ProtonVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

  • Company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, which means it isn’t compelled to cooperate with international surveillance alliances.
  • Strict logging policy and annual transparency reports keeps data untraceable and secure.
  • Free version available in addition to competitively priced subscription options.
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Okay, so 2020 may not have looked exactly how we expected (unless of course, you expected a global health crisis, in which case you were entirely accurate in your predictions). That being said, it’s important to make the best of a bad situation, and when it comes to savings, things are actually better than ever. With more people spending money online, companies are ready to reward customers with some sweet deals this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and ProtonVPN is a product that we’d love to save on. So, what can you expect? To find out, we looked at past deals.

ProtonVPN App on iPhone
ProtonVPN App on iPhone

How Much Can I Save on ProtonVPN?

Because ProtonVPN hasn’t announced its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for this year, we have to travel back in time to predict our savings. Here’s what’s been discounted in the past:

  • In 2019 Black Friday, ProtonVPN gave us between 33 and 50 percent off deals plus deals on ProtonMail,1 their secure mail server.
  • Last year, ProtonVPN didn’t have a Cyber Monday sale; the latest we could find was in 2017, with deals of up to 33 percent off.1

Based on these deals, we’re expecting somewhere between 30 and 50 percent off their subscriptions. So, how much are their prices normally? You could read our ProtonVPN pricing page, or read on to get a summary.

ProtonVPN Leak Test
ProtonVPN Leak Test

ProtonVPN Prices

Unless you go with the free option, which covers one device on just three servers, ProtonVPN will cost you anywhere between $3.29 and $30 a month, depending on which plan you go with and how long you sign up for, one month, one year or two years.

Number of VPN connections12510
Number of servers3505050
Maximum speedMediumHighHighestHighest
Support for P2P/ BitTorrentX
Secure Core VPNXX
Access blocked contentXX
ProtonMail Visionary accountXXX
Monthly Price with Monthly Plan$0.00$5$10$30
Monthly Price with Annual Plan$0.00$4$8$24
Monthly Price with Two-Year Plan$0.00$3.29$6.63$19.96

Tip: To get the most savings, sign up for a two-year subscription rather than a one-year or one-month subscription.

ProtonMail Prices

If you’re on a digital security kick, then you might also be interested in ProtonMail, a secure email provider that encrypts all messages. Now, if you want both ProtonVPN and ProtonMail, it makes sense to sign up for the Visionary package of either services, but not both. Don’t want to double up on your subscriptions!

Maximum Number of Users Supported116
Amount of Storage500 MB5 GB20 GB
Maximum Number of Messages Sent Per Day1501,000Unlimited
Labels, Custom Filters, FoldersX
Send Encrypted Messages to External RecipientsX
Early Access to New FeaturesXX
ProtonVPN AccessXX
Maximum Number of Personal DomainsX110
Maximum Number of Email AliasesX550
Customer Support LevelLimitedPriorityPriority
Monthly Price$0.00$4$24

If you want ProtonMail for a team, the cost is $8 per user per month, or, if you sign up for a year, $6.25 per user per month.

Note: Unlike email services like MailChimp or MailShake, you can’t use ProtonMail for bulk emails, unsolicited emails or spam emails.

ProtonVPN: What We Liked And Didn’t Like

If you even glance over this list, you’ll see that there’s more things to like about ProtonVPN than not, in our opinion at least. But let’s get into detail.

What We Liked
  • Non-member to Five Eyes: Since ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland, our data is safe from the prying eyes of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes and 14 Eyes alliances.
  • Over 500 servers: While ProtonVPN doesn’t have the largest amount of servers we’ve ever seen, they do have a presence in 43 countries.
  • No web traffic logged: The only information of ours that ProtonVPN kept was our email address, payment information, and the timestamps of when we logged on, not our domain names or private IP addresses.
ProtonVPN Privacy Policy
ProtonVPN Privacy Policy
  • Torrenting access: Some VPNs block torrenting, but ProtonVPN is not one of them.
  • Netflix access: Aside from torrenting, we could also entertain ourselves through Netflix, resulting in thousands of hours of fun.
  • Split tunneling: Split tunneling ensured that we didn’t have to direct all of our traffic through ProtonVPN’s encrypted tunnel; rather, to save on bandwidth, less sensitive traffic could remain on the public network, making our speeds faster than ever before.
  • Solid encryption: ProtonVPN uses AES-256, which is what we’ve come to expect in terms of encryption.
  • Multi-hop: More servers means more encryption, which means that we’re even more impossible to follow around online.
  • Kill switch: If ProtonVPN failed, they would’ve shut down our web traffic as well.
  • Shared IP addresses: Since we shared our IP addresses with thousands of other ProtonVPN users, hackers would have great difficulty in tracking us online.
  • Free option: If you need a basic VPN for one device on three servers, ProtonVPN is a great option. If you need a little bit more but still don’t want to pay any money, check out the best free VPNs.
What We Didn’t Like
  • No browser extensions: Rather than browser extensions, ProtonVPN has apps for Android, Mac, iOS, Linux and Windows devices.
  • Only five simultaneous connections maximum: While we normally only connect ProtonVPN to about three devices at a time, some people may have more than five devices they want to connect at once, which would not work with any subscriptions.


There’s no doubt about it: the best time to save on ProtonVPN is on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With up to half off, protecting our identities online is affordable when we connect to ProtonVPN. To learn more about the VPN itself, read our ProtonVPN review.

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  2. ProtonVPN. (2017). From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, ProtonVPN is available for 33% off!