Home Security Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2024

2024 Black Friday Home Security Deals Verified

We’ve spent years testing some of the best home security systems in the market. During that time we’ve come to understand some of the ins and outs of the industry. One of the most predictable patterns, though, is that the best time to save on a new system is either on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

We’ve still got a few months before we’re going to see the discounts start rolling in, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start planning. Here are the deals we saw in 2023 to give you an idea of what you can expect this time around.

For a closer look at the deals, click the links below, but keep on reading for an overview of what security companies are offering this time of the year.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Savings In 2023

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping holidays. Case in point: Almost all the top brands run special discounts, with savings up to 60-percent.


Arming the ADT Home Security Control Panel
Arming the ADT Home Security Control Panel

Where to look for deals: ADT website or talk to an ADT sales rep

ADT is doing a site-wide sale for its professionally-installed security systems. All bundles and packages are 40-percent off, starting with the Build Your Own Package (customizable) that includes a control panel, three door/window sensors, and a motion sensor for $359.40. That’s down from the regular $599.99 price.

Also, if you add professional monitoring with video features (starting at $59.99 per month), you’ll get a free Google Nest Cam (indoor, wired).

To find out how much an ADT system will cost you, and how much you can potentially save, read our ADT pricing page.

Tip: Aside from its traditional security systems, ADT offers DIY, self-monitored systems under the brand name ADT Self Setup. Learn more in our ADT Self Setup review.


SimpliSafe Outdoor camera
SimpliSafe Outdoor camera

Where to look for deals: SimpliSafe’s website and Amazon

SimpliSafe is another company offering site-wide discounts, and they’re even bigger than the ones from ADT. All SimpliSafe systems are 60-percent off right now, provided that you sign up for a one-month free trial of the Fast Protect professional monitoring subscription.

On top of that, you’ll receive a free outdoor camera when you buy any SimpliSafe equipment package. That outdoor camera alone costs $169, and SimpliSafe is just giving it away for free.

Also pay attention to SimpliSafe’s monitoring. Their Fast Protect system is easily one of the best we’ve seen — particularly from a DIY system. It regularly costs $29.99, but we’ve seen that deeply discounted during the holidays.

Before hunting for more SimpliSafe deals, check out SimpliSafe’s pricing and our SimpliSafe review for more information.


Vivint Outdoor Cam Pro
Vivint Outdoor Cam Pro

Where to look for deals: Vivint’s website and social media pages or contact a Vivint sales rep

Who wants some freebies? Vivint’s Black Friday offer is free equipment if you spend more than $599.99 on a Vivint security system. We’re actually seeing a couple of options for the free equipment, either a Vivint Video Doorbell Pro or a Vivint Spotlight Pro for the Outdoor Cam Pro (Outdoor Cam Pro not included). Both pieces of equipment cost $249.

On top of those freebies, Vivint is giving away a free $50 gift card to new customers who qualify. If you’re still keeping track, that’s a total of $300 worth of freebies.

Check out our Vivint pricing page to learn how Vivint monitoring and equipment packages work, and how much they usually cost.


The abode App
The abode App

The top security system from abode is called iota. You can read our abode iota review for more information, but essentially, it’s a security system built around a hub with an integrated security camera, motion sensor, and siren.

The iota system has been a highlight of abode’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in the past few years, including this year. The company is offering a Black Friday bundle built around the iota hub for $379.99. That’s more than 50-percent off the bundle’s actual price if taken apart, which is nearly $1,000.

On top of that, the Black Friday bundles – there’s more than one – include one free month of professional monitoring via the Pro monitoring plan ($20 per month).

If you want to learn more, read our abode pricing page.


Security.org’s Frontpoint System
Frontpoint System

Where to look for deals: Frontpoint’s website

Frontpoint is hands-down one of the best home security systems. You can read all about our experience living with a Frontpoint system in our in-depth Frontpoint review.

Frontpoint systems are already affordable. A starter kit costs as low as $129. However, around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Frontpoint usually offers additional discounts. This year, they’re giving customers 45-percent off if they buy add-on equipment for Frontpoint packages. By the way, Frontpoint packages are already heavily discounted. That $129 starter kit we mentioned actually costs over $700 if not bundled together. So all in all, you’ll enjoy huge savings whether you customize your Frontpoint system or stick with the pre-bundled kits.


Cove Wireless
Cove Wireless

Where to look for deals: Cove’s website

If you thought SimpliSafe’s 60-percent discount was impressive, wait until you hear about Cove’s Black Friday offer: 65-percent off on all equipment. Not just starter kits, but everything!

To give you just one example, all shoppers must start off with a starter package with one hub and one touchscreen panel. Together, those two pieces of equipment cost $250, but with the Black Friday discount, they are now only $87.50. You’ll save $162.50, which you can use to buy sensors and cameras. And yes, those are 65-percent off as well. You can get a door sensor for a little over $5 and a pan-and-tilt indoor camera for only $50. Read all about how much Cove’s systems cost on our Cove pricing page.

Ring Alarm

Ring System
Ring System

Where to look for deals: Ring’s website and Amazon

Ring is easily one of the best DIY security systems. It’s also an affordable one. But thanks to Amazon, Ring’s parent company, you can buy a Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro system for a lot less this Black Friday, especially if you bundle the security system with Ring security cameras and video doorbells.

For example: The Whole Home Deluxe Kit that includes a 14-piece Ring Alarm system, a Video Doorbell Pro 2, and a Floodlight Cam Wired Pro comes with a $129 markdown as of the moment. Those are all top-notch products from Ring, and you can get them for only $699.

To learn more, check out our full Ring Alarm review and our detailed roundup of Ring’s Black Friday deals.


Lorex Home Center
Lorex Home Center

Where to look for deals: Lorex’s website, Amazon, and other online retailers

Lorex is one of the best security camera brands, and its Black Friday sale is much-awaited year after year simply because of how big they get.

Lorex offers tons of discounts this year. There’s a site-wide sale up to 50-percent off, plus additional savings from Site Crasher deals. Site Crashers are limited-quantity deals; they run out fast, so shoppers are encouraged to buy as soon as they see a deal they like. The deals also change pretty often, keep monitoring Lorex’s website to catch wind of the best offers.

Link Interactive

Link Interactive Security System
Link Interactive Security System

Where to look for deals: Link Interactive’s website

It isn’t exactly a Black Friday sale, but right now, Link Interactive is offering up to $350 off with the checkout code Holidays23. It’s similar to the ones they offered in the past couple of years during Black Friday, so we believe this is their Black Friday promo this year.


Where to look for deals: Kangaroo’s website and Best Buy

Kangaroo doesn’t have deals posted on its website, but its retail partner, Best Buy, is running a Black Friday Sale on tech items. On Best Buy, we’re seeing Kangaroo products being marked down by up to 69-percent.

Night Owl

Where to look for deals: Retail partners Walmart and Best Buy

Much like Kangaroo, Night Owl security cameras are on sale through its retail partners Walmart and Best Buy. The best deals slash security camera system prices by up to $180.


Where to look for deals: Notion’s website

Notion is a one-of-a-kind home security and home monitoring solution that uses an all-in-one sensor that can detect entry, fire and carbon monoxide, water leaks, and extreme temperature changes. It also offers professional monitoring. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing any Black Friday deals right now.


Where to look for deals: Scout’s website and social media pages

Scout, another strong DIY home security brand, is offering free security systems for Black Friday and the upcoming holidays. The security system costs $226 (including shipping), but it’s free if you sign up for professional monitoring for a year. So upfront, all you’ll pay is the monitoring fee, which is $240.


That about does it for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from 2023 on home security systems! See anything you like? Start planning for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to take advantage. Otherwise, check our guide to home security systems as well as our list of the best security systems for help in choosing a security system for your home.