Lorex Security Camera Cost and Pricing

Lorex offers a wide variety of security cameras in large packages, making it a great choice for businesses or bigger homes.

  • Exceptional video quality up to 4K
  • Commercial-grade quality and construction
  • Several custom recording options
Lorex Camera
Recent Update: 4 months ago
In April, 2022, Lorex unveiled its newest camera, the Lorex Pan-Tilt Outdoor Security Camera. This camera pans horizontally and tilts vertically, controlled by the app, to deliver ...

In April, 2022, Lorex unveiled its newest camera, the Lorex Pan-Tilt Outdoor Security Camera. This camera pans horizontally and tilts vertically, controlled by the app, to deliver clear day and night videos with 2K HD resolution. It also comes with active deterrent lights and a siren.

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The same camera brand that malls and commercial establishments trust to protect their premises can also secure your home? That’s Lorex’s competitive advantage. On top of that, Lorex has a healthy selection of cameras for you to choose from. You can have wireless cameras that connect to Wi-Fi, wired cameras with an on-site recorder, or a combination of both.

The question now is, should you invest in a Lorex security camera system for your home? In this guide, we’ll tackle Lorex’s pricing, products, packages, and cloud storage options to help you decide if it’s the right brand for your home security. Ready? Let’s get right to it.

Package pricing

Lorex security camera packages Price range
Analog camera systems $269.99-$1,499.99
Digital camera systems $399.99-$8,799.99
Wi-Fi camera systems $139.99-$899.99
Wire-free camera systems $369.99-$629.99
Lorex Sticker
Lorex Sticker

Equipment Options: Cost, Features & Installation

Fair warning: Brew a cup of coffee before checking out Lorex’s website. You’ll need to stay alert and awake as the product selection can be quite overwhelming. That’s because Lorex sells hundreds of different camera models, not to mention bundles, DVRs, NVRs, and accessories.

Tip: Want to learn more about Lorex? Check out these Lorex FAQs.

To make the selection process easier, though, you can categorize Lorex’s cameras into four groups. Doing that narrows down your options significantly so you can focus more on the features and specs. The four categories of Lorex cameras are analog, digital, Wi-Fi, and wire-free. And here’s a breakdown of their most common features.

Analog Digital Wi-Fi Wire-Free
Wired or wireless? Wired (coaxial cables) Wired (Ethernet cables) Wireless Wireless
Plug-in or battery? Plug-in Plug-in Plug-in Battery
DVR or NVR? DVR NVR Standalone NVR
Internet required? No* No* Yes Yes
Indoor or outdoor? Both Both Both Both
Max. resolution** 4K 4K 1080p 1080p
Night vision** Yes Yes Yes Yes
Local or cloud recording?** Local (DVR) Local (NVR) Local (microSD card) and Cloud Local (NVR)
Livestreaming** Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motion alerts** Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 recording** Yes (DVR) Yes (NVR) No (Motion events only) No (Motion events only)
Least Expensive Package $269.99 $399.99 $139.99 $369.99
Most Expensive Package $1,499.99 $8,799.99 $899.99 $629.99

*Some features, like remote live streaming and push notifications, require an internet connection.
**Not all models support these features. Check the specific camera models before making any purchase.

Analog Cameras

Analog cameras are about as old-school as Walkman and Betamax, but that doesn’t mean they’re no longer relevant. Analog cameras from Lorex record analog videos and transfer them to a recorder via coaxial cables. The recorder is a DVR, and here’s the modern twist: The DVR processes the analog videos to make them digital and readable using modern computers. If there’s footage you want to keep, you can transfer it to your computer or even upload it to your personal cloud storage.

On top of that, thanks to Lorex’s powerful DVRs, you can control analog cameras using your smartphone, use features like smart motion detection, or even pair up your security camera system with Alexa or Google Assistant. So yes, analog cameras are old-school, but Lorex managed to keep them useful.

In total, Lorex offers over 50 analog camera systems. You read that right, 50! Their components vary, from 1080p to 4K, fixed to pan-and-tilt, and indoor to outdoor camera models. We selected the most popular systems for this chart.

Product Code Price DVR Type Cameras
MPX851DZW $799.99 8-Channel 4K DVR
(2 TB)
5 Indoor/Outdoor Dome-Type 1080p Cameras 1 PTZ Indoor/Outdoor Camera
MPX1684DW $729.99 16-Channel 4K DVR
(3 TB)
4 Dome-Type 1080p Outdoor Cameras 8 Bullet-Type 1080p Outdoor Cameras
MPX84AW $549.99 8-Channel 4K DVR
(1 TB)
4 Indoor/Outdoor Vandal-Proof 1080p Audio Cameras
4KMPX44 $469.99 8-Channel 4K DVR
(1 TB)
4 Outdoor Cameras with 4K Resolution and Colored Night Vision
LHV514K84 $449.99 8-Channel 4K DVR
(2 TB)
4 Active Deterrence 4K Outdoor Cameras
MPX88DW $449.99 8-Channel 4K DVR
(2 TB)
8 Indoor/Outdoor Dome-Type 1080p Cameras
MPX44MDW $419.99 8-Channel 4K DVR
(1 TB) with Monitor
4 Indoor/Outdoor Dome-Type 1080p Cameras
4KA88 $387.99 8-Channel 4K DVR
(1 TB)
4 Outdoor Cameras with Smart Detection & Smart Home Voice Control
4KMPX82 $352.99 8-Channel 4K DVR
(1 TB)
2 Outdoor Cameras with 4K Resolution and Colored Night Vision
LX1081-44BD $269.99 8-Channel 4K DVR
(1 TB)
2 Dome-Type 1080p Outdoor Cameras 2 Bullet-Type 1080p Outdoor Cameras
Lorex Lens
Lorex Camera Lens

Digital IP Cameras

Lorex digital IP camera systems are more scalable than their analog cameras. They use Ethernet cables instead of coaxial cables to transmit videos to an NVR, minimizing the data loss. That, and because they record digital videos from the get-go rather than digitizing analog videos, is why IP cameras can cover larger properties and even commercial establishments.

Generally, though, digital IP cameras cost more than analog camera systems, but you’ll enjoy greater flexibility with IP cameras. Some digital IP cameras use Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), which means only one cable is required to power a camera and connect it to an NVR. If you’re looking to install multiple cameras, we recommend digital IP cameras over analog ones to reduce wire clutter.

Product Code Price NVR Type Cameras
4KHDIP1610 $1,549.99 16-Channel
(3 TB)
10 Bullet-Type Outdoor Cameras with 4K Resolution
4KHDIP822 $1,499.99 8-Channel
(2 TB)
2 Nocturnal IP Cameras with 4K Resolution and Real-Time 30 FPS
2 Nocturnal IP Cameras with 4K Resolution and Varifocal Zoom
LN1081-168BDB $1,079.99 16-Channel NVR
(3 TB)
4 Dome-Type Outdoor Cameras with 2K Resolution
4 Bullet-Type Outdoor Cameras with 2K Resolution
LN10802-168W $1,079.99 16-Channel
(3 TB)
8 Bullet-Type Outdoor Cameras with 2K Resolution
4KHDIP88AD $1,024.99 8-Channel
(2 TB)
8 Active Deterrence 4K Outdoor Cameras
4KHDIP86 $899.99 8-Channel
(2 TB)
6 Active Deterrence 4K Outdoor Cameras
4KSDAI84 $879.99 8-Channel
(2 TB)
2 Active Deterrence 4K Outdoor Cameras
2 Smart Outdoor Cameras with 4K Resolution and Motorized Varifocal Lens
4KHDIP84W $799.99 8-Channel
(2 TB)
6 Bullet-Type Outdoor Cameras with 4K Resolution and Smart Home Voice Control
LN10804-86W $749.99 8-Channel
(2 TB)
6 Bullet-Type Outdoor IP Cameras with 2K Resolution
NK182-45CBE-W $599.99 8-Channel
(2 TB)
4 Bullet-Type Outdoor Cameras with 2K Resolution and Smart Home Voice Control

Hot Tip: You can mix and match wired PoE cameras and wireless cameras to reduce the need for wire management.

Wire-free Cameras

Wire-free cameras are digital IP cameras with NVRs, but as the name suggests, there are no wires involved. That means they transmit videos to the NVR wirelessly and draw power from their batteries; no outlets needed! If you’re like us who’d rather not deal with wires, Lorex’s wire-free cameras are an option.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that wire-free cameras need battery changes every so often, although some can be recharged. Either way, you’ll need to set aside time to make sure each camera has enough battery power. Usually, wire-free Lorex cameras can run for about six months on a full battery.

Product Code Price NVR Type Cameras
LWF2080B-66 $629.99 6-Channel DVR
(1 TB)
6 1080p wire-free cameras
LWF2080B-64 $499.99 6-Channel DVR
(1 TB)
4 1080p wire-free cameras
LWF2080B-63 $449.99 6-Channel DVR
(1 TB)
3 1080p wire-free cameras
LWF2080B-62 $369.99 6-Channel DVR
(1 TB)
2 1080p wire-free cameras

Wi-Fi Cameras

When compared to the other camera types offered by Lorex, Wi-Fi cameras are the odd ones out. They don’t work with NVRs and DVRs; instead, they send recordings directly to the user’s smartphone via the Lorex app and store videos locally to a micro-SD card. They connect through Wi-Fi, thus they are wireless, but they still need to be plugged into a wall outlet.

This type of security camera is much more similar to the ones we see from brands like Nest Cam and Ring. You can read our Ring camera review for an overview. Wi-Fi cameras are flexible since you can manage each camera independently rather than as part of a camera system. That being said, we don’t recommend Wi-Fi cameras if you’re looking to buy a bunch. Each camera will need to connect to your Wi-Fi router, and having six or more of these Wi-Fi cameras can crowd your network and cause it to slow down.

Product Code Price Cameras
W281AA-6PK $899.99 6 Smart Outdoor Cameras with Active Deterrence (1080p)
W281AA-4PK $549.99 4 Smart Outdoor Cameras with Active Deterrence (1080p)
W261AQC-4PK $349.99 4 Pan-and-Tilt Indoor Cameras (1080p)
W281AA-2PK $304.99 2 Smart Outdoor Cameras with Active Deterrence (1080p)
W261ASC-4PK $259.99 4 Fixed Indoor Cameras (1080p)
W261AQC-2PK $175.99 2 Pan-and-Tilt Indoor Cameras (1080p)
W261-KIT $169.99 1 Fixed Indoor Camera (1080p)
1 Pan-and-Tilt Indoor Camera (1080p)
W281AA-W $163.99 1 Smart Outdoor Camera with Active Deterrence (1080p)
W261ASC-2PK $134.99 2 Fixed Indoor Cameras (1080p)
LNWDB1 $129.99 1 1080p HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
W261AQC-E $93.99 1 Pan-and-Tilt Indoor Camera (1080p)
W261ASC-E $69.99 1 Fixed Indoor Camera (1080p)

Money Saving Tip: Lorex offers Open Box deals, which are products returned to them after minimal or no use. These Open Box deals are cheaper compared to regular packages. Also check out Lorex’s Deals of the Day, which change daily and offer enormous discounts.

Installation Cost

Good news for avid DIYers such as ourselves: Lorex cameras are surprisingly easy to install. We just plugged everything in and they worked quite well. In sum, even though Lorex cameras are professional-grade, you won’t have to pay for professional installation. You can set everything up yourself.

Monthly Fees and Monitoring Costs

Mounted Lorex Camera
Mounted Lorex Camera

One thing we really appreciated about Lorex was the lack of monthly fees. After buying the equipment, we were able to use it without any additional, on-going costs. There was a tradeoff though. Without professional monitoring, it was completely up to us to monitor our apartment. That meant checking our live feeds for every notification we received. In case of a real emergency, which fortunately didn’t happen, it would have also been our job to report it. We would have felt safer having professional monitoring, especially since there’s approximately one burglary every 25.7 seconds in the United States.1 Still, knowing that we could use Lorex’s recording as evidence gave us enough peace of mind.

Tip From Our Experts: Because Lorex doesn’t have monthly subscriptions, it complements professionally monitored security systems well. We recommend using Lorex in conjunction with a security system with sensors and professional monitoring.

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Other Integrations

Whenever we review a security system, we always stack its value not only based on its built-in features but also based on how well it works with the smart home products in our lives. Although the specific system we ordered didn’t have any smart home integrations, we’ve found that some newer DVR/NVR and camera models work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple TVs, and Google Chromecasts.2

The Alexa and Google Assistant integrations make it possible to control Lorex using your voice. You could ask Alexa or Google Assistant to show you live feed from cameras on a smart speaker with a screen, like the Amazon Echo Show for Alexa or Google Nest Hub for Google Assistant. On the other hand, the Apple TV and Chromecast integrations provide a way to check real-time feeds on a bigger screen. If you own any of these smart home products, aim for Lorex systems that advertise smart home voice control and smart TV integrations.

Amazon Alexa Google Assistant
Analog Systems -D841 Series DVRs
-D441 Series DVRs
-D241 Series DVRs
-D841 Series DVRs
-D441 Series DVRs
-D241 Series DVRs
Digital Systems -N841 Series NVRs
-N881 Series NVRs
-N841 Series NVRs
-N881 Series NVRs
Wire-Free Systems -LHB927 Series NVRs
-LHWF1007 Series NVRs
-LHB927 Series NVRs
-LHWF1008 Series NVRs
-LHWF1007 Series NVRs
Wi-Fi Cameras -W281AA
-W261AS Series
-W281AQ Series
-W261AS Series
-W281AQ Series

Is Lorex Better Than Its Competitors?

Lorex Camera on Box
Lorex Camera on Box

We also want to show how Lorex compares to other brands and to industry standards. By doing so, we aim to help you see its real value to your home security.

What stood out the most for us about Lorex was the number of options it offered. Some security camera companies like Canary and Ring only offer a handful of equipment selections, but Lorex provided us multitudes of choices. We admit that choosing was intimidating at first, but once we figured out what we wanted and needed, we were able to narrow down our options.

When it came to features, it was clear that Lorex isn’t your run-of-the-mill security camera brand. It offered features we don’t commonly see such as 4K video quality, smart motion detection a.k.a. person detection, and continuous recording. Most brands that offer such features (Arlo, for example) charge a monthly fee.

Of course, we also experienced setbacks like with wire management and limited app features. Those weren’t deal-breakers for us, but we thought you should know before spending hundreds of dollars on a security camera system.

Summary: What We Liked Most About Lorex

To sum things up, we think it’s only right to tell you what we felt were Lorex’s strongest points. If these are what you’re looking for in a security camera system, then Lorex might be the right one for you.

Professional-grade equipment

In our hands, Lorex cameras didn’t feel cheap. The cameras were made of metal instead of cheap plastic that we commonly see in security cameras today. Most of the outdoor models were also rated at least IP66 (safe from dust and water jets) and IK10 (vandal-proof).

No monthly fees

No matter how many Lorex cameras we used, we weren’t asked to pay a monthly fee. This is especially beneficial if you have a large property as other camera brands charge a higher monthly fee as you expand your system.

24/7 continuous recording

Except when we told it to stop, Lorex recorded 24/7. It captured every moment, so we rested easy knowing that we’ll have hard evidence in case of a break-in. We know that recordings are crucial in helping law enforcement solve crimes!

Lorex Video Quality
Lorex Video Quality

Crisp and clear videos

The video quality is always important to us, so we were glad to see Lorex deliver high-quality images all the time. Our system consisted of 1080p cameras or higher that captured and streamed crisp and clear videos with infrared and color night vision.

Advanced, High-Tech Features

Although Lorex still sells analog security cameras, which are quite outdated now, it manages to keep its cameras relevant by adding modern, high-tech features that rival that of newer brands. Our Lorex system offered smart detection and remote app viewing, while more advanced models even have voice assistant and smart TV integrations.

Our Final Thoughts

When we reviewed Lorex, it showed us how professional-grade, high-end surveillance systems fit in a residential setting. We felt protected and secured, and not only because we had eyes watching our home 24/7, but because Lorex is a trustworthy brand.

That said, Lorex isn’t for everybody. Since the brand is camera-centric, it’s not the best choice if you’re looking for a whole-home security system with sensors and automation features. With Lorex, you’ll have to self-monitor as well.

If you’re after a more traditional home security approach with professional monitoring, check out our list of the best home security systems. However, if you’re looking for a security camera — or rather, a camera system — to supplement your existing home security, Lorex is definitely worth considering.

App Motion Clips
App Motion Clips
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