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Last Updated on Jan 13, 2020

Link Interactive started out as a fire alarm company in 1952. It’s a family owned and operated business that is based in Utah but has customers throughout the United States. Since their humble start, they’ve brought home security protection to millions.

Equipment & Tech

V622 Indoor Pan Tilt Camera

This pan and tilt camera has 180-degree pan, tilt and zoom to let you get a closer look at the action. It has a 720P video quality, supports 10 viewers at once, has a Bluetooth speaker, and includes video motion detection.

2Gig Network Video Recorder

This device supports 1920×1080 video recordings and can connect to 4 IP cameras. If you have an extensive home security system in place, this accessory gives you powerful control over your recording. V722W Outdoor IP Camera with Night Vision

This outdoor camera by gives you a clear view up to 40 feet away in the dark. The maximum resolution supported is 1280×800. It supports pan and tilt functionality and remote viewing. ADC-V522IR

This is an upgraded version of the V521IR model, with 1080p quality, cloud recording, a low-profile design and night vision.

SkyBell Doorbell Camera (Standard or Slim Models)

This video doorbell gives you the ability to greet people at your front door and see exactly what’s happening even if someone never rings it. The two-way audio is crisp and clear so you can easily communicate with guests, delivery drivers, and others. Motion-triggered automation rules and recorded clips add convenience and safety to your life.

Onsite Video Recorder – 500GB

Do you need continuous recordings kept onsite? This video recorder is designed to work with Link’s home security services and supports up to eight video cameras. You can connect it to a television or computer monitor with USB and HDMI, as well as accessing the recordings through the mobile app. If you need more space, a 1TB version is also available for $294.

2 Gig Go! Control Alarm Panel – Included with the Home Security System

This security and home management panel features a 4.2-inch color touch screen display, GSM radio with Verizon LTE, mobile control, two-way voice, eight-hour battery backup, and compatibility with Z-Wave home automation devices. It acts as a central hub for your system so you can easily operate and monitor all your smart devices. You can issue 31 user codes and connect 60 sensors to this panel and 128 Z-Wave devices.

IQ Panel 2

The upgraded version of the control panel has a 7-inch color touch screen, Verizon LTE cellular backup, Bluetooth touchless disarming, sensor encryption, a 5 MP camera, and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can set up 242 user codes on this device, add 232 Z-Wave devices, and connect up to 128 sensors. A photo frame mode allows you to use this alarm panel as a digital picture frame when it’s not being used for other functions. The SD card slot gives you expandable storage. Other useful features include a 24-hour battery backup, help videos, text to speech and language translation. This control panel comes with three door and window sensors along with a motion detector.

IQ Glass Break-S

This detector can hear glass breaking within 25-feet of it and sends an alert to your system.


This siren makes your alarm system louder when it goes off, and it also has three LED lights that go off in a strobe pattern. In addition to those features, this siren is a Z-Wave repeater.

IQ Fob-S

This key fob lets you turn your security system off and on when you’re within 100-feet of the control panel. You can also use it as a panic button in case of an emergency.

PANIC1 Wireless Remote Panic Button

Want help close at hand during an emergency? Wear this panic button as a necklace or bracelet or connect it to your belt. It’s water resistant, so you can take it into the shower or outside in harsh weather. All you need to do is press the button to connect to the monitoring center for help. The battery lasts for three years. You can set it up to request the police or emergency medical responders.

2GIG-CAM-HD100 Indoor HD Camera

This indoor camera gives you powerful control over the video motion detection feature that’s included in it. You can record in 720p quality and infrared LEDs keep the video stream bright and fully visible even in the middle of the night. You can connect the camera via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

2 GIG DW10 Thin Wireless Door and Window Sensor

This slim sensor picks up activity at the door or window that you attach it to. Its small size makes it suitable for installation on smaller doors and cabinets.

IQ Mini-S Door and Window Sensor

This compact sensor supplies full encryption for the data that it sends to the control panel. It has an eight-year battery and supports smart home rules.

Extended Range S-Line D/W Sensor

This sensor works well for doors and windows that are located far away from your control panel. It has a five-year battery, support for home automation and has anti-tampering alerts.

DW20R Wireless Recessed Door/Window Sensor

If a burglar is looking for door and window sensors, they’ll have a tough time finding this one. Installation is more difficult than a typical sensor, but it’s hidden from view once you’re done. These sensors have a five-year battery in them.

RE206 Tilt Sensor

This sensor is designed to work with your garage door and other tilting doors. It lets you know when this entry point opens and closes.

IQ Motion-S Motion Detector

This device picks up motion within 35-feet, ignores pets under 40 pounds and supports custom automation rules.

Smart Motion Sensor

This motion sensor, which comes with the IQ2 Control Panel, includes a camera so it can take pictures of the events that caused it to activate. It sends these images to you via email or MMS. You can have three motion sensors connected to your control panel. Link Interactive also has a version available for the base level control panel, and it costs $112. Regular motion sensors are $50.

IQ Panel 2 Remote

This touch screen remote control acts as a mobile control panel for your home security system, or you can use it as a secondary panel. If you prefer a regular keypad as your secondary control panel, it costs $41.

Wireless Doorbell

This connected doorbell can turn on the lights, trigger automation rules and scenes, send text and email notifications and has a 350-foot range. You have flexible installation options with either battery power or low voltage wiring.

Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor

This three-in-one environmental protection sensor can send you alerts when any of these threats are detected. A disaster sensor is also available, which picks up flooding, heat, and freezing risks.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Get an alert and alarm when CO2 is detected in your home.

Wireless Heat Detector

This sensor alerts you if the heat changes rapidly in a room or it reaches a fixed temperature.

Smoke Detector Sensor

This accessory attaches to your existing interconnected smoke detectors so it can send the monitoring center an alert whenever any of the detectors go off.

Water Leak Detector

Know exactly when water starts to leak from the pipes, or it enters your home during adverse weather events.

Home Automation Equipment

You can easily add on a variety of home automation devices to your Link Interactive system. It sells some of these devices directly, including deadbolts, thermostats, light bulbs, and garage door openers.

Monitoring & Features

Broad Compatibility With Z-Wave Devices

Link Interactive offers a lot of equipment choices for your home security system, but it also provides you with compatibility for third-party devices that use the Z-Wave protocol. Rules and Scenes

You can trigger different actions with the smart devices and sensors on your home security system. This works well for creating a more secure and comfortable home environment.

Alarm Chat

This secure group chat comes up whenever your security system has an alarm go off. You can easily ignore any accidentally triggered alarms, summon the police, or talk to a family member during this situation. You can’t always answer a call when an alarm goes off, so Alarm Chat offers you a convenient alternative.

Full Remote Control Through the Mobile App

Link Interactive’s home security system supports device control through the mobile application. This user-friendly app streamlines control of extensive smart home and security features. You can also check-in on your live camera feeds and configure scenes for your home. Look through your event history for a comprehensive look at what’s going on at your house.

Real-time Notifications

Whenever there’s an alert or alarm, you can get notified via phone, email, SMS, or a push notification.

User Codes

Everyone visiting your home can get a unique user code for access to the property. It’s easy to enable and disable these codes as needed.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

You have a team of experienced professionals keeping an eye on your home security system. They’re ready to leap into action when you need their help the most, rather than being on your own with an unmonitored security system.

Disarm Photos

If you have the upgraded control panel, then it snaps a photo every time that someone disarms the system. That way, you know that only authorized people are accessing this equipment.

Cellular Monitoring

Link Interactive systems use cellular-based systems rather than depending on a home internet connection or a phone landline.

Installation & Usability

The installation process is designed for DIY users, so you don’t have to worry about anything too complicated. Most of the devices simply screw or stick into the place that they need mounted.

You may face a learning curve with systems that involve many smart home devices, especially as you begin to set up rules and scenes. However, after you get past the initial setup, using everything is straightforward.

Customer Support

Link Interactive has several support channels to get you connected with the team that can best help with your questions. It’s easy to get on the schedule for technical support, and you can call in to a special phone number to report false alarms. User guides and other step-by-step tutorials address many frequent questions if you run into any problems.

Cost & Pricing

You have a choice of three home security monitoring plans to go along with your system.

  • Standard $30.99 per month: Includes professional monitoring, cellular-based connectivity, 2-way voice communication, intrusion, fire and crash and smash alarm, smoke, fire, and CO detector support.
  • Gold $35.99 per month: Adds home automation features including remote control of the system, energy management and control of lights, smart locks, and thermostats.
  • Elite $40.99 per month: Adds HD video monitoring with on-demand, motion activated and scheduled video recording.

Your monthly rate is locked for three years, and you can have flexible term lengths between one and three years. You also have a three-year warranty for your products. If you’re unhappy with your system within 30 days, they give you a full refund and cover the return shipping.

You can move your service with you without incurring more fees. If your home is already set up with a home security system, Link Interactive will work with you to set up their service on that existing equipment to reduce your costs.

Our Conclusion

Link Interactive is a comprehensive home security and home automation offering that offers an excellent value for people who value a DIY approach to their system. You have a lot of options to choose from, to the point where it could be overwhelming at first. The company does a good job of making everything easy to install and configure for robust protection.