Security Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 

2021 Black Friday Security Camera Deals Verified

Lights, camera, action! Cameras aren’t just for capturing movies and memories. They’re also a useful tool when it comes to your home’s security, but there’s no reason to pay full price when Black Friday is a thing. We’ve hunted down the best Black Friday deals on security cameras so you don’t have to.

Note: Most companies won’t list their Black Friday sales until a couple of days before the date itself, which falls on November 27 this year, 2020.

Upcoming Black Friday Deals

Typically, companies like to wait until the last minute to announce their Black Friday deals, but Canary and Logitech are not most companies.

  • Canary: Currently, the Canary View, normally priced at $99.99, is available for $79.99 from Target, but if you’re not sure about the camera itself, read our Canary View review to learn more.
Canary View Camera
Canary View Camera
  • Logitech: Although the actual discounts haven’t been released yet, we can tell you that Logitech’sWiLife Digital Video Security Camera will be available for a reduced price on Amazon come Black Friday. While we haven’t tested out this camera specifically, we did enjoy using the Logitech Circle 2. Don’t believe us? Read our Logitech Circle 2 review for the proof.
Logitech Circle 2
Logitech Circle 2

Past Black Friday Deals (And Maybe Upcoming)

You know how historians say that if you don’t look at the past, you’re destined to repeat the same mistakes in the future? Well, we’re not about to miss any Black Friday sales this year, even if they are only announced minutes before they go live. And so, we give you a compilation of the best deals on security cameras on Black Fridays past, which we hope are available in 2020 as well.

  • abode: Two years ago, abode gave us twice the offerings on their iota and Essentials Starter Kits, selling them for $259 or $199 at a minimum, respectively. They also gave us some pretty sweet discounts on their Connect and Secure plans with 5G and 3G cellular backup. We hope to see something similar this year!
Blue by ADT Indoor Camera
Blue by ADT Indoor Camera
  • ADT: ADT is a lot more straightforward when it comes to its Black Friday deals, typically offering around 10 percent off. Plus, last year they threw in a free security camera plus $100 off professional installation, so we expect big things for 2020.

FYI: ADT has a different sub-brand, Blue by ADT. Unlike their regular systems, this brand offers options for DIY installation and self-monitoring.

  • Alder Security: Two years ago, Alder betted big on Black Friday, offering its customers a price-match for any Black Friday sale on the market. In 2019, they doubled down every further with a commercial offering a $100 prepaid Visa card, a free indoor camera plus $0 upfront. The best part? The commercial had Santa spinning a sign in it, played by Matthew Doolan, winner of the 2019 World Sign Spinning Championship.1 No big deal!
  • Arlo: Arlo had a lot to offer last year when it came to their security camera discounts:
    • Walmart: Up to 39 percent off the Arlo Pro and the Arlo Pro 2, $70 off the Arlo Pro, up to $150 off the Arlo Pro 2.
    • Amazon: Up to 41 percent off the Arlo Pro cameras, up to $200 off the Arlo Pro 2, up to $80 off the Arlo Pro 3, up to $20 off the Arlo Q, up to 17 percent off Arlo doorbells, and more.2 Arlo may have had the most Black Friday sales we’ve ever seen!
  • Blink: We love Echo devices, as evidenced by our Echo Dot with Clock review, which is why we were so excited when, in 2018, Blink gave us a free Echo Dot with the purchase of any of their camera systems, plus 40 percent off the Blink XT. This is a great start of a smart home ecosystem, especially if you want to use Alexa as your voice assistant.

Tip: Not all of Blink’s cameras require a Sync Module. To learn more about what’s required, read our Blink pricing page.

  • Cove: Two years ago, Cove offered half off new systems plus a free camera,3 a sweet little deal no doubt.
  • Eufy: Okay, sure, so eufy has only discounted it’s robot-vacuums in the past. Still, we hope they have similar discounts on their cameras, video doorbells, and other smart security devices in the future, cause we wouldn’t mind $100 off.
  • Frontpoint: Last year on Black Friday, Frontpoint gave us 15 percent off our entire cart, and the year before, it was a free hub and keypad plus $200 off security systems, which can include cameras. Frontpoint is a bit expensive, so these deals really came in handy.
Frontpoint Indoor Camera Video Display
Frontpoint Indoor Camera Video Display
  • Link Interactive: Link Interactive certainly had a Black Friday deal in 2019, but it’s no longer posted on their website. Still, we remain optimistic about the future.
  • Lorex: Last year, Lorex gave us up to $140 on their cameras sold at Walmart and up to 49 percent off on Amazon, but the year before, they gave us 90 percent off (yes, you read that right) on a four-channel system with cameras and a 500 GB hard drive. Come on, that’s basically like giving it away for free!
Mounted Lorex Camera
Mounted Lorex Camera
  • Nest Secure: On Black Friday 2019, Nest offered us up to $300 off their products on Amazon, plus up to 35 percent off motion detectors and Nest cameras, specifically. Nest is one of the more expensive security camera brands so these discounts were much appreciated.
  • Night Owl: Night Owl is the kind of security camera brand that you might see while buying toilet paper in bulk at Costco, and their Black Friday deals definitely reflected their status as a wholesaler, with up to $200 off a six-channel DVR system.
  • Notion: We’re predicting that Notion will give us 25 percent off our total purchase this year, as that was their deal for 2018’s Cyber Monday.
  • Ring: Since Amazon owns Ring, we’re expecting a ton of discounts on Ring cameras, especially considering that last year, they were up to 66 percent off at Walmart, one of Amazon’s biggest competitors.
  • SimpliSafe: We looked into our crystal ball and we see 25 percent off any new system plus a free camera in SimpliSafe’s Black Friday future; that’s because this deal is up on their website pretty much every time we check.
  • Swann: Back in 2018, we could save up to 50 percent on cameras from Swann; maybe 2020 will be even better.
Vivint Ping Indoor Camera
Vivint Ping Indoor Camera
  • Vivint: Vivint is pretty pricey, particularly the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, which costs $399. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since Vivint has rocked a Black Friday sale, nine whole years since that fateful day when they gave us free activation and installation of new security or home automation systems. We could’ve saved up to $500! With any luck, Vivint will join the Black Friday game and let us play.
  • YI: We don’t usually go to Home Depot for our home security, except for last year when YI offered us 40 percent off their outdoor camera with six months of cloud storage for free. That’s certainly worth a trip!
ReoLink Go Camera
ReoLink Go Camera
  • Reolink: Reolink had Black Friday deals in 2019 and 2018, although they’re no longer listed on their site; we can definitely expect more savings in 2020.

What To Look For In A Security Camera

Here at, we’ve tested out so many different types of security cameras that we’ve come out with a camera necessary features guide. Here are a few things to look out for when investing in an indoor or outdoor security camera:

  • 1080p HD video: It’s important that your camera’s footage is cleared, and 720p HD no longer cuts it. Now, the industry standard is 1080p HD, although we also prefer cameras with even better video quality like 2K or even 4K, which has twice the number of pixels as 1080p HD.
  • Infrared night vision: Rather than conspicuous night vision from a bright white light, we prefer cameras with infrared LED sensors, which show us clear black and white footage without being too obvious.
eufy 2K Camera Night Vision
eufy 2K Camera Night Vision
  • Two-way audio: We also want the option to speak to whoever our cameras are on through their respective apps, which require the cameras to have microphones and speakers. This process, which is called two-way audio, is a great way to scare intruders or simply communicate with friends and family remotely.
  • Cloud and local storage: It’s important that we can store our camera’s footage, ideally on both cloud and local storage. Local storage typically comes in the form of a micro-SD card, while cloud storage often requires a subscription, although obviously, we prefer when it’s completely free.
Ring Indoor Cam Motion Zones
Ring ndoor Cam Motion Zones
  • Person detection: The best cameras have artificial intelligence capabilities, so they can tell the difference between people and other moving objects like cars, animals, or trees swaying in the wind. We really only need to know when our cameras detect people, so cameras with person detection don’t bog us down with unnecessary notifications. Even better are cameras with facial recognition, meaning they can learn the faces of our friends and family over time. Once we name them in the app, our notifications become that much more specific and useful.
  • Alexa or Google Assistant integration: If you’re already in the Amazon or Google smart home ecosystem, it’s ideal to get a camera that fits in, working with their respective voice assistants Alexa or Google Assistant.

If you’re not sure which camera is right for you, check out our lists of the best indoor cameras or the best outdoor cameras. We test out each and every one of our cameras personally, paying close attention to things like audio, video, night vision, and more.


Alder Indoor Camera
Alder Indoor Camera

2020 may have been a tumultuous year, but Black Friday should be better than ever and we, for one, are excited. Considering that COVID-19 pandemic spending actually exceeded 2019’s holiday spending,4 we expect Black Friday 2020 to break records, and you don’t want to miss out on these savings.

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