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ADT may be the most recognizable brand in smart home security, but they’re also one of the more expensive, which is why we’re always looking for savings. Cue Cyber Week, the anticipation of the two most coveted deal-saving shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’ve scoured the Internet for the best deals on ADT during this winter shopping season to give you an inside look at what is to come for one of the top smart home security systems available.

Blue by ADT Indoor Camera
Blue by ADT Indoor Camera

ADT Black Friday Deals

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is when many people do the bulk of their holiday shopping, preparing for holidays like Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. 2019’s Black Friday spending increased by over 19 percent from 2018 at a total of $7.4 billion in the U.S.1 Now, we’ve been buying and testing products from ADT for years now, as you can see in our ADT security system review and our Blue by ADT review. Like we said before, ADT’s pricing isn’t the cheapest, but in terms of quality, you get what you pay for. On Black Friday, however, you can save as much as possible, but you may not figure out exactly how much until right before Thanksgiving; in 2019, ADT didn’t announce their Black Friday sale until November 14th. But what we can tell you is that on average, ADT’s Black Friday deals will save you 10 percent, and last year, the deal was for a free security camera and $100 off of professional installation. Not too shabby!

ADT Blue Install
Installing our Blue by ADT system was a breeze.

Tip: Check ADT’s site around Thanksgiving to see its Black Friday deals; they aren’t announced very far in advance.

ADT Cyber Monday Deals

We live in an online world, and that’s never been more noticeable than Cyber Monday, which, in 2019, was the day with the most spending in history at a whopping $9.4 billion, 19.7 percent more than in 2018. That’s $11 million spent every minute,2 if you do the math. Again, we can’t say exactly what deals ADT has planned for this year’s Cyber Monday, but we’re on the lookout for some big savings. In the past, we’ve seen the company offer free installation for the video doorbell and the outdoor camera, plus a $100 prepaid gift card from Visa. If you’re going to spend money on ADT, Cyber Monday is the time to do it.

What Can You Save On From ADT?

ADT is a really large brand with sub-brands like Blue by ADT, formerly Lifeshield, within it. Now, some of their options are more affordable than others, which is why we broke down the pricing on all of ADT’s offerings.

ADT Packages

ADT Home Security Equipment
ADT Home Security Equipment

ADT’s main packages are Secure, Smart and Complete. As you can see, all of the packages require the user to pay for 24/7 professional monitoring, which is typically the case for the more traditional security companies like ADT and Frontpoint. We paid about $40 a month on top of our package cost, although this could be up to $60 depending on the equipment and services. In addition, ADT works with the voice assistant Alexa, which lets us command the system hands-free, plus smart locks like Kwikset and any IoT devices that work with Z-Wave.

Type of Feature Feature Secure Smart Complete
Control Customizable Alerts, Schedules and Automations No Yes Yes
Control Live Streaming from Mobile Devices No No Yes
Control Record and Save Clips No No Yes
Control Remote Arming and Disarming No Yes Yes
Installation Professional Installation Yes Yes Yes
Monitoring 24/7 Professional Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Monitoring Environmental Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Physical Component Digital Panel Yes Yes Yes
Physical Component Doorbell Camera No No Yes
Physical Component Entryway Contact Sensors Yes Yes Yes
Physical Component Garage Controller No Yes Yes
Physical Component Indoor Camera No No Yes
Physical Component Keychain Remote Yes Yes Yes
Physical Component Motion Detector Yes Yes Yes
Physical Component Outdoor Camera No No Yes
Physical Component Smart Light Bulb No Yes Yes
Physical Component Smart Plugs No Yes Yes
Physical Component Smart Thermostat No Yes Yes
Physical Component Window Decals Yes Yes Yes
Physical Component Yard Signs Yes Yes Yes

FYI: Don’t recognize the word Z-Wave? Z-Wave is a type of network that connects Internet of Things devices to each other as well as to their respective apps. To learn more, read our explanation of Z-Wave vs. ZigBee, another smart home standard.

Now, ADT doesn’t actually list its package and component pricing on its website, much to our dismay. Instead, to order, you’ll have to dial in and speak to a (gasp!) real human. The plus? This means you can negotiate to your heart’s desire, as well as lock in savings with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Blue by ADT Packages

Blue by ADT System
Blue by ADT System

Formerly Lifeshield, Blue by ADT is a more affordable option from the trustworthy ADT. You can choose from a customized system or two pre-packaged systems; they also have individual components like a doorbell camera, indoor camera and outdoor camera. Packages start at just $179.99 with the custom security system, which is not bad, especially when you consider the fact that Blue by ADT has a self-monitoring option, as well.

Features Custom Starter Starter Plus
Components Smart home hub, keypad Smart home hub, keypad, two door and window sensors, one yard sign, four window stickers Smart home hub, keypad, four door and window sensors, two motion sensors, one yard sign, four window stickers
1 Month of Professional Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Self-monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Starting Cost $179.99 $219.99 $299.99

And unlike the regular old ADT, Blue by ADT didn’t make us sign up for the three years. Rather, their contracts were month to month, way less frightening to our short attention spans and lack of commitment.


The holidays are about family, celebration, and love, and what better way to show love then to protect your family and your home? Of course, you might as well save some money along the way, so before you click purchase on ADT, make sure to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals; trust us, you won’t regret it.

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