Lorex Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sales

  • Exceptional video quality up to 4K
  • Commercial-grade quality and construction
  • Several custom recording options
Lorex Camera
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Lorex is known for being a big-box retailer, available in stores like Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s, so on any day, we expect a ton of savings, but those numbers are even lower on Black Friday. Ah, Black Friday. It’s the best day to shop all year, especially for security cameras. So, what can you expect to save on this year from Lorex? We’ve got it covered.

Lorex Camera
Lorex Camera

How To Save

2020 Black Friday deals haven’t been announced for Lorex, but last year we could save up to $140 on their products at Walmart. If you’re more of an Amazon person like us, savings went up to 49 percent. In 2017, 2016 and 2015, Lorex also had Black Friday promotions, 25 percent off in 2015 and a $1 (yes, you read that right) 720p HD Wi-Fi camera in 2017.

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In general, Lorex is known for their crazy sales; in 2013, for example, their site experienced technical difficulties due to its generous Black Friday promotion, which, if you can believe it, included a $1 camera, a $49.99 four-channel DVR system, and a $99.99 16-channel DVR system, all available in limited quantities. Did we mention that, to pay back its customers for these tech issues, they gave them 25 percent off products already on sale?1 Learn more about Lorex’s pricing in general, which is on the lower end, especially if you buy in bulk.

What To Buy

Lorex Camera on Box
Lorex Camera on Box

Now that we know what we can expect out of Lorex’s Black Friday 2020 discounts, it’s time to see what their regular prices are. If you’re not sure if Lorex is for you in the first place, read our Lorex camera review to find out, or scroll down for a general summary of our testing.

Product Number Type of Camera Price
W261ASC-E Wi-Fi $69.99
W261AQC-E Wi-Fi $93.99
LNWDB1 Wi-Fi $129.99
W261ASC-2PK Wi-Fi $134.99
W281AA-W Wi-Fi $163.99
W261-KIT Wi-Fi $169.99
W261AQC-2PK Wi-Fi $175.99
W261ASC-4PK Wi-Fi $259.99
LX1081-44BD Analog $269.99
W281AA-2PK Wi-Fi $304.99
W261AQC-4PK Wi-Fi $349.99
4KMPX82 Analog $352.99
LWF2080B-62 Wireless $369.99
4KA88 Analog $387.99
MPX44MDW Analog $419.99
LHV514K84 Analog $449.99
MPX88DW Analog $449.99
LWF2080B-63 Wireless $449.99
4KMPX44 Analog $469.99
LWF2080B-64 Wireless $499.99
MPX84AW Analog $549.99
W281AA-4PK Wi-Fi $549.99
NK182-45CBE-W Digital $599.99
LWF2080B-66 Wireless $629.99
MPX1684DW Analog $729.99
LN10804-86W Digital $749.99
MPX851DZW Analog $799.99
4KHDIP84W Digital $799.99
4KSDAI84 Digital $879.99
4KHDIP86 Digital $899.99
W281AA-6PK Wi-Fi $899.99
4KHDIP88AD Digital $1,024.99
LN1081-168BDB Digital $1,079.99
LN10802-168W Digital $1,079.99
4KHDIP822 Digital $1,499.99
4KHDIP1610 Digital $1,549.99

In a nutshell, Lorex has a really wide selection of analog, digital, wireless and Wi-Fi cameras to choose from. But if none of them suit your needs, we recommend checking out some other big-box retailers like Swann, available in our Swann cameras review.

FYI: Many of Lorex’s camera systems also include local storage in the form of DVRs or hard drives.

About Lorex

Lorex Doorbell with Box
Lorex Doorbell with Box

In business for over 25 years, Lorex was first founded in Canada but has since expanded across North America. Currently, Dahua Technology, Inc. owns Lorex, although in the past, it’s been owned by Strategic Vista International and FLIR Systems in a $59 million buyout. Perhaps its most famous story is its use in jails in Santa Clara, California.2 When Sheriff Laurie Smith was told that installing security cameras in her jail would take two years and $20 million, she went to Costco and bought Lorex cameras, instead. The cost? $761.24. If only she had bought the items on Black Friday; she could’ve saved even more money!

What We Thought Of Their Cameras

We tested out the 4K Ultra HD 8-Channel Security System from Lorex, which included a one TB hard drive and four cameras, along with the compatible cables, mounting kits, power adapters, and other accoutrement. What we really liked about this camera system is that it didn’t require monthly fees. Since all of our footage was saved to the hard drive, we didn’t have to pay for cloud storage; rather, we just backed up the footage onto our Google Drive. The cameras shot in 4K, which is twice as clear as our industry standard of 1080p HD, and we only got alerts when the cameras detected people and cars.

Lorex App Motion Clips
Lorex App Motion Clips

However, we didn’t love everything about the Lorex system. Without professional monitoring as an option, we had to pay attention to all of our notifications although again, this saved us from paying steep monthly fees. The same was true with installation; we had to install the system ourselves, although this wasn’t too difficult. Finally, Lorex’s customer support was lacking, especially on Sundays. But all in all, Lorex is a great option for the DIY home security customer who’s not afraid of getting their hands dirty.

DIY for Life: If you want professional installation or professional monitoring, Lorex is not for you. All of their systems are DIY installation and self-monitoring, making them more of a laissez-faire home security brand. If you want professional installation and professional monitoring, check out ADT or Vivint, both of which have indoor and outdoor cameras. To learn more about either system, read our ADT review or our Vivint review. However, note that you will have to pay money for both installation and monitoring, while Lorex doesn’t require any fees past the equipment costs.

In Conclusion

Lorex Sticker
Lorex Sticker

Given Lorex’s history of amazing Black Friday deals, we expect 2020 to offer bigger savings than ever before. After the mess that this year has been, we think we deserve it, personally! If you’re looking for even more savings this Black Friday, read our home security Black Friday deals page, our ADT deals page or our security camera Black Friday deals page. You wouldn’t pay full price for a car if you could get a discount, so why should you pay full price for home security?