ADT vs Frontpoint

Two industry giants, our experts compare ADT and Frontpoint to see what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Aliza Vigderman
Gabe TurnerChief Editor
Last Updated on Aug 5, 2021
By Aliza Vigderman & Gabe Turner on Aug 5, 2021
ADT vs. Frontpoint


  • Fast and easy DIY installation
  • Smart home features and integrations
  • Industry’s best customer service
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  • Professional installation through Dish on all systems
  • Monitoring centers
  • 145+ years of home security innovation
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ADT vs. Frontpoint is a story of old vs young, of traditional vs. modern, truly a tale that will stand the test of time. ADT is the oldest security company in the United States, with over 140 years in business. They’re undeniably the most recognizable security brand around, in my opinion, and that’s got to mean something good, right?

Frontpoint is another customer favorite in the home security industry. Only a decade old, the company was the first nationwide alarm company to include smart security in all of its systems. They were also the first to make a self-guided setup app. Clearly, Frontpoint is a leader in the industry in terms of innovation, so I’m excited to see how their system compares with a similar system from ADT.

In this comparison, I’ll be looking at the ADT Video Package and a customized system I bought from Frontpoint. I’ll be going over the two systems’ similarities, differences, and installation processes. Next, I’ll move onto professional monitoring, then customer support. Finally, I’ll end by comparing their apps before telling you which system I recommend overall. Our comparison of Frontpoint and ADT starts now!

Key Similarities of ADT vs. Frontpoint

I’ll admit that I can get a little wordy, so before you buckle down and get into the nitty gritty of the systems, I want to tell you what ADT and Frontpoint have in common.

  • DIY installation: You’ll install both the ADT and the Frontpoint systems all by yourself.
  • 24/7 professional monitoring required: Both companies require that you pay a monthly fee for 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup.
  • Highly-rated apps: Both the ADT Pulse app and the Frontpoint app have high ratings from Android and iPhone users alike.

Key Differences of ADT vs. Frontpoint

Next, I’m going to tell you the main ways that ADT and Frontpoint are different from each other.

  • Customer support: While ADT doesn’t have the highest customer reviews, Frontpoint’s customer support is truly stellar.
  • Return policies: ADT gives refunds within six months if they weren’t able to resolve an issue, while Frontpoint gives you 30 days for a total refund for any reason.
  • Contract lengths: ADT only offers three-year contracts, while Frontpoint lets you go month-to-month.

Perfect! Now let’s see what’s actually included in these systems.

ADT vs. Frontpoint  System Components

Feature ADT Video Package Frontpoint Customized System
Hub No Yes
Keypad Yes Yes
Motion Sensor Yes Yes
Entry Sensor Yes Yes
Glass Break Sensor Yes Yes
Key Ring Remote Yes Yes
Smart Lock Yes Yes
Indoor Camera Yes Yes
Video Doorbell Yes Yes
Radio No Yes

The ADT Video Package and the customized Frontpoint system I bought are pretty similar, as you can see. Both give you a keypad, motion, entry, and glass break sensors, keyring remotes, smart locks, video doorbells, and indoor cameras.

ADT vs. Frontpoint Installation

Both ADT and Frontpoint offer DIY installation, which is good because it means you won’t have to pay for professional installation. I’ll save money wherever I can, even if that means I have to spend time reading some installation manuals!

Installing ADT

Installing ADT

Installing the ADT Video Package certainly wasn’t the hardest task I’ve ever done, but it wasn’t the easiest, either. Let me start with the good. Everything in the system comes pre-programmed together, which makes the process a lot easier. The tough parts were the camera and the Kwikset Deadbolt. It’s a bit confusing, but the camera that comes with the ADT Video Package is actually made by, but it still uses the ADT Pulse app. I recommend setting up the camera through your computer rather than through the app.

Installing a deadbolt could be easy or hard for you, depending on your experience. Fortunately, ADT gives you a nice step-by-step guide, and if that doesn’t work, you can always have a locksmith install it. Excluding the smart lock, installing the ADT system took me about an hour, which is a bit longer than I’d like to spend on a security system but definitely not bad.

Installing Frontpoint

Installing the Frontpoint Keypad

Most of the Frontpoint security system is wireless, which definitely makes installation a lot easier. The sensors and even the keypad are peel-and-stick, my personal favorite installation method, and like ADT, everything comes pre-programmed with the hub. In the same vein as ADT, installing the Frontpoint camera was the most complicated part, but it wasn’t too bad. I just had to plug in the ethernet and power cables, add the camera on the Frontpoint website, and connect it to my Wi-Fi. The process took a little under an hour, so I’m pretty happy!

Top System Installation

Frontpoint has an easier installation by a hair because that ADT camera still gives me nightmares. Frontpoint for the win!

Professional Monitoring

Looking to self-monitor through your app? Then you’re reading the wrong review. Both ADT and Frontpoint come with 24/7 professional monitoring, which means you’ll have a team of professionals monitoring your security system. It’s super helpful if you’re on vacation, stuck in a meeting, or trapped at the bottom of a ball pit. Wherever you are, if there’s an emergency at your home, the professionals can take care of it. They’ll check in with you and your home and if they determine it’s necessary, you can contact the police, hospital, or fire department for you. I wish I had them for every aspect of my life!

ADT vs. Frontpoint Monitoring Options

Frontpoint Plans

Feature Protection (34.99/month) Interactive (44.99/month) Ultimate (49.99/month)
24/7 Professional Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
100% Wireless & Cellular Yes Yes Yes
Automated System Check Yes Yes Yes
Expandable and Portable Yes Yes Yes
Unique User Codes Yes Yes Yes
Crash and Smash Protection No Yes Yes
Geo-location Services No Yes Yes
Mobile Alert and Notifications via Email and Text No Yes Yes
Remote Access and Control and Text No Yes Yes
Sensor History No Yes Yes
Live Video Streaming No No Yes
Video and Image History No No Yes
Motion Triggered Alerts No No Yes
Night Vision Enabled No No Yes
Light Control No No Yes
Smart Lock Control No No Yes

ADT and Frontpoint’s monitoring options work pretty differently. While Frontpoint lets you choose from two clear plans, ADT plans are based on both the amount of equipment you get and the services you want.

No matter which plan you choose on which system, you’ll get cellular backup along with your 24/7 professional monitoring. What does that mean, exactly? It means that your system will stay on even if the power in your entire neighborhood goes out. And that’s a good thing, in case you didn’t know!

I also wanted to explain the two more esoteric features of Frontpoint. One, they offer crash and smash protection, which means that if someone tries to (you guessed it), crash or smash your control panel, the professional monitoring team will be notified immediately and can send help. The second thing is the geo-location services. In a nutshell, you can connect your family’s phones to your Frontpoint system and stay updated on their locations. This seems a bit creepy to me, and unnecessary as most smartphones have their own internal location services.

I’m going to be honest— Frontpoint’s plans are a bit on the more expensive side, especially when you consider that you’d have to do the top-tier plan to get livestreaming, night vision, and control of your smart locks and lights. Nearly $50 a month just to have a security system with night vision feels like a lot to me, but again, this is typical of these more established companies.

Unfortunately, ADT’s pricing is not much better. While I can’t give you exact prices, I can say that you’ll pay a minimum of $28.99 a month for traditional security monitoring. If you want life safety monitoring, referring to smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, that cost will rise to $35.99 a month. And if you want to add an indoor and an outdoor camera, the cost goes to $57.99 a month! Of course, the exact pricing will depend on exactly what equipment you have, but be sure to negotiate with your salesperson.

ADT vs. Frontpoint Contracts

ADT only offers three-year contracts which you can start paying after your first six months with the system. Frontpoint, on the other hand, is a little more flexible, offering monthly contracting.

ADT vs. Frontpoint Moving Policies

As both ADT and Frontpoint have DIY installation, you’ll just move your system yourself if you are moving into a new home. There are no fees involved whatsoever! Just make sure you let Frontpoint know before you’re moving— they’ll send you more double-sided adhesive for your sensors and activate your system.

Top System for Monitoring

When it comes to professional monitoring, I’m looking for a system that with both flexibility and affordability, and Frontpoint wins in both of those categories. I like that it has monthly contracting as well as cheaper prices. Frontpoint two, ADT zero!

ADT vs. Frontpoint  Customer Support

ADT Frontpoint
Features Live chat, phone, Facetime, online help center Online FAQs, Phone
Google Rating 2.5 4.5

WINNER: Frontpoint

Contacting customer support? Not ideal no matter who you are or what the situation is. But it’s a reality of life, like flossing or doing your taxes. And if I’m investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars into my home’s security, then I want to make sure that the customer support is on point.

Both ADT and Frontpoint offer online help centers as well as phone lines, but get this: ADT also gives you live chat and even Facetime! Facetiming with an ADT customer support rep may seem like the most awkward thing imaginable, but I could see it being helpful if you want to visually show them an issue. Still, it’s a bit odd.

Next, I took a look at what real customers had to say about ADT and Frontpoint’s customer support. Unfortunately, ADT only has a 2.5 rating on Google, which is pretty yikes! Plus, all of the reviews that mentioned customer support were negative. Clearly, this is not ADT’s strong suit.

Frontpoint, on the other hand, is known for its incredible customer support, some of the best in the business. That amazing reputation is reflected in their 4.6 overall Google rating, and let me tell you, I kept scrolling and scrolling and saw nothing but four and five-star reviews.

“Customer service has been professionally helpful each time that I have had questions. They won’t leave you hanging if you have an issue. All that and you get peace of mind knowing that you have someone watching your back”

wrote Jack Linamen in a five-star review. Sounds great to me!

Top System for Customer Support

It’s no contest— Frontpoint has much better customer support than ADT. Again, if you’re keeping track, it’s Frontpoint three, ADT zero. Will ADT redeem itself with the app, or will it be a clean sweep for Frontpoint?

ADT vs. Frontpoint App

ADT Frontpoint
Features Arm or disarm your system, control any connected devices, livestream footage, & receive push notifications Remotely arm & disarm your system, receive all push notifications, livestream or view recorded video, & control your lights, locks, & thermostats
Google Play Rating 3.9 4.1
Apple Store Rating 4.8 4.5


The last thing I’ll write about is the app from which you’ll control and monitor your smart security system. We’ve all dealt with buggy apps, and I think we’re all in agreement that they’re zero amounts of fun. Let’s see if the ADT and Frontpoint apps spark joy.

The ADT Pulse App

ADT Pulse App

Don’t ask me why ADT named it’s app “Pulse,” I’m just here to review it! From the ADT Pulse app, you’ll be able to arm or disarm your security system, control any connected devices, livestream footage, and receive notifications. The app has great ratings, a 3.9 on the Google Play store and a 4.8 on the Apple store. Not too shabby, ADT! But is it enough to beat the beloved Frontpoint?

The Frontpoint App

The Frontpoint App

The Frontpoint app does the exact same things as the ADT Pulse app and it’s also highly rated. While Android users gave it a 4.1, iPhone users gave it a 4.5! It seems like both apps are pretty easy to use, so you’re covered either way.

Top System App

The numbers didn’t lie, and the ADT Pulse app beat the Frontpoint app by .1! A win’s still a win.

Recap of ADT vs. Frontpoint

It shouldn’t come as a shock that I’d recommend Frontpoint over ADT. They have more flexible and affordable monitoring options, easier installation, and better customer support than ADT. The only category that ADT beats Frontpoint in was the app, and it was a pretty marginal win.

That’s my recommendation, but I understand that people have different things that they’re looking for in a security system. Because I’m an incredibly kind and giving person, I want to break it down for you even further.

Pick ADT if you’d like…
  • Higher-rated app on iPhones: While the ADT app has a 4.8 on the Apple store, Frontpoint has a 4.5.
  • Customer support through live-chat and Facetime: For such an old company, ADT has the most modern ways to reach customer support.
  • Customized monitoring plans: Instead of choosing from three plans like Frontpoint, you’ll create your own with your salesperson based on equipment and services.
Pick Frontpoint if you’d like…
  • Monthly contracting: You’ll never make a long-term commitment when you sign up for Frontpoint.
  • Great customer support: Frontpoint has some of the best customer support from any security system we’ve reviewed.
  • Higher-rated app for Androids: While Frontpoint’s Android app has a rating of 4.1, the ADT Pulse app only has a 3.9 rating on the Google Play store.

That’s it for me! To learn more, read our full written review of the Frontpoint security system or our review of the ADT security system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a few questions about ADT and Frontpoint? You’ll find answers to some of the most common questions below.

  • Is Frontpoint better than ADT?

    Yes, Frontpoint is better than ADT. You have greater flexibility with Frontpoint, since you can build your own packages with just the features you want. In contrast, ADT locks you into one of four pre-made options. In addition, ADT has better customer service and, while both Frontpoint and ADT work with Alexa, only Frontpoint also works with Google Assistant.

  • What company is better than Frontpoint?

    Simplisafe is better than Frontpoint. While Frontpoint offers very strong security systems, Simplisafe offers the best systems on the market. Simplisafe has the easiest installation. It also has the highest rated apps on Google Play and the App Store of any security system we’ve tested. Simplisafe also bests Frontpoint when it comes to monitoring options, since Simplisafe offers self-monitoring only while Frontpoint doesn’t. Even with all those advantages, Simplisafe is still cheaper than Frontpoint. Simplisafe’s cheapest package is $244, a full $50 less than Frontpoint’s cheapest package. Simplisafe’s monitoring is cheaper too, $20 less per month than Frontpoint’s.

  • Does Frontpoint work without Wi-Fi?

    Yes, Frontpoint works without Wi-Fi. Specifically, the hub can work using a cellular connection. Because Frontpoint’s hub can work with both Wi-Fi and cellular, though, you may want to consider using both. Using both means you have a backup should one fail.

  • How much does ADT cost?

    ADT’s lowest priced package starts at $599 or $9.98 a month plus another $45.99 a month for monitoring.

    ADT package Lowest price per month for equipment (for 60 months) Lowest monitoring price per month Lowest combined price per month
    Secure $9.98 45.99 $55.97
    Smart $15.32 $49.99 $65.31
    Complete $17.48 $57.99 $75.47