Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) With Clock Review

This smart speaker from Amazon can display the time, acting as an alarm clock as well as a timer.

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By Aliza Vigderman Aliza Vigderman, Senior Editor, Industry Analyst & Gabe Turner Gabe Turner, Chief Editor
Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) With Clock - Product Image
Editors Rating:
7.5 /10

What We Like

What We Don't Like

  • No screen: You won’t be able to watch movies and TV or video chat with the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock.
  • Only available in one color: Unfortunately, the third generation Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is only available in light gray, but the latest iteration comes in glacier white and twilight blue.
  • Plug-in: Some people may not want a smart speaker with a power cord.

Bottom Line

A smart speaker and alarm clock in one, this $50 device from Amazon works with over 100,000 Alexa skills. We loved ordering from Amazon and playing music using our voices alone!

It has been almost a decade since the cylindrical smart speaker now popularly known as the Amazon Echo hit the shelves. Now, Alexa — the voice assistant that powers the Amazon Echo — is available through many different devices, from the Echo Show smart display, the Echo Dot mini-speakers, and even everyday items like microwaves, eyeglass frames, and TVs.

Today, we’re looking at the Echo Dot with Clock, a smart speaker that displays time and can function as an alarm clock and timer, while also offering all of Alexa’s capabilities. We tested the third generation Echo Dot with Clock, but we’ll also mention some of the key differences between it and the latest generation to see if it’s still a good buy today. Let’s get started.