Best Google Home Security Systems TeamOctober 1, 2019

Say “Hey Google” to get the job done! The voice-responsive Google Home assistant works for your security, convenience and entertainment. Just say the command and Google Assistant can activate home security, adjust lights, tell a joke… and perhaps change the TV volume, start your coffeemaker and accomplish lots more with home automation – depending on which security system you choose. Here we share five best security systems that work with Google Home.

Each security company below is best in a different way. For example:

  • Scout leads with quick and cheap do-it-yourself (DIY) security installation. Monitor alerts yourself or pay for pro support.
  • Nest Secure is a favorite for DIY installation plus advanced Google Assistant integration. You can monitor emergency alerts yourself or pay for an award-winning monitoring service; Nest Secure partners with Brinks.
  • ADT Pulse is best for pro installation with streamlined Google Home commands. All new ADT customers sign long-term contracts for professional 24/7 emergency monitoring.

Read on for details about how these leading security companies work with Google Home.

Best Google Home Security Systems

Overall Best Google Home Compatibility – ADT

ADT is America’s longest-running security company. They date back to the 1800s, and now they install security systems that work with Google Home. Google’s virtual assistant can be integrated with a hardwired or wireless system from ADT Pulse. Each ADT Pulse system is customized for a home’s layout with help from an ADT consultant. In many parts of the US you can get same-day installation if you order by 2 p.m.

One reason ADT Pulse is “best for Google Home compatibility” is that commands are direct. You can say things like, “Hey Google, turn on my porch light.” With many other security companies you need to speak indirectly: “Hey Google, ask XYZ Security Company to turn on my porch light.”

ADT’s streamlined Google Home compatibility is appreciated by many customers, especially those who make the most of home automation. In this reviewer’s experience, speaking indirectly to technology triggers memories of awkward passive- aggressive Thanksgiving dinners: “Aunt Mary, ask Uncle Bob to pass the salt…” ADT Pulse makes home automation feel more casual and comfortable.

ADT Advantages

  • Free professional installation
  • Pro monitoring via landline and/or cellular chip
  • Best Google Home compatibility

Equipment for ADT Google Home

ADT Pulse security systems aren’t automatically connected with Google Home, but a mobile app lets you connect a system to Google Assistant. You can use voice control for the following security and smarthome features:

  • Arm the system
  • Lights
  • Locks
  • Thermostat

An ADT Pulse system can also support security cameras and other smarthome devices… but for now, only the items above have Google Assistant integration. Other security companies such as Nest Secure (below) support voice commands for cameras. ADT can monitor indoor security cameras, outdoor security cameras and video doorbells.

ADT Google Home Actions

You can activate ADT Google Home by saying “Hello, Google” or a couple of different leads. Basic ADT Google Home commands look like this:

  • Hello Google. Turn on my porch light.
  • OK, Google, turn the temperature down two degrees.
  • Hey Google, arm my system.

You can also create scenes, or automate more than one device with a simple phrase. An example is saying “OK, Google, good night” to adjust lights, locks and the thermostat all at once.

ADT with Google Home is offered risk-free for six months; you’re eligible for a full refund of equipment prices and any installation charge. This is the most generous refund period of any security company on our review site! A typical trial period is one month, and some companies offer just three days.

One more ADT benefit to note: Theft insurance is part of each new contract. It’s for a modest $500 max, but it shows confidence in ADT home security. We haven’t seen a similar offer from other top home security companies.

Best Google Product Integration – Nest Secure

Of the leading home security companies, Nest Secure has the best Google product integration. That’s to be expected, as Google owns and develops Nest! The latest version of Nest Secure has the Google Home voice assistant built into its home base. You can set up Nest Secure equipment yourself, then choose DIY or pro monitoring.

What’s meant by “best product integration?” Nest Secure lets you use voice commands for more devices. One example is security cameras: With ADT Pulse in 2019, you can’t yet speak to stream footage… but with Nest Secure, you can just speak to see video. Nest Secure is voice-responsive for streaming security video to Chromecast TVs, other Google devices, and third-party devices running the Chromecast app (such as iPhones and Android phones).

Nest Secure is made for do-it-yourself installation. For emergency monitoring you can DIY too, or pay Nest Secure for pro monitoring. Some points to consider:

  • Paid Nest Secure monitoring is provided through Brinks, the company with the fastest average response time for emergency dispatching. Monthly service costs $29.
  • If you choose DIY security monitoring with Nest Secure (free), any emergency alerts will be sent over WiFi. That’s less secure than the cellular chip service you would get with a paid plan through Nest / Brinks. With a cellular chip, sending security alerts isn’t dependent on your internet service working.

Nest Secure Advantages

  • DIY setup (no installation fee)
  • Google Home built-in
  • Pro monitoring optional

Equipment for Nest Secure Google Home

As of 2019, Nest Secure with Google Home lets you voice-control these types of products:

  • Nest alarm system
  • Nest cameras
  • Nest video doorbell
  • Nest and Yale locks
  • Nest thermostats

A single command can control one device or have multiple functions. You can set scenes for efficiency. For example, choose one command to adjust multiple home functions when you wake up, leave home or go to bed.

Nest Secure Google Home Commands

Here are sample commands for Google Assistant with Nest Secure:

  • Hey Google, lock the back door.
  • OK Google, set Nest Secure to “away and guarding.”
  • Hey Google, play the baby’s room camera on my tablet.
  • Hey Google, stream the side door camera on the TV.

Best Smart Home Features – Vivint

Vivint is a leader in home security with all sorts of home automation. Automate your home security, home entertainment system, lights, window blinds and much more.

Vivint lets you get especially creative with home automation because they can monitor any home appliance/electronics connected to smart plugs. Smart plugs let you remotely control the on/off position. One common application is for coffee makers. These plugs can also help you stop wasting energy. For example, you can set plugs to stop the flow of electricity whenever you leave home, and stop the clothes dryer remotely if a full cycle isn’t needed.

The company’s proprietary security systems work with Google Home: Each new Vivint security system has Google Home pre-programmed into its home base. New Vivint security systems also include two Google Home Minis (small smart speakers). This equipment is described below.

Vivint customers sign long-term monitoring contracts. Sensors are set up by a professional, and you can connect more equipment with a mobile app.

Vivint Advantages

  • Professional installation
  • Pro monitoring 24/7
  • Best smarthome features

Equipment for Vivint Google Home

Vivint offers a Google Home Base to complement any decor. The one-pound smart speaker is available with fabric and metal accessories in many colors.

The Google Home Mini weighs six ounces. This grey and white smart speaker provides an easy Google Home connection to Android and iOS devices.

Both types of Google Home speakers from Vivint have mute buttons or off switches. LED lights indicate when the speakers are active.

Vivint Google Home Commands

With Vivint you can speak directly to your security system, lights, locks and thermostats. You can also turn electrical plugs on/off remotely, which helps save energy or get tasks done from afar. Here are examples of Vivint Google Home commands:

  • Hey Google, arm my system to “stay.”
  • OK Google, set the upstairs thermostat to 72 degrees.
  • Hey Google, lock my doors.
  • Hey Google, turn on the Christmas tree lights plug.
  • Hello Google. Turn off the coffee pot plug.

Best Online Support & Knowledge Base – Brinks

Brinks, originally known for hardwired home security, now sells modern wireless security systems that work with Google Home. One of their compatible systems uses a Nest Secure home base. Another uses a color touchscreen control panel.

Generally Brinks security systems have DIY setup, but the company can send an electrician. Some customers have long-term monitoring plans and others choose month-to-month pro monitoring service ($19). Emergency monitoring from Brinks is award-winning for having the industry’s fastest average response time.

New Brinks security systems are compatible with video cameras and countless Z-wave devices (e.g., smart light bulbs and remote-controlled outlets). The Qolsys touchscreen security system, for one, can connect up to 119 sensors. Brinks also sells a system based around the Nest Guard hub.

Best Online Security Support

With Brinks a mobile app makes Google Assistant setup straightforward, plus Brinks provides some of the best online support in the home security industry.

You can find help in their impressive knowledge base, or reach out for help by online chat. In our test chat the Brinks rep was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient at answering questions. The agent typed responses like a real human chatting, not a corporate drone copying and pasting generic replies. We like an automated assistant, but sometimes a human is best.

Equipment for Brinks Home

The Brinks website shows two security systems that work with Google Home: My IQ and Nest Secure. A main difference is their control panels or home bases. My IQ features a touchscreen panel that we’ve written about for years; it’s the choice of many home security companies. Nest Secure uses the newer Nest Guard as a hub.

My IQ uses a full-color 7” touchscreen control panel. This equipment is an industry favorite. It can be monitored by security companies other than Brinks when your contract expires. Built-in highlights include Google Assistant, a 5MP camera, a glass break detector and a siren. The high-resolution camera will snap a photo if someone tampers with the panel.

Nest Secure from Brinks uses the Nest Secure home base, which is called Nest Guard. Like My IQ, it has tamper protection, a siren and Google Assistant. It also has a motion sensor.

One advantage of Nest Secure compared with My IQ is you can disarm without pushing buttons – just present your Next Tag.

Unlike My IQ, the Nest Secure hub doesn’t have a video screen… but it’s compatible with mobile phones, tablets, Chromecast TVs and other displays. You can connect a device to see live video feeds and saved clips, or an image/video of subjects you request from Google Assistant: cats in hats, patio furniture for sale near you, weather maps and so forth.

Brinks Security Advantages

  • DIY installation
  • Low-cost DIY video security
  • Best online support

Brinks Google Home Commands

Below are sample commands for Brinks My IQ security systems that work with Google Home. As of 2019 you can control lights, locks and thermostats; show cameras on Chromecast devices; and arm the system. For extra safety you cannot disarm by voice.

  • OK Google, ask to turn the living rooms light on.
  • OK Google, ask to arm “stay” my security system.
  • OK Google, ask to set the upstairs to AC mode.

Best DIY Install – Scout

Scout is a top home security company with DIY wireless security systems that work with Google Home. You can install a Scout home security system in about 30 minutes, and include voice-controlled security cameras if you like.

Professional alert monitoring is available but not required; Scout system owners can monitor activity/alerts themselves with the Scout app or online. You can receive free alerts by text, push notification and/or email.

Scout’s pro monitoring plan, called Always On+, costs just $9.99 month-to-month. It’s even cheaper if you choose a 12-month agreement.

Scout Advantages

  • DIY installation
  • DIY or pro monitoring
  • Google Home for security cameras

Equipment for Scout Google Home

The Scout website lets you build customized security systems that work with Google Home. The “brain” of each system is the Scout Hub, a slim rectangular device available in black or white. It has a 4G cellular chip for sending emergency alerts.

Scout Hub is compatible with Zig-bee and Z-wave devices to automate home security and other home functions.

Scout Google Home Commands

You can add Google Assistant to a Scout security system with the Scout mobile app. Here are some examples of commands.

  • OK, Google, ask Scout if my alarm is on.
  • OK, Google, tell Scout to disarm.
  • Hey, Google, tell Scout to activate vacation mode.
  • Hey Google, ask Scout if there is motion.

Fun Google Home Commands & Questions

When all is secure, it’s easier to unwind! Google Assistant is ready for casual artificial conversation, everyday help and entertainment. Here’s a small sampling of Google Home commands and questions.

  1. Start your day with a briefing. Say “OK, Google, tell me about my day” or “OK, Google, good morning.” This routine can include a personalized greeting, current weather and a forecast, traffic info for your commute, to-do reminders, calendar entries, flight status and curated news stories.
  2. Create location-based reminders. Google Assistant can give reminders based on where you are. For example, try “OK, Google, remind me to walk the neighbor’s dog when I get home” or “Hey, Google, remind me to buy dog treats when I’m at the grocery store.”
  3. Support your memory. There’s so much to remember! Let Google assist when you say phrases like, “OK, Google, remember that I put my Amazon password on a Post-It in the filing cabinet.” Later you can ask, “Hey, Google, where is my Amazon password?”
  4. Find yourself. We all misplace ourselves. Get your precise location by asking “OK, Google, where am I?”
  5. Relax with ambient sounds. Google Assistant responds to phrases like,  “OK, Google, help me relax,” “Play white noise” and “Play ocean sounds.”
  6. Learn what’s playing. Sharpen your trivial knowledge. Ask “OK, Google, what song is this?” or “OK, Google, what album is this?”
  7. Get game results. Check in on your home team or rival. Say “OK, Google, who is [XYZ team] playing next?” or “OK, Google, did [XYZ team] win last night?”
  8. Play games with Google Assistant. Try “OK, Google… Mad Libs!” for laughs. Trivia games with Google Assistant are popular too.
  9. Control your TV. With certain devices you can voice-control your TV with commands like “OK, Google, turn the TV to Comedy Central” or “OK, Google, play channel 4.”
  10. Pretend Google Assistant is psychic. Say “Hey Google, let me talk to Friendly Fortune Teller” to kick off the session. You can also ask Google Assistant “What am I thinking now?”

Google Home FAQ

Learn more about Google Home’s virtual assistant with our answers to common questions.

What is Google Home?

Google Home is a speaker brand with smart microphones. When activated, a speaker can send your requests to the cloud. Google can then look up information, activate commands and get other tasks accomplished. Your voice interacts with a virtual personal assistant, Google Assistant.

For audio the main Google Assistant device is called Google Home. Smaller speakers are called Google Mini. Google also sells Chromecast TVs and provides other ways to see images and video. Ask to see views from your front porch, your mobile device, apps or the Internet.

Can I give more than one Google Assistant command at once?

Yes! Google Assistant can stream up to three commands. For example, “Hey Google, dim the living room lights, set the stereo volume to 10, and play the Beatles White album.”

For even more advanced or convenient commands, you can set up automated routines or scenes. A simple phrase like “Hello Google, and good morning” can get multiple jobs done like tell you the weather, start your coffee maker, heat your garage and remind you when it’s time to leave for work. “Hey Google, Merry Christmas!” could turn on holiday lights and activate your dancing Santa.

Is the Google Assistant bilingual?

Google Assistant is multilingual. As of 2019 it can be set to recognize two languages at once. You can choose from:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish