Ring Alarm Security System

Ring's security system is affordable, with optional professional monitoring and cellular backup for the low price of $10 a month or $100 a year. Here's everything you need to know about their pricing.

  • Professional monitoring for $10/mo.
  • No contract required
  • Amazon-owned company
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Ring isn’t your grandmother’s security system; that is, unless your grandmother is well-versed in smart home security. Rather, it’s totally customizable; users can install their Ring devices themselves, add new components, and choose whether to self-monitor or pay monthly or yearly for 24/7 professional monitoring. In this page, we’ll discuss all that and more, as well as give you some objective information about their equipment, monitoring options, and more. We’ll also compare Ring to top competitors and see how it stacks up in terms of equipment and monitoring prices. Of course, Ring has been in the news recently, which we’ll cover as well.

What We Like About Ring Alarm
  • Self-monitoring or 24/7 professional monitoring for $10 a month or $100 a year: Even without paying any monthly fees whatsoever, you’ll be able to livestream footage, receive notifications and control your system remotely, among other features. But for those that want professional monitoring and cellular backup, the cost is super affordable.
  • DIY installation: All of Ring’s components come already synced with the base station, and the app walks you through the installation process step by step. That’s great news for your wallet, as professional installation costs $120 to $600 on average.1
  • Integrations with Alexa and Google Assistant: We loved doing voice commands with Ring Alarm, and it works with the two most popular voice assistants from Amazon and Google.
  • Tons of camera and video doorbell options: From indoor to outdoor cameras, from wireless to wired, Ring has options at many price points when it comes to security cameras and video doorbells.

Equipment Costs

Ring Alarm Security System (2nd Gen)
Ring Alarm Security System (2nd Gen)

Pricing-wise, Ring is one of the most affordable security companies on the market today. They’re always coming out with new and improved versions of their cameras and video doorbells, so there’s a nice range of prices depending on what features you want. You can customize your own system, but note that the base station is required no matter what security kit you end up going with, and it’s not sold on its own.

Ring Alarm Equipment Cost Breakdown

Base StationSecurity SystemNot sold alone— need to buy Ring Alarm Security Kit
KeypadSecurity System$50
Motion DetectorSecurity System$30
Contact SensorSecurity System$20
Range ExtenderSecurity System$25
Panic ButtonSecurity System$35
Ring Retrofit Alarm KitSecurity System$199
Ring Video DoorbellVideo Doorbells and Accessories$99.99
Ring Video Doorbell 2Video Doorbells and Accessories$169
Ring Video Doorbell 3Video Doorbells and Accessories$199.99
Ring Video Doorbell 3 PlusVideo Doorbells and Accessories$229.99
Ring Video Doorbell ProVideo Doorbells and Accessories$249
Ring Video Doorbell EliteVideo Doorbells and Accessories$499
Ring Peephole CamVideo Doorbells and Accessories$199
Ring ChimeVideo Doorbells and Accessories$29.99
Ring Chime ProVideo Doorbells and Accessories$49.99
Solar ChargerVideo Doorbells and Accessories$49
Ring Indoor CamSecurity Cameras and Accessories$59.99
Ring Stick Up Cam BatterySecurity Cameras and Accessories$99.99
Ring Stick Up Cam WiredSecurity Cameras and Accessories$99.99
Ring Stick Up Cam EliteSecurity Cameras and Accessories$199.99
Ring Stick Up Cam SolarSecurity Cameras and Accessories$148.99
Ring Spotlight Cam BatterySecurity Cameras and Accessories$199
Ring Spotlight Cam WiredSecurity Cameras and Accessories$199
Ring Spotlight Cam SolarSecurity Cameras and Accessories$229
Ring Spotlight Cam MountSecurity Cameras and Accessories$249
Ring Floodlight CamSecurity Cameras and Accessories$249
Solar PanelSecurity Cameras and Accessories$49
Super Solar PanelSecurity Cameras and Accessories$99
Smoke and CO ListenerEnvironmental Monitoring$35
Flood and Freeze SensorEnvironmental Monitoring$35
Solar Security SignMisc$49

Package Costs

To get the most savings, it makes sense to buy a package rather than individual pieces of equipment. Prices range from around $200 to over $770, so there’s a really big range depending on how much equipment you need. But whether you’re a homeowner or an apartment dweller, Ring has a security kit for you, plus add-on equipment available on their website and Amazon.

Ring Alarm Personal Package Costs

5-Piece Alarm Security Kit8-Piece Alarm Security Kit14-Piece Alarm Security Kit8-Piece Business Alarm Kit8-Piece Business Alarm Kit plus 2 Indoor Cams
ComponentsBase station, keypad, contact senor, motion detector, range extenderBase station, keypad, 4 contact sensors, 1 motion detector, range extenderBase station, 2 keypads, 8 contact sensors, 2 motion detectors, range extenderBase station, keypad, 4 contact sensors, motion detector, range extenderBase station, keypad, 4 contact sensors, motion detector, range extender, 2 indoor cameras

Monitoring Costs

Ring lets users choose between self-monitoring for free and 24/7 professional monitoring. With self-monitoring, the user will be totally responsible for their home’s security, but with 24/7 professional monitoring, a team of people will also get alerted if any of the alarms go off. If the user doesn’t respond to a notification or phone call, the professional monitors can dispatch emergency services for them, after verifying their necessity. We recommend getting 24/7 professional monitoring along with cellular backup to keep the system on if the power goes out.

Monitoring Cost Overview

FreeProtect Basic PlanProtect Plus Plan
CoveragexOne Ring Doorbell or Security CameraAll Ring devices at one address
Ring and Motion Alerts
Custom motion detection
Person only modex
Interact with visitors remotely
Warranty1 year1 yearExtended warranty
Length of cloud storagex60 Days60 Days
Review, share, and save Ring videosx
Cellular backupxx
Professional Monitoring for Ring Alarmxx
Exclusive discounts at ring.comxx10% off Ring products
Monthly Price$0$3$10
Annual Price$0$30$100
Annual Savings$0$6$20

Professional monitoring and cellular backup costs only $10 a month or $100 a year with Ring, one of the lowest fees we’ve seen across the DIY home security industry. All plans are monthly, so there’s no need to sign up for a long-term commitment. Plus, you’ll get 60 days of cloud storage, an extended warranty and 10% off products on Ring’s website. For users that just want the cloud storage for a single doorbell or camera, the Protect Basic plan is only $3 a month or $30 a year. And all users will be able to livestream footage, receive notifications and speak through two-way audio, making Ring an excellent value no matter which plan the user chooses.

Home Automation

Since Amazon owns Ring, it’s no surprise that Ring works with their voice assistant, Alexa. Using their voices alone, users can have Alexa:

  • Show their cameras’ footage (live streamed or cloud storage) on their Echo devices or Fire TVControl smart lighting
  • Adjust motion sensitivity
  • Disable motion alerts
  • Arm and disarm the security system or ask about its status
  • Lock or unlock the door or ask about its status.

This is a pretty extensive integration, but while Ring also works with Google Assistant, the capabilities are not nearly as extensive as with Alexa:

  • Tell the camera to record
  • Get an update on the “health” of devices
  • Review previous notifications.

All in all, Ring works better in the Amazon ecosystem than it does in the Google ecosystem, where it’s very limited.

Aside from the voice assistants, Ring works with some third-party devices like:

  • Dome Siren
  • Leviton Decora In-Wall Switch
  • GE Plug-In Dimmer
  • Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt
  • Kwikset Z-Wave Deadbolt
  • Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt

If you want more information on Ring, including our own video, see our full Ring Alarm review.

How Does Ring Stack Up?

Ring has some of the most affordable monitoring costs we’ve seen from a security company, only $10 a month or $10 a year for 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup, among other features. We’ve only seen a couple of companies that charge less than $10 a month for monitoring, but the difference is less than two dollars in some cases. Plus, when you consider older companies that charge as much as $60 a month for monitoring, in the grand scheme, Ring is definitely at the lower end.

Ring Sticker
Ring Sticker

We also appreciate that even without paying any monthly fees, Ring users can still livestream footage, receive notifications if any of their alarms go off, and control their systems remotely. This isn’t the case with all systems; while some companies claim they offer self-monitoring, their systems essentially turn into local alarms only.

In terms of equipment, Ring is also pretty affordable. Ring is average in terms of camera and video doorbell pricing. There are much more expensive camera options for up to $500, as well as ridiculously cheap cameras for $20, but Ring sits right in the middle at an average of $100 to $200.

Ring in the News

Ring is one of the only security companies to be in the news pretty frequently, and for good reason. In a nutshell, over 400 police departments in the United States are partnered with Ring2 so that they can access users’ footage to identify suspects in crimes. Keep in mind that the user must consent to the police accessing and using their footage, but many have criticized Ring as a form of mass surveillance.

Last fall, the United States Senate launched an investigation3 into Ring video doorbells and how police access and store the footage. In his investigation, Senator Edward J. Markey found that Ring doesn’t have any security requirements for how the police access the footage, share it with third parties, request it from users, and store it. Ring also refused to say that they wouldn’t sell their customers’ biometric data.

Another big story was the fact that the data of more than 3,000 Ring users were exposed in a breach4 last winter, allowing hackers to access users’ livestream footage along with their address, payment information, and more. However, Ring claimed that the leak was the fault of a third party and told all users to reset their passwords and enable two-factor authentication.

FYI: If privacy is a huge concern of yours, Ring is probably not the security system for you.

Overall Value

As long as you’re okay with Ring’s police partnerships, it’s a very affordable, simple and effective security system. With a ton of equipment options, DIY installation, integrations with Alexa and Google Assistant and affordable monitoring costs, Ring gives you the flexibility to spend as much or as little as you want to on your home’s security.

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