ID Watchdog

Is ID Watchdog strong enough to prevent identity theft?

  • Secure two-factor authentication
  • Outstanding credit monitoring features
  • Complete identity theft restoration

ID Watchdog provides identification and credit monitoring services to consumers. Unlike other companies, it offers credit monitoring across each of its plans. The company’s services are comprehensive and provide for many of the identification monitoring aspects consumers need such as dark web monitoring, password changes, data breaches, and high-risk transactions. The company was founded in 2005 and has incorporated a variety of innovative features in its products including National provider Identifier alerts.


ID Watchdog offers a number of tools and features to help individuals protect their identities. The company’s services are comparable to various other providers, though there are a few additional benefits to be found.

Identification Restoration

If there is a break in a person’s identification and their data is stolen, ID Watchdog goes to work to resolve it. As a full-service identity theft service, individuals work closely with a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist. This one-on-one relationship allows for clear communication of all information. In addition to providing this type of restoration service, the company also provides a full, 100 percent identity theft resolution guarantee. If the customer is using their service and a theft occurs resulting in loss, the company guarantees a resolution. It’s important to note that while it provides this guarantee of the resolution, it does not offer reimbursement insurance.

App and Dashboard

Consumers using the service can manage all aspects of it on the app. This is a simple and straightforward app designed to make managing alerts and notifications easy to do. The dashboard holds your identity profile, and it maintains all of the reports generated by the company for you. This way, you can look back to gather more insight as you need to do so. Once a report occurs, it is stored here, and the status noted. The company will then display the status as it changes, providing up-to-date information as reports are generated.

Credit Monitoring

ID Watchdog provides basic credit monitoring services to consumers choosing either of their plans. This credit monitoring service alerts if there are any type of significant changes to the report, such as a new account being opened or a new inquiry occurs. The credit monitoring service is updated as changes occur.

Credit Scores and Reports

Those who purchase the ID Watchdog Platinum plan get additional support. This feature provides a credit report from each of the three credit bureaus one time each year. It also monitors and reports on significant changes to credit scores. Consumers can log into the app or dashboard to gain access to this information.

High Risk Account Monitoring

Another type of monitoring service offered by ID Watchdog provides for high risk transaction monitoring. In situations where there is a significant risk of financial or identity information being lost, ID Watchdog alerts the individual and then takes action as necessary. This may include things like changes to passwords, new lines of credit being opened such as a home loan, and new payday loans. It also monitors for changes to identity, such as a new address being reported.

Social Security Monitoring

ID Watchdog offers Social Security Number monitoring. Any time the user’s Social Security Number is used – in any way – the system alerts to this use. This may include in credit inquiries or for identification matters. This monitoring service can take action quickly to alert the user of such situations.

Dark Web Monitoring

Another key service is dark web monitoring. It monitors the account holder’s information being used on the internet, including the dark web. This is where information tends to be stolen and sold to other people. If a dark web monitoring alert happens, the consumer learns about it right away and then can work with the company to prevent data loss.

National Provider Identifier Alerts

Another type of alert the company offers is called a National Provider Identifier Alert. This is a specific type of monitoring service associated with healthcare professionals. It provides information on any potential activity or breach of confidential information and identification. This includes any type of potential leak of information that could lead to a fraud claim.

Customizable Alerts

To help consumers to remain in charge of what their needs are, ID Watchdog offers customizable alerts. This allows the user to change when he or she receives alerts for various identity or credit monitoring updates. It also allows for different types of alerts to be selected such as phone calls, emails, text messages, or notifications through the app.


Consider the costs and features of the company’s two plans:

ID Watchdog Plus$14.95 per monthOnline account access for monitoring
Fraud alerts
100% guarantee for identity theft resolution
24/7 customer support
National Provider Identifier alerts
Credit monitoring services
Fully managed resolution
Dark web monitoring
ID Watchdog Platinum$19.95 per monthOnline account access for monitoring
Fraud alerts
100% guarantee for identity theft resolution
24/7 customer support
National Provider Identifier alerts
Credit monitoring services
Fully managed resolution
Dark web monitoring
3 credit bureau reports
3 credit bureau credit scores


ID Watchdog offers comprehensive identification and credit monitoring services through two plans. Both plans are cost-effective and allow consumers to cancel at any time with no contract requirement. The service offers bot basic identity monitoring which includes monitoring of public records, certifications, and licenses for any instance of ID theft. The more advanced monitoring manages changes such as address changes through the U.S. Postal Service National Change of Address Registry, subprime loan monitoring, and other types of financial concerns.

In addition to this, ID Watchdog also offers dark web monitoring, credit monitoring, and National Provider Identifier alerts. If there is a breach, the organization guarantees resolutions if that breach occurs while the company is monitoring identity or credit risks. In addition to this, a certified professional works with the customer to determine what happened and to provide a fast and efficient way of resolving the problem.

ID Watchdog is designed to be cost-effective and easy to use with a mobile app and a dashboard for easy access of reports. The company’s services are competitive to others in the industry as well. Read our full ID Watchdog review here to learn more about their identity theft protection offering.