Arlo Camera System

  • 100% wireless home security cams
  • Wide-range of high-quality camera options
  • Third-party smart home integration

Arlo, also known as Netgear Arlo, offers wired, wireless, Wi-Fi enabled, and LTE-enabled security equipment. The Arlo’s best-in-class equipment is weather-resistant, versatile, easy to use, and affordable. Additionally, Arlo doesn’t have any contract requirements; however, you do have to pay for the equipment up front. And while the Arlo systems only offer a limited number of features, their systems are perfect for a beginner or those who prefer simplicity rather than having to deal with and learn about the ins and outs of a more technologically advanced security system.

Arlo offers a wide variety of customizable products that include high-quality 4k HDR video security cameras, versatile security lights, and even a baby monitoring camera. Another great aspect of this system is that the Arlo cameras have the ability to be installed just about anywhere because they are wireless and easy to move around when needed.


The Arlo equipment is high-quality but does lack in features. However, what their equipment does have is functionality so you really get quite the bang for your buck.

Here are some of the most popular features you can expect with an Arlo security system.

LTE Coverage

Arlos offers an Arlo Go product that doesn’t limit the placement of your cameras because they aren’t dependent on your Wi-Fi and its limited range. The Arlo Go uses an LTE connection so you can install your cameras anywhere. This is a big plus for those who have a large property or spotty Wi-Fi service. And while this option costs a bit extra every month, it’s well worth having such a versatile coverage choice you can totally rely on.

Third-Party Compatibility

Arlo doesn’t offer much in the way of home automation features; however, their equipment works very well with many third-party options. So if you want to use the Arlo security equipment and still want to build out a large network of home automation, you can easily do that. The IFTTT service, along with Alexa and Google Assistant voice control capabilities make it easy to connect to other devices. You can use other technologies with your Arlo security cameras as well. For example, Apple Homekit, SmartThings, Wink, and more.

Multi-Camera Support

The Arlo subscription plans allow you support for up to 60 cameras. This means your coverage will not be limited (for the most part) and you can cover just about any range you need large or small.

Arlo Management App

The Arlo equipment comes with an associated mobile app that can be used to access, monitor, and control your entire system regardless of how many cameras you have. The app will also send you motion alerts when activity is detected. This will enable you to react immediately to any situation so it can be handled accordingly.

Two-Way Talk

With the Arlo equipment, you don’t get any audio recordings. However, you do have two-way talk capabilities. That means you can still talk with guests, delivery drivers, and use it to stop criminals in their tracks.


Here are some of the most common costs associated with the Arlo system.

Monitoring Plans

Arlo doesn’t offer professional monitoring. However, they have one free video recording plan, three paid video recording plans, and one premium video recording plan option.

  • The free basic video recording plan covers five cameras and seven days of recording storage.
  • The Arlo Smart video recording plan is $2.99/mo. per camera and a 30-day video history, advanced A.I. detection, custom activity zones, and lock screen notifications.
  • The Arlo Smart Premier is $9.99/mo. for up to 10 cameras and has all the same features the Arlo Smart has plus an e911 emergency call service.
  • The Arlo Smart Elite is $14.99/mo. for up to 20 cameras and has all the same features the Arlo Smart and Arlo Premier have.
  • The Premium Video Recording option is $1.99/mo. per camera, it will record and store your video clips in the cloud in 4k, and you can view them from anywhere.

Below are the Arlo video recording paid plans. However, Arlo also offers a free basic plan that covers five cameras and seven days of recording storage. However, that is a very limited option; therefore, most people opt for one of the paid plans, especially since they are so affordable.

Arlo Video Recording Plan Pricing Options

FeaturesArlo SmartArlo Smart PremierArlo Smart ElitePremium Video Recording
Video History30-Day30-Day60-DayNA
Advanced A.I. DetectionIncludedIncludedIncludedNA
Custom Activity ZonesIncludedIncludedIncludedNA
Lock Screen NotificationsIncludedIncludedIncludedNA
E911 Emergency Call ServiceNot IncludedIncludedIncludedNA
Cost$2.99/mo. per camera$9.99/mo.; 10-cameras$14.99/mo.; 20-cameras$1.99/mo. per camera

Equipment Packages

None of the subscription plans come with any equipment. However, each Arlo product comes with a variety of bundled equipment options from which you can choose. The differences between these packages is mainly the quantity of cameras you receive with each one. So all you have to do is choose the option that best suits your needs.

Alternatively, you can customize your purchase by selecting exactly what you need for your particular situation. This will prevent you from having to pay for bundled equipment packages that might include products you don’t need yet still have to pay for.

Here are the available Arlo equipment packages. These packages all come with a base station, a varying number of cameras, and other security options.

  • Arlo – $179.99 to $799.99 – You have nine different options to choose from. The base package comes with one base station and one Arlo camera.
  • Arlo Pro – $249.99 to $949.99 – You have six different options to choose from. The base package comes with one base station and one Arlo Pro smart security camera.
  • Arlo Pro 2 – $299.99 to $1099.99 – You have five different options to choose from. The base package comes with one smart base station and one Arlo Pro 2 camera.
  • Arlo Ultra – $399.99 to $999.99 – You have four different options to choose from. The base package comes with one 4k UHD wireless security system that includes one camera and one Ultra SmartHub.
  • Arlo Go – The Arlo Go requires a mobile plan before using and the price will vary depending on where you buy it.
  • Arlo Q – $199.99 to $799.99 You have four different options to choose from. The base package comes with one Arlo Q 1080p HD security camera with audio.
  • Arlo Q Plus – $249.99 This option comes with one Arlo Q Plus Smart security camera.
  • Arlo Baby – $199.99 This option comes with one Arlo Baby 1080p HD monitoring camera.
  • Arlo Audio Doorbell – $49.99 to $79.99 This option comes with either one or both of the Arlo Chime and/orĀ Arlo audio doorbell.
  • Arlo Security Light – $149.99 to $349.99 You have four different options to choose from. The base package comes with one Arlo security light and one Arlo bridge.

Arlo Equipment Packages and Pricing

OptionPrice/Price RangeVariations
Arlo$179.99-$799.99Nine variations
Arlo Pro$249.99-$949.99Six variations
Arlo Pro 2$299.99-$1099.99Five variations
Arlo Ultra$399.99-$999.99Four variations
Arlo Go (mobile plan req.)Varies by retailerNA
Arlo Q$199.99-$799.99Four variations
Arlo Q Plus$249.99Singular
Arlo Baby$199.99Singular
Arlo Audio Doorbell/Chime$49.99-$79.99Buy one or both
Arlo Security Light$149.99-$349.99Four variations

Add-On Equipment

Arlo has a wide variety of add-on equipment and accessories available for every product option. You simply go to the product of your choice, then click on the view accessories link. You will then be taken to all the accessories available for that particular product. Almost all the Arlo products come with their own set of accessories, not to mention you can buy extra parts and equipment as needed. You can also look out for sales and discounts to help reduce the costs of add-on equipment.


Arlo offers 100 percent wireless no-frills home security options with very few features compared to other security systems on the market. And while you have to pay for your equipment up front, all their products are top-quality, easy to install, and very easy to use. Additionally, Arlo doesn’t require you to sign a contract. They also provide a variety of video recording storage subscription plans at affordable prices. However, you can use any of their equipment with their free video recording option if you choose.

Now is the time to invest in a home security system to protect your home. The world is experiencing more and more crime every day and the criminals are becoming more savvy.