Lorex Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sales

  • Exceptional video quality up to 4K
  • Commercial-grade quality and construction
  • Several custom recording options
Lorex Camera

Lorex is known for being a big-box retailer, available in stores like Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s. So on any given day, we expect a ton of savings, but Lorex’s prices are even lower on Black Friday. Ah, Black Friday. It’s the best day to shop all year, especially for security cameras. So, what can you expect to save on this year from Lorex? We’ve got it covered.

Lorex Camera
Lorex Camera

Lorex Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

We’ve covered a lot of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year, but very few came close to the sheer number of deals from Lorex. We can’t possibly cover all the Black Friday deals on Lorex’s website here, but we’ll try to paint you a picture of what to expect.

First, Lorex has a site-wide, up to 50-percent off Black Friday blowout sale. Now, the key term here is “up to.” Lorex is not selling all of its products at half price; only a select few and all of them are already out of stock. For the remaining products, the discount is often hovering around the 30- to 35-percent range, which is still a pretty sweet deal if you ask us.

At 30-percent off, the 16-channel Nocturnal NVR system with eight 4K cameras is now only $1,189.99, which is $510 lower than its regular price. The highest discount, at 40-percent, is on the 4K, eight-channel DVR system with six cameras. Down from $499.99, it’s now only $299.99.

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Aside from the site-wide sale, you can get 30-percent off non-promotional products, meaning, those that are not on sale. To get this offer, all you need to do is use the code BF2021 at checkout, and all non-promotion items on your cart will be discounted.

Lastly, Lorex has what it calls Site Crashers, which are limited-quantity deals. There’s actually a rather amusing story behind that name. In 2013, Lorex’s website experienced technical difficulties due to the abnormal influx of online traffic. The root cause was, if you can believe it, Lorex’s crazy Black Friday offer that included a $1 camera, $49.99 four-channel DVR system, and $99.99 16-channel DVR system, all available in limited quantities. Even crazier is the fact that Lorex offered its customers 25-percent off products as an apology to the technical problems.1

Lorex’s Site Crashers this year aren’t as big as they were back in 2013, but they’re still nothing to sneeze at. Prices start at $49.99 for the 2K Pan-and-Tilt Wi-Fi camera, and discounts can be as high as $1,400. One of the Site Crashers is the 32-channel Nocturnal NVR with 16 pieces 4K Nocturnal dome cameras. Normally, the system costs $3,999.99, but now, it’s only $2,599.99.

Note: Lorex’s pricing is competitive, especially if you’re looking to buy a security camera system with multiple cameras. Add to that the fact that Lorex systems often come with DVRs, so you don’t have to pay for cloud storage anymore.

A Guide To Lorex Cameras

Lorex Camera on Box
Lorex Camera on Box

Now, we know that all the options on Lorex’s website can be overwhelming; we were overwhelmed ourselves when we picked a Lorex security camera system to review. Thankfully, Lorex made it a little easier to pick by dividing its cameras into four categories:

  • Analog security systems: Analog security systems are the most economical camera systems from Lorex. Analog systems consist of cameras and a DVR, which are all connected together by coaxial BNC cables.
  • IP security systems: IP security systems include IP cameras and a DVR. The IP cameras connect to the DVR via Ethernet cables, which allow for faster data transmission than analog systems.
  • Wire-free security systems: Wire-free security systems consist of battery-powered Wi-Fi cameras. They are literally wire-free, which eliminates the need for wire management.
  • Nocturnal security systems: Nocturnal security systems are Lorex’s flagship camera systems. Nocturnal cameras have a 4K video resolution, higher than any other Lorex camera. To match the performance of Nocturnal cameras, Nocturnal security systems come with Nocturnal DVRs, which Lorex designed to be able to support 4K recording.

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What We Think Of Lorex Cameras

Lorex Doorbell with Box
Lorex Doorbell with Box

We haven’t tested all of Lorex’s cameras, but we have tested the Nocturnal 4K Ultra HD 8-Channel Security System from Lorex, which included a one TB hard drive and four cameras, along with the compatible cables, mounting kits, power adapters, and other accouterments. You can read more about our experience with the system in our Lorex review.

What we really liked about this camera system is that it didn’t require monthly fees. Since all of our footage was saved to the hard drive, we didn’t have to pay for cloud storage; rather, we just backed up the footage onto our Google Drive. The cameras shot in 4K, which is twice as clear as our industry standard of 1080p HD, and we only got alerts when the cameras detected people and cars.

However, we didn’t love everything about the Lorex system. Without professional monitoring as an option, we had to pay attention to all of our notifications, although again, this saved us from paying steep monthly fees. The same was true with installation; we had to install the system ourselves, although this wasn’t too difficult. Finally, Lorex’s customer support was lacking, especially on Sundays. But all in all, Lorex is a great option for the DIY home security customer who’s not afraid of getting their hands dirty.

In Conclusion

Lorex App Motion Clips
Lorex App Motion Clips

Given Lorex’s history of amazing Black Friday deals, we expect 2021 to offer bigger savings than ever before. If you’re looking for even more savings this Black Friday, read our home security Black Friday deals page or our security camera Black Friday deals page. You wouldn’t pay full price for a car if you could get a discount, so why should you pay full price for home security?

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