Deep Sentinel Security

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Last Updated on Apr 7, 2020

Home security and surveillance combining AI technology and human intervention

Deep Sentinel security is a good fit for people who:

  • Value cutting-edge AI technology
  • Want the fastest response time possible
  • Desire proactive rather than reactive home security
  • Want virtual guards surveilling their property 24/7
  • Are willing to pay extra for a premium home security experience

What Sets Deep Sentinel Apart?

Unlike other home security solutions, Deep Sentinel is powered by artificial intelligence technology that can catch criminals before they strike. The company combines this predictive AI tech with highly-trained staff members. The result is a comprehensive home security experience with fast response times.

Using a combination of security cameras, motion sensors, and the AI processing Hub, Deep Sentinel puts a robust surveillance zone around your home. The moment the zone is disturbed, the cameras begin recording and the homeowner and monitoring center receive real-time alerts. The live video stream is also sent to the monitoring center, allowing them to immediately intervene if necessary. Creating this “intelligent perimeter” around the home is critical to detecting suspicious activity before it escalates too far.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is the lead investor on the project. And the owner of Deep Sentinel also has ties to Amazon as a former R&D developer of the company (Amazon’s valued with a market cap of $1 trillion). All that to say, the pockets run deep and so too does the innovation.

Deep Sentinel’s proactive approach to home security — the pairing of artificial intelligence with human intervention — is perhaps the next evolution in the security industry. So you can expect it to come with a premium price-tag to match. Deep Sentinel is by no means cheap. But it does boast quite the feature stack to put it in the upper echelon of home security systems.

Read on to learn about the key features, plans, and pricing of Deep Sentinel.

Key Features

  • 24/7 Wireless Monitoring
  • Next-gen security cameras
  • Intrusion Protection
  • AI Processing
  • Zero False Alarms
  • DIY Installation

Deep Sentinel Pricing and Packages

Deep Sentinel’s equipment and technology is superior to its competitors. But the predictive tech is just one pillar of the overall value they deliver. They also guarantee the fastest intervention of any home security company. And they back it up with LiveSentinel, a program that consists of highly-trained agents who are ready at a moment’s notice to take action to eliminate the threat to your home.

With LiveSentinel, agents can actually speak to perpetrators via a two-way talk feature that’s built into the system. This happens at an average time of 10 seconds. Then, if necessary, the agents will call the police, an intervention that takes an average of 30 seconds. However, it typically does not escalate this far, as the equipment’s strobing lights and loud sirens tend to do the trick.

The one-time equipment cost is $499.

Deep Sentinel home security system comes with the following equipment package:

  • 3 Nextgen Cameras (extras can be purchased)
  • 1 Smart Hub with AI Processor
  • 4 Rechargeable Batteries (+1 extra)
  • 3 Single Screw Mounts
  • 1 Yard Sign & Install Kit

Once the equipment is purchased, homeowners will pay Deep Sentinel’s monthly monitoring price of $49/mo. While this is more expensive than its competitors like ADT ($39.99/mo.), Deep Sentinel’s premium technology and service is more advanced than what’s currently offered in the home security market.

To get the system, users must also sign a one-year commitment for the monitoring package. With a $49/mo. price tag, that comes out to $588 yearly. But the company promotes it as a low price of $1.65 per day for “live human security guards watching over your home and family’s safety.”

Deep Sentinel has a lineup of features that help to position the home security company as a top choice for discerning buyers. These high-tech features and tech include the following:

  • 10-Second Threat Identification: Deep Sentinel’s predictive threat detection is the fastest on the market. This allows for quick intervention and rapid response.
  • Real-Time Interventions: Stop suspicious activity before it escalates with real-time interventions. Interventions include loud speakers with a siren that blares at 104-dB, strobing lights, and LiveSentinel’s two-way communication that allows agents to speak directly with the intruder and police.
  • 100% Verified Police Escalation: In the event of criminal activity, Deep Sentinel contacts police within 20-30 seconds. Agents are able to live-stream visuals and audio to verify a threat. This approach completely eliminates false alarms.
  • 1080p (HD) Resolution: Rivaling the best security camera resolutions on the market, Deep Sentinel’s 1080p cameras can capture and record video footage to be streamed live from a smartphone and sent to police.
  • Rapid Wakeup and Record: 250 milliseconds is all it takes for Deep Sentinel cameras to switch from standby to recording. The advanced processing only wakes the cameras when they are needed, again helping to eliminate false alarms.
  • Night Vision Cameras: Infrared LED night vision cameras leverage motion detection technology to pick up activity as far away as 35 feet, day or night.
  • 130° Field of View: Crystal clear imaging with 130° field of view means that the cameras will sense more activity, more often. A wide field of view can make all the difference when it comes to safeguarding your home.
  • Long Lasting Battery: Deep Sentinel’s rechargeable batteries are capable of lasting two months on one charge. Also, the Hub comes with a built-in charging station, keeping the system fully charged day in and day out.
  • Weatherproof Construction: Deep Sentinel manufactures their products with IP65 housing, equipment that can withstand snow, rain, sleet, and extreme temperatures (from -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Local Video Storage: No need for a costly cloud storage plan. Store video footage directly on the Hub. The storage boasts 64GB of built-in flash memory and 4GB of RAM.
  • On-Site Processor: Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 SoC is the on-site processor that is capable of processing ten frames per second. Deep Sentinel is the first and only home security system that includes on-site processing.
  • True AI Analysis: Artificial intelligence is at the heart of the Deep Sentinel home security system. The cutting-edge technology can distinguish between criminal activity and ambient motion. This eliminates false alarms and dramatically decreases response times.

Current Deal

Deep Sentinel has discounted their $699 equipment package to $499. As for the 24/7 monitoring monthly subscription, you can save $100 if you pay for one year up-front.

About Deep Sentinel

Forbes claims that Deep Sentinel “Fixes home security for good.” This is a bold statement, but considering their advanced AI technology and ultra-fast response times, it’s hard to argue against. One thing is for certain, the company is on the leading edge of home security innovation. Combine that with the financial backing of Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, and you have a strong case for Deep Sentinel being the best pound-for-pound home security system on the market today. It might not be for everyone. But for discerning buyers who demand more out of their products and services, Deep Sentinel is worth a closer look. Read our full review of Deep Sentinel here.

24/7 Monitoring — Deep Sentinel puts US-based professional surveillance agents in your corner. These agents monitor the perimeter of your home 24/7, 365. And your privacy is never compromised.

Wireless Equipment — The easy-to-install DIY home security systems are 100% wireless. This eliminates the potential for a criminal to cut wires, defeat your security system, and gain access to your home.

Surveillance Cameras — NextGen cameras are powered by AI to detect suspicious activity in real time. The high-quality HD cameras include strobe lights, two-way audio, and a live-stream feature.

DIY Installation — Deep Sentinel security systems do not require configuration, and the cameras are mounted in a matter of minutes using a single screw. With DIY install, you’ll be up-and-running quickly.

Two-way Voice — Deep Sentinel next-gen cameras come equipped with built-in microphones and speakers. This allows for two-way communication, a critical feature should intervention become necessary.

Geoservices — The equipment package puts a virtual force-field of protection around your home. The surveillance extends far beyond your entryway to reach the perimeter of your property.