SimpliSafe Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

  • Monthly subscription plans
  • Fast and easy DIY installation
  • Reliable professional monitoring
  • Professional monitoring costs $14.99 or $24.99 a month
  • Camera recording costs as little as $4.99 a month
  • Packages range from $160 to $342
SimpliSafe Home Security System
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SimpliSafe has quickly become one of the most popular home security companies around. With sensors, cameras, panic buttons, and even a video doorbell, they have everything we need to protect our Brooklyn home, but why pay top dollar when you can get discounts? This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, here’s how SimpliSafe can help you simply save.

SimpliSafe Security System
SimpliSafe Security System

Save on SimpliSafe

Last Black Friday, SimpliSafe offered half off any new security system, a deal that lasted all the way through Cyber Monday.1 That’s a lot more generous than their regular deals, which are for 25 percent off plus a free indoor camera. We’re expecting at least half off on new systems this year, if not more, given the increase in ecommerce spending we’ve seen since the COVID-19 pandemic began. To see SimpliSafe’s deals throughout the year, read our SimpliSafe deals page. You might even find a discount code that works at this very moment!

SimpliCam and Packaging
SimpliCam and Packaging

SimpliSafe’s Costs

Now that we know the savings to expect, let’s talk about what SimpliSafe costs under normal circumstances, starting with the physical system itself.


If you have absolutely no equipment from SimpliSafe, your best bet is to choose a package, of which there are six options. You can also create a customized system if you prefer, which may make sense for those that live in an apartment or smaller house. But given the number of packages available, one of the below options should work for you and your home.

SimpliSafe Base Station
SimpliSafe Base Station
Package Name The Haven The Knox The Hearth The Essentials The Foundation Refurbished System
Price $489.86 $449.87 $374.91 $259.98 $229.96 $274.94
Base Station 1 1 1 1 1 1
Keypad 1 1 1 1 1 1
Key Fob 1 1 1 X X X
Entry Sensors 4 6 3 3 1 2
Motion Sensors 2 2 1 1 1 2
Auxiliary Siren 1 1 1 X X X
Smoke Detector 1 1 1 X X X
Panic Button 1 X X X X X
Freeze Sensor 1 X X X X X
Water Sensor 1 X X X X X

Add-On Equipment

If customization is more of your jam, or if you want to add devices onto an existing SimpliSafe system, here are the prices for add-on equipment. To see how we set up our SimpliSafe security system, read our SimpliSafe review.

SimpliSafe Security System
SimpliSafe Security System
Equipment Price
Entry Sensor $14.99
Panic Button $19.99
Water Sensor $19.99
Key Fob $24.99
Freeze Sensor $29.99
Motion Sensor $29.99
Smoke Detector $29.99
Glass Break Sensor $34.99
Auxiliary Siren $59.99
Keypad $69.99
SimpliCam $99.00
Base Station $114.99

Tip: If you’re new to SimpliSafe, or even home security in general, buy a package rather than individual devices to unlock some great discounts.

Professional Monitoring and Storage

Equipment isn’t the only cost in SimpliSafe’s pricing. There’s also additional monthly plans for storage, 24/7 professional monitoring, or both. But one pretty big caveat we should mention is that without the most expensive, 24.99 a month Interactive Plan, we wouldn’t have been able to receive notifications when our alarms went off, control our system remotely or integrate our system with voice assistants. Basically, it would turn our system into a local alarm system only, which, if you’re looking for smart home security, doesn’t cut it. So although SimpliSafe technically doesn’t require any monthly fees, we think it’s not worth it unless you pay for a subscription.

Free Plan Cloud Storage – 1 Camera Cloud Storage – 2-10 Cameras Standard Plan Interactive Plan
24/7 Professional Monitoring X X X
30-Days of Cloud Storage X X
Cellular Connection X X X
Environmental Monitoring X X X
Live Streaming
Notifications X X X X
Remote Control X X X X
Secret Alarms X X X X
Smart Home Integrations X X X X
Video Verified Alarms X X
Monthly Price $0.00 $4.99 $9.99 $14.99 $24.99

FYI: Secret alarms means that the actual physical siren won’t go off; instead, the user will be alerted via the mobile application.

SimpliSafe Background Information

We’re talking about home security, so it’s natural that you want a company you can trust. While it doesn’t have the brand recognition of older companies like ADT, which has been in business for over 140 years, if you can believe it, SimpliSafe is rising up the ranks of the smart home security ladder. And given their easy DIY installation, customizable systems and affordable professional monitoring, we can understand why, but let’s zoom out a bit.

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro
SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro with packaging

Founded in 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts by Harvard Business School grads,2 the company was one of the first of its kind to include DIY installation and monthly contracting. By 2015, they had 300,000 customers and in June of this year, they were purchased by Hellman & Friedman, a private equity firm, for a cool one billion dollars.3 While the company has faced criticism for the vulnerability of its systems as well as its discounts for members of the National Rifle Association, they’ve continued to rise in popularity, rising to 800 employees by 2020 with a second call center based out of Richmond, Virginia.4 Today, SimpliSafe works with Nest thermostats, August Smart Locks, Alexa and Google Assistant, fitting right into our smart home ecosystem.


50 percent savings is nothing to sneeze at, so we can’t wait to see what Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 have in store for us regarding security systems from SimpliSafe. But if you’re not completely sold on SimpliSafe, we’ve compared it to other systems like SimpliSafe vs. Vivint, SimpliSafe vs. ADT and Ring vs. Nest vs. SimpliSafe. Or, if you want to see our SimpliSafe system in action, watch our SimpliSafe video review, updated for 2020.5 Be sure to make your decision soon, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are approaching!

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