LOCKS, SAFES, AND SECURITY: An International Police Reference (Second Edition)

The site administrator has authored the Second Edition of LOCKS, SAFES, AND SECURITY: An International Police Reference, published by Charles Thomas Publishers, Springfield, Illinois, United States.  This first edition of this book was originally published in 1970, and was one of the original references about locks utilized by forensic laboratories and law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

The revised textbook contains forty chapters, with  over 1400 pages of detailed information about locks and safes: their construction, design, and bypass, as well as an in-depth analysis of physical security.. There are over  550 illustrations, photographs, and diagrams to supplement the text, in extraordinary detail. The book may be ordered directly from the publisher.

You may preview the text on-line by key word search, or through its comprehensive index. An electronic infobase edition, LSS+ CD/ROM was released in July, 2002, and provides expanded text and graphics, and updates to the hardbound edition. The author has also re-written two famous treatises on locks and safes, originally published by Alfred C. Hobbs, and George Price during the 1850s. In addition, the famous manual “The Art of Manipulation” has been edited and included within LSS+. Version 5.0 of LSS+ will be released in May, 2004, and five new volumes.

LOCKS, SAFES, and SECURITY provides the first in-depth treatise on the subject since 1856 when George Price wrote his famous treatise in England. This book has been written specifically for criminalists, investigators, security specialists, and government agencies involved in covert operations. The book contains forty chapters that examine the subjects of locks, safes, and security in detail. The theory of each locking mechanism is presented, as well as the latest bypass tools and techniques for locks and safes.

Foreword by Dr. Ilya Zeldes, Director, South Dakota Forensic Laboratory (retired)

Foreword by Special Agent Brockman C. Self, FBI (retired)

THE AUTHOR has been involved in the analysis and bypass of locks for the past thirty years, and has consulted with many government agencies and private corporations regarding bypass and security of locks. He is an investigative attorney who conducts technical fraud investigations and related cases. Marc Weber Tobias received his Bachelor's Degree with a major in law enforcement, and a Juris Doctor Degree in law.  He has written five police textbooks and has been granted several U.S. and foreign patents involving the bypass of locks. During his career, he has worked both in the government and private sectors, involved in conducting and directing civil and criminal investigations. Marc Tobias is also a licensed polygraph examiner.

Marc Weber Tobias is the principal attorney of Investigative Law Offices, and is a  member of the following professional organizations: American Bar Association (ABA); American Polygraph Association (APA); American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP); American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS); Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA); Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA); International Association for Identification (IAI); American Academy of Forensic Scientists (AAFS); and Association of Firearms and Toolmarks Examiners (AFTE).

For additional information regarding this book, you may contact the author at mwtobias security.org

LSS+ is the multimedia supplement to LOCKS, SAFES, AND SECURITY. I will be available in July, 2002. Depending upon security level, information is provided that details sophisticated methods for covert bypass of most locking systems. Forced entry, forensics, burglary investigation, physical security, and alarm systems are also presented in far greater detail than within the bound edition. Extensive audio and video, as well as expanded graphics are contained within the electronic Infobase edition. Up to forty hours (depending upon security level) of media provides expert insight into lock picking, decoding, forced entry techniques, investigation involving locks and safes, and many other topics. Some of the recognized world experts appear on your desktop to aid in your understanding of this complex and diverse subject.

LSS+ is available in three different security levels: PUBLIC, LOCKSMITH, and GOVERNMENT. and integrates two books that were written over one hundred and fifty years ago about locks and safes. All information contained within the Infobase is instantly accessible through the sophisticated search engine.

The electronic supplement required almost three years to produce, and contains more than 4000 new graphics and images, 300 full-text patents, along with significant additions to the original text in the bound edition. You may order your copy from ALOA, MBA or LOCKMASTERS, or obtain a free preview copy.

See the reviews in The National Locksmith magazine for a detailed review of LSS+ by Richard Dickey.

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