free. The security camera company also accepts all major credit cards for purchases, including MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Discover. They also accept PayPal.


Lorex security cameras can meet a variety of needs, including home and business security. If you have a vacation property, a Lorex security camera system can give you peace of mind that your property is safe, even when you’re away. There are a wide variety of camera packages available, which makes it easy to choose a system that fits within your budget and special requirements.