Frontpoint Security Systems

  • Fast and easy DIY installation
  • Smart home features and integrations
  • Industry’s best customer service

Frontpoint has become one of the most sought after of all of the home security companies. It’s pretty easy to see why. It has some of the best features but also builds-in fantastic customer support and a lot of custom features to make sure you protect your home your way. Frontpoint Security Solutions is a company that’s been around for some time and is based out of Virginia. It’s worked hard to earn a place at the top of the list of innovative security companies by providing tools quickly including things like redundant backups, powerful encryption, and a fully integrated home automation solution.


What makes Frontpoint ideal? It works well for most people because of the vast number of features it offers. Here’s a closer look at some of the technology it offers – and it pretty much has it all for you.

24/7 Monitoring

Professional monitoring is a key component of this product. Every system offered includes 24/7 monitoring without any extra charge. It includes monitoring for fire and environmental risks as well as life safety emergencies. The company’s response times are also reliable. When a highly trained professional responds to an alert, emergency responders can be at your home quickly.

Wireless & Cellular

Frontpoint operates on both a wireless and cellular level. This ensures you remain connected even if the power goes out. This creates a strong level of protection even if an intruder tries to cut the power to your home.

DIY Installation

Frontpoint’s equipment is designed to be easily installed by the homeowner. There’s no need to have a technician come to your home to do the work. Most systems can be put in within 30 minutes. This gives you a faster solution quickly.

Frontpoint Security App

To access all features of the Frontpoint system, users will have access to the Frontpoint Security app. The app provides for just about everything including receiving alerts from the armed system. It lets users live stream video from the system’s cameras. This means you can interact with those who may be on your property. You can control lights from it as well as connect to all of your home automation systems. Geo-Service is also a nice feature. It alerts you if you leave home without alarming your system.

Frontpoint Cameras

Cameras from Frontpoint offer many of the key features you want and need. The indoor cameras are designed to offer high-resolution to capture just about everything. The outdoor cameras from Frontpoint offer some of the best tech features including long-range detection of up to 40 feet, night vision, and allowing up to 10 people to watch at one time. This gives you the ability to have numerous people watching your home. The doorbell camera is also a quality product. It has a wide angle lens (one that is less common in other systems) and has a slim design. This allows the camera to fit more doorframes, making it simple to install.

Alexa Integration

Amazon Alexa users will be able to link their Frontpoint system with it. This gives you the best overall control for your home. For example, you can use your Amazon Echo Show to tap into the Frontpoint cameras by your front door, allowing you to see and interact with whoever is there. Voice commands make this process easy to manage.

Google Home Integration

For Google Home users, Frontpoint’s systems also work with this home automation feature. Use your Google Home Hub, for example, to arm and disarm your system. You never have to get up from a movie to let a friend in the house.


One of the concerns many people have when choosing this type of system is ensuring there is strong encryption present so that no one can break into it. The company’s systems do have strong encryption. It uses 128bit AES encryption.

Automatic System Checks

One way the company’s products stand out from the crowd is through automatic system checks. Every 68 minutes, the system runs a full check. This includes all sensors setup with the system. It ensures they are online and active, giving you confidence your home is protected. This is a built-in feature you don’t have to control.

24-Hour Backup

Frontpoint features a 24-hour battery backup. This means if your system loses power, it has a battery backup to work for at least 24 hours until the power comes back on. This is a rechargeable battery and a true fail-safe most property owners want to have in place for storms.


Pricing out the Frontpoint systems can be challenging only because there are numerous options to consider. You can count on these systems to being competitively priced compared to others like this. Here’s a closer breakdown.

Monitoring Plans

All systems need to have a monitoring plan. The company has three options, the Protection, Interactive, and Ultimate monitoring plans. They are priced from $34.99, $44.99, and $49.99 respectively. The Protection Plan offers basic monitoring with 24/7 professional monitoring. It comes with fire and environmental protection. It can also help you with allowing people into your home using customized codes.

The Interactive plan offers an app, video recording solutions, as well as a control panel. And, the Ultimate plan offers more features including live streaming and remote access to home automation features in your home such as the home’s lights or locks.

Frontpoint Monitoring

Plan NameMonthly Cost

Equipment Packages

Frontpoint has a number of different equipment packages for users to choose from each with a different combination of features. The starter plan is the most basic but still comes with a Frontpoint Hub and Keypad, two door and window sensors, motion sensors, a yard sign, window decals, and a door sticker. Other systems add on more features and more cameras to customize your protection. Look out for equipment deals that Frontpoint releases from time to time.

Equipment Packages
Package NamePackage Cost
Safe Home Starter$130.95
Safe Home Everyday$228.93
Safe Home Plus$248.93
Safe Home Select$401.90
Safe Home Preferred$534.88
Safe Home Elite$1,032.84

Add-On Equipment

Finally, you can also customize your security your way with plenty of additional equipment options. You can add these to most of the plans. Among the options are the following:

Frontpoint Equipment
Equipment NameCost
Carbon Monoxide Sensor$89.99
Door/Window Sensor$32.99
Doorbell Camera$189.99
Flood Sensor$44.99
Garage Door Controller$69.99
Garage Door Sensor$44.99
Glass Break Sensor$74.99
Hub + Keypad$299.98
Indoor Camera$99.99
Keychain Remote$31.99
Motion Sensor$64.99
Outdoor Camera$199.99
Panic Pendant$39.99
Smart Lock$159.99
Smoke/Heat Sensor$64.99
Wireless Light Control$49.99


When it comes down to it, Frontpoint is a leader for many reasons. At the heart of its products is a wide range of high-end equipment pieces with outstanding features. Customize your security your way, too. Don’t expect the company to slow down either. Rather, they are likely to continue to be one of the most innovative product options out there.