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Predictive Home Security Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Human Intervention

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  • Predictive AI surveillance
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Gabe TurnerExpert
Last Updated on Apr 8, 2020

When I hear that Jeff Bezos has heavily invested in a company, naturally, I’m intrigued. That’s why I’m interested in Deep Sentinel, a smart home company founded in 2016 by David Selinger, a former Amazon employee known as a top innovator in Silicon Valley. The company emphasizes it’s 24/7 professional monitoring which not only lets you know if a crime is happening, but actually prevents crimes from happening in the first place. I’m curious as to how this happens, which is why it was so cool to be able to test this service out with a mock crime— but I’ll get to that part later.

In this review, I’ll go over the Deep Sentinel security system’s components, installation process, professional monitoring options, customer support, and app, before making a recommendation as to who should buy it. I’m super excited to see if this company lives up to the hype, so let’s get started with my Deep Sentinel Review!

Deep Sentinel Pros and Cons

Deep Sentinel Security System Components and Box
Deep Sentinel Security System Components and Box

If you don’t have much time, here are the best and worst things about Deep Sentinel.


  • Amazing artificial intelligence: On top of differentiating people from other moving objects, Deep Sentinel’s impressive AI can actually tell what people are doing, whether they’re simply passing by or attempting to break into your window.
  • Responsive professional monitors: Deep Sentinel’s team of professional monitors respond in as little as 30 seconds to robbery attempts, violent behavior, package theft attempts and more.
  • Impressive design: All of the components impress, particularly the camera’s ring of light that flashes red when activity is observed.


  • No sensors: Deep Sentinel’s system is composed of merely a hub and an indoor camera, plus a security sign, so the interior of your home may not be as protected as you like.

What’s in the Deep Sentinel System?

Deep Sentinel Hub and Battery
Deep Sentinel Hub and Battery

The Deep Sentinel security system is surprisingly minimal, containing only a hub, an indoor camera, along with materials for installation, a security sign, and an extra rechargeable battery.

Three Deep Sentinel Cameras
Three Deep Sentinel Cameras

Compared to other security systems I’ve reviewed, this is pretty limited, without any motion, glass break or entry sensors, panic buttons, key fobs, or what have you. However, if their monitoring is all it’s cracked up to be, maybe these components become unnecessary— but I’ll get to that in a little.

AI Hub

Deep Sentinel Hub Lit Up
Deep Sentinel Hub Lit Up

The hub is where all of your camera’s footage will be processed, and what connects your camera to the live guards monitoring your home. It’s battery-operated with an integrated charger and has 64 GB of flash memory storage. With 4GB of dedicated RAM, this hub can analyze over 50 images per second using amazing artificial intelligence software, which is constantly being improved upon. I’ll talk about that more in the next section, but when you’re installing the hub, make sure it’s within 100 feet of the camera.

Deep Sentinel 3 Next-Gen Wireless Camera

Deep Sentinel Camera
Deep Sentinel Camera

Now let’s talk about the camera itself. If you’ve read any of my security camera reviews before, then you know I’m a stickler for our Necessary Features test, so let’s see if this camera gets full marks in every category.


Deep Sentinel Camera Outside
Deep Sentinel Camera Outside

The Deep Sentinel 3 Next-Gen Wireless Camera looks like something out of the Matrix, with it’s bright light ring, built-in siren and matte black exterior made of gunmetal plastic. Intended for use either indoors or outdoors, it has an IP rating of 65, meaning it’s 100% protected against solids and can even handle powerful water jets 6.3 mm or below.

IP Ratings
IP Ratings

With a temperature range of negative four to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, this camera should be okay for most climates in the continental United States.

Operated by a rechargeable battery, the Deep Sentinel 3 Next-Gen Wireless Camera shouldn’t be too difficult to set up. Like I said, the camera also comes with an extra battery for when you’re recharging the first one. That ensures that even if the electricity is off, your camera will stay on. Did I mention it’s 104-decibel siren, which is almost as loud as a table saw? Combined with the light ring, this means that anyone intruding on your space will be highly visible and audible in no time.

Video quality

Deep Sentinel Day Vision
Deep Sentinel Day Vision

The Deep Sentinel 3 Next-Gen Wireless Camera has the industry standard of 1080p HD, plus a nice field of view of 130 degrees. Unfortunately, the camera can’t zoom in optically or digitally, so it’s not the best for those smaller details.


With a speaker and a microphone, the Deep Sentinel 3 Next-Gen Wireless Camera has two-way audio, allowing you to speak to whoever the camera’s on. That will come in handy whether you’re checking to see if your kids are really doing their homework or warning an intruder to back off. Not only will you have access to the camera’s two-way audio, but so will the professional monitoring team, which Deep Sentinel calls guards. Sometimes all it takes to stop a home invasion is a simple “hello”!

Night vision

Deep Sentinel Night Vision
Deep Sentinel Night Vision

The Deep Sentinel 3 Next-Gen Wireless Camera has infrared night vision from 850 nm LED lights as well as color night vision if the bright white lights are on. With that infrared vision, you’re going to be able to see up to 35 feet away in total darkness, which is pretty impressive.


Event History on the Deep Sentinel App
Event History on the Deep Sentinel App

You’ll get 64 GB of local storage through the hub, plus the same amount of cloud storage. This is part of the professional monitoring cost, so you won’t have to pay anything extra for storage.

Smart Platform Integration

Unfortunately, the Deep Sentinel 3 Next-Gen Wireless Camera doesn’t work with any voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, which was surprising to me considering Bezos’ investment. Hopefully, this is an upgrade that the company can make eventually, as I know how much we all love using voice commands to control our security cameras.

Artificial Intelligence

Person Detection
Person Detection

Now, artificial intelligence is a huge selling point of the Deep Sentinel 3 Next-Gen Wireless Camera, so it better be more than the expected person detection. So not only can the Deep Sentinel 3 Next-Gen Wireless Camera differentiate between people, animals, and any other type of moving object, but it can also distinguish between “suspicious and non-suspicious behavior”.

In fact, if a potential threat is detected, the camera’s red LED ring will start spinning, bringing the person’s behavior to the forefront of your neighborhood or home. Suspicious behaviors are things like following a homeowner into their front yard, using a crow bar, or other potentially dangerous behaviors. Of course, the professional monitoring team will check the livestream before contacting emergency services, avoiding any false alerts. 

I’ve reviewed a ton of security cameras, but this ability to distinguish between suspicious and non-suspicious behavior is a feature singular to Deep Sentinel. But just how well did it actually work? To find out, Deep Sentinel let me play out a “mock crime” to see exactly how the camera worked and the Live Sentinel guards responded.

In my experience, the Deep Sentinel team was extremely responsive, alerting me even when a neighbor’s girlfriend was going through my mail. I almost found the monitoring to be over-kill, but for some people, it might be comforting, especially if you’re very worried about intruders.

What’s Setting Up Deep Sentinel Like? 

Underside of the Deep Sentinel Hub
Underside of the Deep Sentinel Hub

To begin setting up Deep Sentinel, first download the app and sign up with your personal information (which includes your address, name and email, as well as contact information for local law enforcement). The final part of putting in your information for the police is “agent validation,” where you actually speak to someone from the monitoring team to make sure your system works.

The app will guide you through the set-up process, having you connect your hub to your router via an ethernet cable and turning it on. Keep in mind that the hub must be centrally located so that all the cameras can connect with it. I’d place is six to eight feet off the ground or on your home’s second story, if you have one. When the green LED light on the hub blinks, it means you’re setting it up, and it will glow solidly once you’re done.

Once that process is done, you can set up what’s called a “protection zone” in the app. Simply draw a “boundary box” along the space you want protected, but leave out your neighbor’s yard! This is very important to reduce false alarms, which made things a bit difficult considering I live in an apartment in Brooklyn. This system might be better for those who live in single-family homes.

Professional Monitoring with Deep Sentinel

Professional Monitoring
Professional Monitoring

All Deep Sentinel packages require that you pay an extra monthly fee for professional monitoring. Let’s talk more about what that actually entails.

How Monitoring Works

Deep Sentinel Professional Monitoring Response Times
Deep Sentinel Professional Monitoring Response Times

If your camera detects suspicious behavior, the Hub will automatically alert the professional monitoring team, who work 24/7 hours to monitor your home. After verifying that a suspicious behavior is happening, the team will respond within either 30 or 60 seconds, depending on what’s going on.

Guards on Duty on the Deep Sentinel App
Guards on Duty on the Deep Sentinel App

If an emergency situation is taking place, like a robbery to auto theft attempt for example, the team will respond within 30 seconds, turning on the camera’s siren or speaking through two-way audio. If necessary, they’ll call your local police, who will respond quickly as the company reports are “verified” with both a description of the subject and his or her behavior. On average, the guards will contact law enforcement within eight minutes.


Deep Sentinel Pricing
Deep Sentinel Pricing

Deep Sentinel’s monitoring costs depends solely on the amount of cameras you have. As you can see, the more cameras you have, the higher the monthly cost will be, which is typical of most security companies. Although you’ll be able to monitor your camera’s through Deep Sentinel’s app, professional monitoring is required, so it’s not the best choice for someone looking to avoid monthly fees.

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Unfortunately, the system does not have cellular backup, so if your Wi-Fi goes down for whatever reason, your system will become local and won’t be able to connect with the monitors, another drawback of Deep Sentinel.

Contract Rules

The good news? Deep Sentinel’s contracts are monthly, so you’re not making a long term commitment. And if you want to return your system for whatever reason, you can receive a full refund minus shipping as long as it’s within 30 days of when the system was originally shipped. Note that after that period, if you want to cancel your Deep Sentinel subscription, your cameras will become useless.

Deep Sentinel Customer Support

If you need help with your Deep Sentinel system, you can check out their online support center and community forum or call them over the phone. Of course, I wanted to see what real Deep Sentinel customers had to say about their experiences with customer support, so I turned to Amazon and Google for some reviews.

Currently on Amazon, the three camera system has a 4.8 rating overall, although it’s only from eight ratings. That’s not super surprising as the company is so new. But out of the two reviews that mentioned customer support, they were both alarmingly positive (no pun intended). One Amazon user named Margaret was particularly complimentary, writing,

“Working with Deep Sentinel customer support through that weeks-long process was incredibly helpful and reassuring. They spent hours on the phone with me (yes, telephone, where you dial and a person answers; remember that?), day after day, troubleshooting, monitoring things on their end, researching, and listening to my experience and ideas, until we got it solved.”

Similarly, Deep Sentinel has a perfect five-star rating on Google from seven reviews. The one review that mentioned support was very positive, saying they were easily reachable as well as helpful, which is often not the case if you’ve ever dealt with customer support in general. All in all, I’m really pleased with Deep Sentinel’s customer support, which is a huge advantage in the home security industry in particular.

The Deep Sentinel App

The Deep Sentinel App
The Deep Sentinel App

Even though you’ll get 24/7 professional monitoring with your Deep Sentinel security system, you may still want to monitor it using their mobile app, available for both iPhones and Androids. On the app, you’ll receive notifications from the camera and the Live Sentinel Guards, livestream footage, speak through two-way audio, or enable privacy mode if you want to be left alone. The app is highly rated with a 4.1 on the Google Play store and a 4.3 on the Apple store. Another feather in Deep Sentinel’s hat!

Deep Sentinel’s Privacy Policy

Privacy Mode on the Deep Sentinel App

As Deep Sentinel’s Guards are more on top of monitoring than nearly any other security company I’ve reviewed, I wanted to touch on the company’s privacy policy. While they keep some of your personal information like your name, address, and payment information (all necessary for upholding your account), the privacy policy emphasizes that your personal information will never be used for marketing purposes, and in the unlikely case that this changes, you’d need to opt-in.

As far as the actual video data on the hub and on Deep Sentinel’s servers, it’s all encrypted under SSL, and the footage is stored for as little time as necessary. The only time it can be retained for two years is to deliver or improve products or if the video was reviewed by guards or resulted in a LiveSentinel Interaction or request for police or private security support. On your hub, the video data is stored until most space is needed, with their software automatically deciding how long videos should be stored based on their importance. 

I’m super glad that Deep Sentinel isn’t sharing any personal data with third parties, as that would be a privacy disaster. You’ll also be able to access the information they’ve collected about you, and in some jurisdictions like the European Union, you can correct and delete data. Finally, you can opt-out of all marketing communications, which is nice. Overall, I’m happy that Deep Sentinel is only keeping the information necessary to maintain their products and services.

Deep Sentinel Recap

Deep Sentinel Camera Mounted Outside
Deep Sentinel Camera Mounted Outside

Overall, I think Deep Sentinel is a great choice of a home security system, with really strong artificial intelligence capabilities, a dependable monitoring team, fantastic customer support and a user-friendly app. Of course, it’s not the best choice for everybody, so let me break it down even further.

Go with Deep Sentinel if you’re looking for…

  • Awesome AI: The wireless cameras have AI features that can prevent crimes before they happen.
  • Dependable professional monitoring: The Live Sentinel guards are adept at responding to alerts quickly and contacting the police through verified reports.
  • Minimalist system: If you’re fine with simply having cameras and a hub with no security sensors whatsoever, then this could be the security system for you.

But avoid it if you were looking for…

  • Self-monitoring: Unfortunately, Deep Sentinel requires that you pay a monthly fee for professional monitoring.
  • Extra components: If you wanted security sensors, panic buttons, key fobs, and the like, Deep Sentinel is not a good option for you at this time.
  • Cellular backup: Your system won’t work if the Wi-Fi doesn’t, which is a pretty big drawback.

As Deep Sentinel grows as a company, it’ll be interesting to see how they improve upon their system. To learn about some other great options, read my review of the best home security systems of 2019.

Deep Sentinel FAQs

  • Is Deep Sentinel wireless?

    While Deep Sentinel’s cameras are wireless, their hub must be plugged in.

  • Does Deep Sentinel have monthly fees?

    Yes, monthly fees for professional monitoring are a requirement of the Deep Sentinel security system. The cost is either $29, $49, or $79 per month, depending on the amount of cameras.

  • Is Deep Sentinel a good security system?

    Overall, I think Deep Sentinel is a great choice of a home security system, with really strong artificial intelligence capabilities, a dependable monitoring team, fantastic customer support and a user-friendly app.