Identity Guard vs Infoarmor

Our pick is Identity Guard! Read below to find out why.

Aliza Vigderman
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Last Updated on Aug 18, 2021
By Aliza Vigderman & Gabe Turner on Aug 18, 2021
Identity Guard vs Infoarmor

Identity Guard®

  • Identity theft protection powered by IBM® Watson™ AI
  • Impressive $1 million in identity theft insurance
  • Multiple service levels, from basic to advanced
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Compare Identity Guard® vs InfoArmor

Identity monitoring scans the internet and public databases for your personal information. When your information is used or posted, you are sent an alert to take action, if necessary. Identity monitoring can give you peace of mind if you are at risk for identity theft. If you’re considering an identity theft monitoring system, here’s how Identity Guard® and Infoarmor compare.

Identity Guard

Identity Guard’s founding company was one of the pioneers in identity theft protection. Since 1996, the company has been on the forefront of consumer protection. The stated goal of the business is to provide individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to protect their personal information from fraud, misrepresentation or theft.


Infoarmor joined the Allstate Corporation in 2018, but it’s been protecting families against identity theft since 2007. The company was founded with the goal of taking the stress and hassle out of maintaining online information. Infoarmor’s service, called PrivacyArmor, provides many monitoring services that proactively lets you monitor your credit, financial accounts and Social Security number to prevent fraud.


Identity Guard offers tiered pricing for both individuals and families. The lowest-cost service, Value, has the most basic services and starts at $7.50/month. Total and Premier packages offer more features, such as monthly credit scores, a social media report, and three-bureau credit changes. All plans feature dark web monitoring, risk management reports and tools for safe browsing. Identity Guard offers 17% savings if you pay annually. All family members in a household are covered.

Infoarmor costs $14.95/month for individuals and $24.95/month for families. If you pay annually, you pay for 10 months and get 2 months free. Infoarmor defines family fairly broadly. Although you can only add up to four family members with family coverage, your spouse, children, dependents and anyone who lives in the house or receives your financial support can be included on your family plan. Children never “age out” of the plan, provided they are under your roof or under your wallet.

Identity Monitoring Features

Infoarmor has a proprietary monitoring platform that searches the web and dark web for high-risk activity and compromised credentials. You are alerted to any activity to your accounts.

Identity Guard monitors your identity online and through the dark web using IBM® Watson’s™ powerful scanning tools. you receive a risk management report and are given safe browsing tools to help protect your information. The Premier and Total packages offer more features by monitoring your credit score and social media accounts, too.

Financial Monitoring

Infoarmor’s tools let you manage your financial accounts, such as credit cards, 401(k)s, and other accounts. If activity is detected, you get an alert to let you handle it quickly.

Identity Guard monitors your financial accounts. It’s Total and Premier packages offer tax refund alerts to prevent fraud. This service will even alert you if an address change occurs on your accounts.

Credit Monitoring

Infoarmor alerts you to transactions and inquiries to your credit report. You also get a credit report from TransUnion. The service only monitors one credit report, not all three.

Identity Guard’s Total and Premier packages offer credit monitoring for all three bureaus. You get alerted when inquiries are made to your credit report. You also get reports from all three credit bureaus with the Premier package.

Identity Restoration

Infoarmor offers full service identity restoration with a dedicated Privacy Advocate. You get assistance through the entire process. Plus, Infoarmor also helps you with any preexisting problems that occurred before you joined. There are no additional costs for this service.

Identity Guard offers a US-based case manager for any issues with identity theft for full remediation. These case managers can provide information to help you resolve any preexisting conditions, but you will have to manage these problems yourself.

Insurance Coverage

Identity Guard has a $1 million insurance policy that also covers stolen funds.

Infoarmor has a $1 million insurance policy that covers the financial damages of identity theft. It’s Plus feature also reimburses stolen funds that cannot be remediated through the standard process.

Identity Guard vs Infoarmor at a Glance

Identity Guard Infoarmor
Cost: Individual Starting at $8.99/month $14.95/month
Cost: Family Starting at $14.99/month $24.95/month
Pricing Plans Tiered pricing with monthly or annual billing. Get 2 months free with annual payment of $149.50/individual or $249.50/family
Identity Monitoring Features Constant scanning for data breaches and account activity to alert you to any threats Alerts for the first signs of fraud
Financial Monitoring Tax refund alerts and credit alerts, including information on what to do next Store valuable information from credit cards, bank accounts and credentials
Credit Monitoring Monitors all 3 credit bureaus for transactions and inquiries Monitors one credit rating agency for transactions or purchases made in your name
Social Media Monitoring Available with premier service Available for any accounts you want monitored
Identity Restoration Dedicated case manager to help you restore your identity Assistance with identity restoration, even pre-existing issues
Insurance Coverage $1 million $1 million


Infoarmor and Identity Guard are services that protect your identity. Both have experience in the industry and offer a range of options. Only you can decide which company fits your needs.

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